The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  • Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Interlude ~Dance~

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
Hoe-tel isn’t aggravating or anything and I find it a pleasant/catchy listen - I think the 8 is fitting. Queen of promoting the hotel industry. could never.

I feel she’s put out a lot of good material overall over the past few years, it’s great to see this reflected in the ratings. Although with so many places to go still in the ranking, I’m getting a little worried about which tracks are going to hit the curb next!
“HOTEL” is indeed basic but in the best way possible. It’s just so light and breezy. I remember disliking it upon first listen but it won me over fairly quickly.

I do still feel like it would’ve conceptually made a bit more sense if it had been on Bon Voyage (get it? You go on a trip and stay at a Ho.....TEL!) but lately I’ve been thinking it shouldn’t have been an actual single at all. Like keep the video but have it be just another promotional song with a video.
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Love how lil ol' "HOTEL" became such a hot topic!
In a living room
On the rooftop
In the kitchen
In my bedroom


Summer Time

Average: 8
Highest scorers: 10x3 (@otenkiame, @Music Is Life and @me!), 9,5x1 (@Yeziirl)
Lowest scorers: 3x1 (@V3RYP05H you're in danger, girl), 6,5x2 (@cookiedough, @Sprockrooster)
My score: looke above

This one hurts like hell, damn. Produced by Justin Reinstein (TWICE's "SWING") and Maria Marcus (Amuro Namie's "Mint") and written by Kumi, the track served as a second digital single from "re(CORD)".

This is a perfect summer jam. The island tinged instrumental is to die for and Kumi's delivery is on point making every listen memorable. Not to mention the way the beat comes forward in the pre-chorus for it to capture your attention is outstanding. The best part of the song though is definitely the chorus with its gorgeous melody that covers you like a gentle warm ocean wave that instantly transports you to a beach. This deserved Top30, but ya boi skinny penis, a.k.a. @V3RYP05H had to tank this.

I remember @otenkiame said that the lyrics were iffy for this one. Iffy or not, I'm pretty sure Kuu tried to assure us all that summer is the best, even if it's excruciating in Japan.

Summer, summer, summer, summer time
Flashing my anklet, I walk on Sunday
The blazing sun comes in
Summer, summer, summer, summer time
On this hot summer, I start liking the sweat more, and even it's special
Becoming memories, this summer time
(c) @otenkiame

I love heat the song as well.

I don't know how, sistren, but @V3RYP05H (3) managed to find that godsend melody from the chorus grating, "“Summer Time” got a 3 because that chorus is just irritating to me, it’s a decent song but the chorus really grates me so by the end I just felt it was right to deduct 3 points for it (it really grated me by the end)." OUT.

@Cutlery (9) polished up to this one, "I'll always be here for a reggae inspired bop. And this one is so breezy, and the post-chorus where she lists all her fav places to get it going on? Only an icon. Her vocal melodies towards the end are beautiful too!" Indeed.

Despite @Weslicious (9) liking it, he couldn't come up with a single pun for the track, "A nice breezy bop."

The song's only a year old, still it already brings back the memories for @Yeziirl (9,5), "“In the living room, on the rooftop, in the kitchen, in my bedroom” wow Kenji, you’ve been places!!!! Quite chilly ass track, perfect for riding on a bike in summer (Yeah, now I can say its even nostalgic!)"

Finally, I leave you with @otenkiame's (10) wet gushing, "OMG, yes!! Kuu starts things out listing every single room in her house she wants the D in, and I LIVE. The reggae sound is so freaking tight. I love every single thing about this summer, tropical track. Then we get that pre-chorus. TO DIE FOR. And the hooks??? So catchy, relaxed, and fun!!! Kuu's vocals are so on point here, too. They just sound so close to her heydays, it brings a tear to my eye. An immediate favourite!" Moist.

Sadly, this one remains unperformed for now.

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Et ce voyage commence sans bagage


Wanderin' Destiny

Average: 8
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@Sprockrooster, @Music Is Life), 9x5 (@V3RYP05H, @Cutlery, @mi|kshake, @Weslicious, @RUNAWAY)
Lowest scorers: 4x1 (@Yeziirl), 5x1 (@cookiedough)
My score: 8

Did anyone order a cover? Produced by Komuro Tetsuya and written by him and Marc Panther, both of globe, the song was first released by globe in 1997 with vocals provided by Keiko, also of globe. Kumi's version was recorder for the "globe 20th -Special Cover Best-" album in 2015, which had a plethora of artists covering the classic globe songs.

Whew, this one is something else. At least in terms of Kumi's discography, as she doesn't really have anything this big and vast in sound. globe and Komuro's work in general, aside from what he did with Namie and Ayu, is mostly a blind spot for me, so I don't think I ever heard the original, but Kumi still did an amazing job here. She managed to match the mood of the track and deliver on all fronts. I can see how this might not be to everyone's liking, since the verses can start sounding same-y by the middle point of the song even with other parts trying to shake it all up a little.

I believe this is about that one and only love for the person, the one they are destinied to find no matter what.

I wanted you to find

your happiness
I wanted you to smile
say good-night
and fall asleep
When we give up
our footsteps will disappear
Forget me
so nothing, not even a fragment, is left behind
(c) @otenkiame

Heavy stuff.

@Yeziirl (4) can't even bother, "nope" Yup, nope outta here, the door's that way.

Woo-hoo! I'm not the only one, who didn't know the original thanks to @otenkiame (8), "Don't know the original; don't kill me. So just like Ayu's rendition of "Many Classic Moments", I think Kuu did a killer job with this tribute. I mean, this song is a journey, isn't it? It just keeps building up and up into some emotional stuff with Kuu at the helm leading everything rather effortlessly. I may be a bit biased because it's still fresh for me, but I like!"

Hmm, this and the commentary for "GOLDFINGER 2019" makes me think @Weslicious (9) had a strategic approach to voting this time around, "I love the original and I love this. Is the 9 tactical because I don’t want a cover doing better than her original tracks in this part? Maybe so."

@Cutlery (9) is incorrect! "I was never big on the original (those screeching vocals, Keiko sis… and also the preset #15 keyboards) but appreciated its sentiment and grandiose feeling. And with this discreetly orchestral take, Kuu ironically enough not screaming the lyrics out, and giving some solid moments of emotion with her voice… Yeah I love the end result. It's just so understatedly epic in a drama theme song way, which I'm sure the original was used for. It breezes by though I'm sure more than one of y'all will try to come for the length." No one came for the length, it looks like.

And it looks like this track almost was a dream come true for @Sprockrooster (10), "An 11-contender. Now we need miss Kumi to be a feature on an epos from Meatloaf produced by Jim Steinman so she can snatch me more than she already did." I don't know who you are talking about, but, girl, I am living.

So just as I was making this write-up, I was listening to the original and... it's kinda flat compared to the grandiose of Kuu's version, huh? Should've given it half a point more.

Kumi never performed the song live, so we'll have to opt for the original.
There is also a studio version of the original tucked in the second half of the video. A two-for-one option!
This is a song I wasn’t familiar with before this rate but I was hooked after my first listen. It’s gorgeous and it’s a shame she doesn’t have any more songs in this vibe.
You got your fake tongue, fake tongue, fake tongue


Fake Tongue

Average: 8
Highest scorers: 10x1 (@Yeziirl), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest scorers: 6x2 (@lalaclairi_, @mi|kshake), 7x3 (@cookiedough, @Sprockrooster, @Weslicious)
My score: 9

"WALK OF MY LIFE" couldn't run away to far from the sharpshooter. Produced by Emma Stakes (Tanimura Nana's "Get It On"), Steve Ware (???) and Karl Addy (???) and written by them and Kumi, the song is a rock infused ditty that appeared on the album as an album track.

Talk about a hidden gem! Nobody talks about this one ever and lemme tell y'all - we've been missing out. This is excellent. Kumi had some angry sounding songs before this one, still this one is vying for the title of the angriest. I just can't get enough of Kumi's delivery here. She's so calm and composed in the verse only letting the words bite, but once we get to the chorus all hell breaks loose. The unusual structure of the second verse being longer that the first gives this a bit of an edge over the standard affairs and the fact that this somehow is only 3 minutes and 19 second is dumbfounding. I'm almost angry that I let myself ignore this for quite a while. The track was always to my liking, though it got a 9 only recently. I'm very pleased, that this managed to get an 8 for the average.

Guess someone really pissed Kumi off, huh?

"He rushed up to me imploringly"

you feel that's certain in your heart
and file your nails over the phone
Sneering as you say "Isn't that stupid!"
Stop your forced smiles
with those smooth, comforting words
You don't have a piece of uniqueness, do you?
You're just a mannequin dressed up in fads

No intentions and no personality either
What you do have is experience built up from lies, right?
(c) @otenkiame

Go ham on ha!

@Cutlery (8) is here for a bit of dragging, "A lil screamy but I enjoy the rock pop sound she has here. The lyrics take the cake though, I can’t believe she dragged someone’s entire persona like that" Cuz reading is what?

Of course @RUNAWAY (9) loves this, "always love Rock-Kuu, so this song is another great addition to her rock side."

Would you look at that? @otenkiame (9) once again mirrors my thought, ""You got your fake tan, fake tan~" I'll admit that I was one of those haters that could not stand this song, and now here I am enjoying the hell out of it. Kuu is pissed, that much is certain, and the growling and anger she conveys in the hooks is so aggressive and in your face in all the right ways. Plus that guitar solo is so fucking good." When will you get your own, hun?

I disagree with @Music Is Life (9,5), "This continues the more low-key produced eel of this half of the album, but also feels big and loud at the same time. The chorus is the best part of course, and I love the electric guitar throughout. The guitar solo/breakdown is low-key a moment." The verses are the better part, but in the end both work off of each other.

And finally, it doesn't take much to please @Yeziirl (10), literally, "That percussion after chorus gave me an orgasm. “Fake” finisher is iconic." Glad this finished you off.

So far the track has been performed live exclusively during the "WALK OF MY LIFE" tour, where the track got a bit of an extension with Kumi drumming ans strumming it out. A literal one-woman show.
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Can we turn the Top 21 into a (POPJUSTICE SAYS) MY NAME IS... ?

(or better yet do a rate of the four part’s top twenties once this is done and build it up from there).