The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  • Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Interlude ~Dance~

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
Let's go to the next page for some more eliminations, shall we? Oh, and I totally forgot to mention, that one of the songs in the tie is someone's 11.
Ain't gonna stop till we get your attention


Pin Drop

Average: 8,11
Highest scorers: 10x3 (@V3RYP05H, @Yeziirl, @Music Is Life), 9,5x1 (@RUNAWAY)
Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@Sprockrooster), 6,5x1 (@cookiedough)
My score: 7

We return to "DNA" for the next elimination. Produced by Chris Wahle (FAKY's "Are You OK?"), Dele Ladimeji (Tanimura Nana's "SEXY SENORITA" it's the most exposure she had in years with these two mentions, dddd) and Darby Ward (??? from the Real Housewives of Cheshire ???) and written by Kumi, the track served as a closing one on the album. I'm also pretty sure it wasn't in the original tracklist and was added at the finishing stages of recording the album, since this was supposed to be another 10 track album, just as "AND" was.

I've probably underrated this a little bit. It's quite a formidable pop tune really. Parts of it work quite nicely, maybe I was just a bit confused by the final product where they all come together? I don't know, but what I do know is that the pre-chorus is definitely a highlight of the track and that the chorus is very sing-along friendly, so this was pretty well received on tour. I also find this to be quite a successful attempt at marrying futuristic and progressive sound with some classic ones.

It looks like lyrically this is about only Kumi being able to provide the entertainment of her caliber.

Feels like your body's freezing, right?
Your body, my control, never gonna let it go
Never gonna let it go
Never gonna let it go
Only I have the antidote

(c) @otenkiame

I'm fine dying from poison then, really.

I'm starting to have less and less words to describe how @otenkiame (7,5) shares my opinions, "A good pop bop overall, though something about the verses don't click with me as much as I'd like them to. I do like that she included some brass instruments and went heavy on the ad libbing for the hooks. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to its title and didn't make for the best album closer." Perhaps a few more listens?

@Cutlery (8) got hung up on one little part of the song, "A good good bop despite the autotuned screeching in the bridge." I got used to it quite quickly.

And lastly @Yeziirl (10) shows his age, "That is the best song on the album, sadly not a pussy pop/ass drop/pussy drop/ coochie pop/amniotic sip - wasted title potential!!!! This song works very good, just like Scream it doesn’t really have any bad parts and is very cohesive. As soon as I hear the intro I really wanna dance like crazy, so it makes me very pumped and happy. No idea what the fuck does pin drop mean and lyrics don’t make any sense at all, so that’s even better right? Yet again rap part is the highlight of the song, so I’m really craving for that Kumi mixtape y’all!" Isn't this about the pin of a record player? Or is that a needle? Pin drop is also apparently a dance move. Moreover let's add some heat hehe here and lemme say that "ScREaM" should have left 20 songs ago.

As I've mentioned, this was performed in the opening part of the "DNA" tour.​
I love the song but I agree the usage of “pin drop” is confusing. Generally, I’ve only heard it used when the silence is so deafening it’s like you can hear, well, a pin drop and this song seems to be the antithesis as she wants everyone to make noise. The dance move seems to make the most sense but... still an odd thing to base the hook on in my opinion.
I love the song but I agree the usage of “pin drop” is confusing. Generally, I’ve only heard it used when the silence is so deafening it’s like you can hear, well, a pin drop and this song seems to be the antithesis as she wants everyone to make noise. The dance move seems to make the most sense but... still an odd thing to base the hook on in my opinion.
Maybe if this was originally written in English it made more sense, but then came Kumi and changed the whole thing up.
Y'all it's not Pin Flop!!!! It's a good song...
Guess now it's officially is a little bit at least. Still an 8+ song though.
Uh, that's right, that's right
Yo, I got something to tell you tonight
I want you to know
Who the No.1 in the world is



Average: 8,11
Highest scorers: 11x1 (@Remorque), 10x2 (@Music Is Life, @Yeziirl), 9x1 (@cookiedough)
Lowest scorers: 4x1 (@lalaclairi_), 7x2 (@mi|kshake, @Cutlery)
My score: 8

Back to the most recent album we go. Produced by T-SK ("SHOW ME YOUR HOLLA", "XXX"), HIROMI (JR'n'B singer who is quite lovely) and Joleen Belle (Amuro Namie's "Love Game") and written by Kumi, the track served as one of the digital singles before "re(CORD)"'s eventual release.

What a racket! This is serving me a KPop noisy banger realness circa 2010 and I'm honestly here for it. It also got that trashy quality just right, when you feel it, but can't really cringe. Truthfully, I believe that it's great and the only thing that actually works to its detriment is the excessive vocoder in the verses. On record it's fine, still during the live performances it gets really grating. I didn't expect this to get this far, let alone get an 11, so color me positively impressed. Ultimately, this does a damn fine job as an opening track.

At it's core this is just a bragging self-esteem boosting anthem, since Kuu is just doing her.

You probably hate me, but
I don't wanna be you either
(c) @otenkiame

This line is so "drag race talking heads", dddd.

I bet @otenkiame (7,5) would love this if he give this some more time to marinate, "There seems to be a lot of discontent with the amount of auto tune used in this track, but I personally am not bothered by it. I enjoy the amount of attitude and narcissism Kuu brings as she feels herself and claims she's just "doing me". The bridge is great, aside from the cringey note she holds at the end. Fun, but missing something to push it to greater levels."

@Yeziirl (10) is obsessed with the idea of a mixtapes for some reason, "Drop the mixtape already, bishhh!"

And @Remorque (11) has been pressured into spilling the beans on his fave, ""DO ME" is fantastically fun. Its tongue is lodged firmly in its cheek, it's well-produced and the bridge is great! She's showing who's the queen and I feel for her all over again." An unusual choice, but a good one at that!

Kumi performed the song during the "re(LIVE)" tour.

There is also this and I can't stress enough that this is not me in the video.

It's @Yeziirl.
Who is the number 1̶ 34b?

Not the DO ME/GET NAKED/STRIP holy trifecta starting to fall now.

The video though - a serve.

On DO ME itself, I concur with the tongue in cheek comments (a reason why EX TAPE is one of my favourites also). Overall I just love how fiercely and unabashedly self-exalting this track is. I also love the live version of this and the other re(CORD) tracks.
I'mma get a haircut, I'mma, I'mma, I'mma get a haircut



Average: 8,14
Highest scorers: 10x2 (@V3RYP05H, @Yeziirl), 9x3 (@Remorque, @Weslicious, @Music Is Death what... happened‽)
Lowest scorers: 6x2 (@lalaclairi_ and @me!), 7x1 (@mi|kshake)
My score: lookie above

It starts to feel like we're just bouncing between "re(CORD)" and "DNA" at the moment. Produced by Fredrik Thomander (Taemin's "Exclusive"), Johan Becker (BoA's "Lookbook", Girls' Generation's "PAPARAZZI"), Andreas Oberg and Maria Marcus (both worked on OH MY GIRL's "WINDY DAY") and written by Kumi, the track was our first after "HUSH" taste of "DNA", since this was previewed during "AND" tour before we even knew anything about "DNA". Moreover it was used as one of the promo tracks for the album, hence why it got one of Kumi's best music videos. The hair changing with a bit of a retrospective was quite engaging.

I'm... not into this. This should work, especially with Andreas Oberg and Maria Marcus at the helm, but I just can't get into it for some reason. It sounds shallow to me. There are all these elements and cool parts, still together they leave me lukewarm to the whole thing. It's like there is barely a song here. I'd say that a couple of catchy hooks in the "I'mma get a haircut" intro and the chorus' attempt at explosiveness and maybe a bit of the sax saved the track, ultimately though this could've been a lot better. The aforementioned music video definitely helped this as well.

The track is obviously about the sense of novelty and liberation one experiences when they change their hair.

Music and fashion pass with the times
I'm always pretty

(c) @otenkiame

Every single day I aspire to have this level of confidence.

Like we needed any more evidence that we bonded with @otenkiame (7,5) for life, but here we are learning that he can't resist a bit of sax as well, ""Imma get a haircut" That line gets stuck in my head all the time. So this track has messy elements to it and sometimes Kuu's vocals irk me slightly, but I find that overall I really dig it. Of course I salivate over the sax inclusion. Oh yeah, it was so fun to watch her switch up wigs live to this track. Queen." Sax boys unite.

Apparently @Cutlery (7,5) doesn't have any scissor in his set, "Can't relate!" Long hair, don't care?

@RUNAWAY (8,5) mentions another saving grace for this questionable track, "her live performance of this song is ICONIC, but the song isn’t really one of my faves."

And you should probably have guess it already, @Yeziirl (10) is a member of the team #TooMuch, "imma get a hairy COCK! At first I hated it, just like Watch Out, but I grew to love it so much. Yet another random rap which is yet AGAIN MY FAVORITE PART (I Stan Kumi rapper!). It’s your typical yolosweg track with Kumi snatching fans’ wigs and making her own haircuts, which look a little ridiculous in that music video. Black one looks like wet pubic hair, the rainbow one is gyaru circa 2010, gray/black bob is like she was drawing something with gouache and then just wiped her hands with her hair. The only sexy one is that straight blonde cut, I dig it. And to top it off of course she had to go for that tacky neon welder Moschino attire, brilliant."

As it was just mentioned, the live performance for this during the "DNA" tour basically recreated the music video, which was, indeed, iconic. Sadly I can't track down the video for it, so we'll have to deal with the audio.​


also, what the hell is my commentary.
Don't tell me you don't remember what is coming next, dddd.
a bit late but YES that Do Me video. I lowkey wanted to overscore the song because of it.
Doing more promo than avex itself.
ANOTHER tie?? All these cuts have hurt far too much.
Yup, I believe we still have some more. There we a couple truly painful eliminations, yes, but these recent ones I'm totally okay with.
Don't tell me you don't remember what is coming next, dddd.
Honestly, not everything! I've written this commentary almost a year ago already, I just changed scores once in a while and that's it, ddd (I guess ddd means laugh?). So it's also intriguing for me.