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The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Jun 22, 2020.


Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  1. Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    6 vote(s)
  2. Interlude ~Dance~

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    1 vote(s)
  1. More reflective of my opinions of the current era!
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  2. Then you shouldn't have given it an 8.
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  3. Not 8 meaning nice song, but 8 meaning meh you know.
  4. No, I don't, because you were rating on a 0-10 scale and a score of 8 is most definitely not a "meh" song.
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  5. This week has been a lot, you guys, I'm exhausted. Sorry there are no eliminations these past 2 days, going to resume tomorrow.
  6. Your code name "perfect gentleman"

    Work That

    Average: 8,39
    Highest scorers: 10x4 (@cookiedough, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @Weslicious), 9x2 (@Music Is Death, @Yeziirl)
    Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@V3RYP05H), 7x2 (@otenkiame and @me!)
    My score: lookie above

    I bet someone wanted another 4-track tie, right? RIGHT‽ Produced by Sidnie Tipton (JoJo's "Like This"), James Newman (Toni Braxton's "Coping") and Stuart Crichton (Backstreet Boys' "Don't Go Breaking My Heart") and written by Kumi, the track appeared on "AND" as one of the album tracks.

    Talk about a let down! Those sizzling verses and soaring pre-chorus are so freaking good that I can't help but feel sad about that chorus. It's not even a bad chorus per se, it's just that it's kinda out of place here, like it could've worked in an entire different track. The synths are very Dr.L*ke circa 2010, dddd. I'll say that by the end, when we get some more things going on for it, like those amazing ad-libs, it starts to get good, but then the song ends and... yeah. Having said all that, I think I should have giving this a higher score, but we got what we got. The beginning to right before the chorus is so good though!

    As for the lyrics, Kumi has only one question for her possible suitor.

    What I want is first class
    Don't need to feel comfortable or the gossip
    I'll give you one chance
    Hey, it's coming again; call back
    (c) @otenkiame

    I can't really work my body out, let alone someone else's.

    Somehow @otenkiame (7) hears cuteness in this one, "I guess that is the cute track on the album? Sort of, but not really. It starts off slow in a way that deceives you into thinking it's going to be a slower song, but then gets into bop territory when the hook pops up. There's not much lyrically to the hooks, but I enjoy the infusion of cute with bop." Maybe in Kuu's delivery in the chorus? I don't hear it, but werk.

    @Cutlery (7,5) throws a knife into my territory, "Here for the way it begins unassuming and that sounds like approaching the club and the music then starts getting louder. The chorus doesn't quite live up to what the buildup suggests (it doesn't even sound like her when she say "show me what you got"?), but I'll still use nonetheless." That's what I was trying to say in my write-up. The chorus doesn't add up.

    @Yeziirl (9) is nostalgic this Sunday morning, "hey that sounds like 2012, not bad!" I'd say even 2010.

    A rare comment from @Ana Raquel (10) has her pining over another bop, "release me by agnes <3" The pre-chorus does sound like the chorus of Anges' song melody wise, indeed.

    Kumi performed the song in a shortened state during the "DNA" tour and as you can hear from the audio, it was a total hoot for the audience.
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  7. Wow, it's a 4-tie?
    *spinning piece sign Kumi*
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  9. “Work that” was robbed of the cheesy 80s VHS workout video it deserved.
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  10. I got a drink
    In my cup
    More shots, more shots
    Pull it up


    Average: 8,39
    Highest scorers: 10x4 (@Cutlery, @Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @Music Is Death), 9,5x2 (@V3RYP05H, @Yeziirl)
    Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@mi|kshake), 6,5x2 (@otenkiame and @me!)
    My score: lookie above

    Those 10s, I... Thank you @mi|kshake and @otenkiame for the scores of reason. Produced by Gladius (Fifth Harmony's "I Lied") and Mike Tyler (???) and written by Kumi, the track appeared on "AND" and was used for promonational purposes, hence why it received a music video, where Kumi, well, parties.

    No, really, what kind of dumpster dive did Kuu have to endure to unearth this? What kind of Black Eyed Peas reject? It's so dated and unimaginative even for 2018, Jesus. At least the break was a little on an adventurous side and not a run-of-a-mill EDM or dubstep one. To say that I'm surprised it got this far is to say nothing. And the gall to make this a promo track... Kuu keeps on both baffling and amusing 20 years into her career. Way to go! I probably would've been the lowest scorer for this were it not for one little detail. I've seen this live with my own two eyes and let me tell ya, it pops the eff off. Despite my misgivings about the whole shindig, Kuu knew what she was doing with this one. Sigh.

    Would you be surprised to learn that this track is about partying?

    We're on a high level
    Turn it up
    More bass
    More treble
    What we hate the most is the middle
    What we wanna be the most are King Devils
    (c) @otenkiame

    I prefer to think of myself as a queen angel, though.

    @otenkiame (6,5) once again flaunts our special bond, "I've warmed up quite a bit to this. The fact that the title is literally just "PARTY" irritates me still, and I think the lyrics are absolutely abysmal, but whatever. It does go off live, and it is a pretty fun party song despite feeling a bit like a carbon copy of other songs of this nature." Which is difficult to get, not everybody has that.

    @RUNAWAY (8,5) is just here to have a great time, "great opener, and I love her carefree vibe here."

    Even though I'm not 100% agree with @Yeziirl (9,5), a music video and a nice live performance can elevate a song, "It’s a weird title track, especially the fact that it has a music video (#JusticeForWho), but I guess a very nice album opener. It has a dope dance routine which looks amazing on stage and I really like the live performance with money flying everywhere."

    And lastly @Cutlery (10) love a dive into a dumpster, "A banger that melts away neurons as soon as I press play. The way it starts at 100 and stays there. Kuu shouting her way through it is amazing. Perfect hype track."

    The track quickly became a bit of a staple at the concerts, still can find a proper video of it online, dddd.
    Some cute added guitars in this rendition as well.

    I hate "PARTY".
    Also me:
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  11. Music should be fun, this song is fun and deserves high points from me! The dance is really pumping tho!
  12. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be, you know, good.
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  13. Not cool of avex to hack and take control of my webcam and post footage of me like that.
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  14. I thought “PARTY” does its job as a fun, mindless pop song. It certainly should’ve gone out way before the rest of the Top 30 but I still enjoy it.
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  15. Oh my god @evilsin I love your write up - spot on!!
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  16. A real, real jerk!


    Average: 8,39
    Highest scorers: 10x3 (@Ana Raquel, @Sprockrooster, @Yeziirl), 9,5x1 (@V3RYP05H)
    Lowest scorers: 6,5x1 (@otenkiame), 7x3 (@cookiedough, @mi|kshake, @Remorque)
    My score: 7,5

    It's been a while for the extra tracks, hasn't it? Produced by Sky Adams (Kylie Minogue's "Dancing") and written by him, Maegan Cottone ("PIECE IN THE PUZZLE"), Okajima Kanata (a lot of great JPop songs) and Kumi, the track served as one of the new ones on the "SUMMER of LOVE" compilation and even got a mostly dance music video loosely connected to "EX-TAPE"'s.

    A bit of racket this one, isn't it? I remember I was physically annoyed at this the first time I listened to the song. Over time I warmed up to this and listening to this now specifically for the write-up I can say that I should have given it a point more. Despite having pretty annoying verses, the thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that the song basically repeats itself two times. We have the same verse and pre-chorus repeated twice until we get to the middle 8. At the same time this is a unique occurrence in Kumi's discography, so truthfully I shouldn't have been as annoyed with it as I have. The negatives aside, where the track shines is the production. The most pleasant plink-plonk of it all coupled with synth and bass is super nice here. Moreover the aforementioned middle 8 together with the chorus are such a literal ray of sunshine in that turbulent soundscape of a track. Finishing up, I have to mention that the chorus is freaking lush. Being as simple as it is, it is so good. Kumi's modulation on the "blow you away" line alone is sublime and makes for one of the most memorable moments in her career. I live for it getting a double treatment at the end of the track. I don't know about you, but it always gets stuck in my head.

    Lyrically this is about a dynamic relationship where the partners keep spurring each other.

    It's annoying that I shouldn't forgive you,
    but I'll forgive you, right?
    You understand my feelings of wanting to get swallowed up
    in the only hurricane this summer, right?
    (c) @otenkiame

    Wanting to be swallowed up, huh?

    Dddd, not @otenkiame (6,5) disliking my favorite part of the song, "The track I wanted to love, but just felt overall disappointed by. I think what especially turns me off is the "blow, blow you away" bits. But then I enjoy them towards the end of the song? I just have very conflicted feelings about this track. At the very least, I like the clap-happy sections where the urban/dance sound really comes in." At least our final scores aren't that different.

    @Cutlery (8) likes being jerked around in different directions, "Oh wait I'm living for this rave vibe mixed with sweetly pop. It's working pretty well for me, vocal filters and all." Guess it's the same thing that might turn someone away from the track.

    Did you know that @Yeziirl (10) is a dancer? "That switch from “blow you away” to “I will castrate you bitch” is amazing! Very uptempo and fun. And holy crap, the dance!!!! The dance was so fucking dope, I think there are even videos of dance practice on YouTube. It was performed more than EX TAPE sadly, but still an amazing counterpart!" Have you tried dancing this one?

    And finally @Sprockrooster (10) finds himself a new fave, "WHEW. She snapped. What a banger." Another one in the basket.

    @Yeziirl spoiled this part of the write-up with the fact that this is pretty popular and is often performed live, more so than it's counterpart that is "EX TAPE".

    I've also stumbled upon Kuu's dance practice for this along with an English demo plastered upon it. Interesting to hear the original was about sex, money and daddies and that the middle 8 was already in Japanese albeit with different lyrics. Now I wonder who sang the demo, maybe it was miss Kanata herself?
  17. Should I do it just for the sake of this rate?
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  18. I was about to say that this would’ve been a 10 had I not been spoiled by the English demo. I remember when the demo came out (wasn’t it posted on the writer’s SoundCloud?) I was gagging at how great it was and while Kumi did her best, I still think the demo singer pulled it off better (the chorus and especially the wailing with the “Hurricanneeeeee” before the rap part). The whole situation personally reminded me of Madonna’s “Revolver” where the writer’s demo version is better for me.

    (Also, ddddd, I never looked up the translation so I expected “HURRICANE” Kumi to still be about sex).
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  19. I had never heard the demo for “Hurricane” but I agree with the sentiment above. The vocals in the demo have more grit which benefits the track IMO.

    Dang she looks good in that concert video!
  20. Pretty-pretty-pretty-pretty please me.
    See, I didn't even know the demo existed in the first place. Guess I missed the moment people discovered it. I think the demo is a bit too much and Kuu's version is better. Maybe what they say about liking the version you heard first better is true after all.
    Snatched. The hair alone is to die for. She looked amazing all throughout that 15th anniversary premium live honestly.
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