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The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Jun 22, 2020.


Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  1. Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    6 vote(s)
  2. Interlude ~Dance~

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    1 vote(s)
  1. Good.
  2. If I knew “OMG” was gonna be out before reaching the 20s, I would’ve rated “STRIP” a whole two points lower and “SHUTOUT” just a little lower (like a .5 or a point).
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  3. That's not how voting works. Shows that you shouldn't score the songs willy-nilly, especially in a rate that has very few voters.
  4. Yeah, now you know how we do this right
    Looking extra fancy with the 24 carats
    Cherry on top
    And it just taste amazing

    Cupcake feat. AKLO

    Average: 8,61
    Highest scorers: 10x4 (@Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @Music Is Death, @Yeziirl), 9,5x1 (@RUNAWAY)
    Lowest scorers: 6x1 (@Weslicious), 7x2 (@otenkiame and @me!)
    My score: lookie above

    We're back to "outside" for it to take another hit and yet it's still in the lead with the most songs left in the running. Produced by Dylan Kelly (???) and written by him, AKLO and Kumi, the track was an appetizer for what was about to come out with the album, as we had an opportunity to see the song performed during "THE ARTIST" tour.

    Listen, this is barely even a song. I still have questions as to why Kumi couldn't write herself at least one verse. This is so empty it sounds like an interlude and on AKLO's album at that. And don't get me started on that damn cat. Why did it have to meow all throughout the song? Geez. Despite the repetitiveness there are some nice moments still here and AKLO is great in general, but I just can't get over the fact that this is just an idea and not a fully realized track. Lemme side-eye all of you who gave this a full mark, I guess. Thank fuck this didn't get any higher.

    In this song Kuu ask someone to be her cupcake or buttercup.

    Now let me do my thing, carefully preparing

    I got everything, a perfectionist
    Leave it to me, baby. Tonight be my Queen
    Don't need worries. You won't regret it
    A delicious, deep flavor
    Those cupcakes seriously ain't no match for yours
    Subtle flavor's my secret. After that too hot experience
    Cherry on top you look perfect
    (c) @otenkiame

    And it just tastes... mediocre.

    @Weslicious (6) had high hopes for this one, "I kind of expected more after 'The Artist' performance, thinking she was just performing an early demo. But it was the finished thing and it sounds really hollow without the crowd noises." It's disappointing, that's what it is.

    It's @otenkiame (7), Miz Ame, if you nasty, "Mkay. So I was totally ready to love this song to death, but I felt a bit letdown by the final outcome. It's dark and sexual - my kind of song - but the arrangement seems to go nowhere for me? Like, I wanted it to go harder or something. AKLO, though. Damn, he sounds all kinds of sexy. Let me spread my legs for him." I'm... kinda shocked at you being this filthy, dddd.

    Another song swayed @Cutlery's (9) vote, "I love Nicki Minaj - Come on a Cone. It's so steamy and I kind of love how AKLO has this call-and-response thing going on with Kuu as his queen. And the robotic hooks are the cherry on top, and you know Kuu loves to pop those. The cats, I could do without tho."

    I have many questions, @RUNAWAY (9,5), first of all - how dare you? "this is like the spiritual successor to Lollipop and I LOVE IT." No.

    I fucking can't with @Yeziirl (10) rigging the scores, when he clearly didn't think this was a perfect song, "its so repetitive, but I want to pop pussy to it every time. AKLO sounds so cringe here, Kumi’s rap would have fit better, but whatever, AKLO is kinda popular cool rapper in Japan, I guess, so get the hype or something! My minor problem is fucking SHHHHHHHHH which is off beat and sounds ridiculous in the backing track, but you can clearly get used to it. Props for making it short song, seriously, short 2 minute song is better than 5 minute drags she used to have on earlier albums. (Did anyone notice fucking crow noises or screaming cat in the instrumental, why even?????)" Everybody and their grandma noticed that damn cat.

    At least the dance routine for this was cute and Kumi looked snatched doing it. Let's ignore the song and the fact that she sang only 10 seconds of it entirely, yes, and thank you.
    Facking Facebook.

  5. Are you though after I gave Namie's "WANT ME, WANT ME" my 11? *Devil emoji*
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  6. It's just usually your commentary is pretty subdued compared to the others. Don't remember what you said about "WANT ME, WANT ME" either.
  7. 1. I didnt rig my scores, I still stand by my 10, even if it has some critical remarks, I still believe that this song is a 10. Especially that it has most repeats on apple music after Ex Tape.

    That live was so damn snatching! Dance routine was so nice and she looked damn sexy. Seriously that outfit was something, so sultry, sensual but without going overboard! I wish she could do a live Cupcake tribute in the future, cause this performance was yum!

    3. I think the minimalistic nature and bass driven melody here works amazing and despite those dumb shhh and meows it still manages to be damn catchy! I think I even loved those cat sounds a little haha.

    4. thats her best featuring so far, its not cringe and even those horny ass lyrics sound fine
  8. Sis, you should make up your mind. And the fact that you listened to this a lot doesn't automatically make it a 10. Your scoring is just baffling to me because you've scored some more deserving tracks lower in the past.
  9. Issa classy cringe, baby! As in cringe is not always bad, at times it makes songs fun and thats what matters.
    Well, I listen to the song a lot because I like it, duh? Idk what songs you are talking about, give me an example!
  10. I LIVE for the meows throughout the track. You know this pussy is craving some good lovin’, henny.

    How did I not give this a 10. Questioning my life choices right now ddd.
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  11. What the fuck is a classy cringe? The lord is testing me.
    Just in this part "Merry Go Round", "Rich & Famous" and "Wanderin' Destiny". Don't get me started on Part III.
    I'm so tired.
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  12. I wanna go and dance now BANGERANG
    I wanna go, I wanna go


    Average: 8,64
    Highest scorers: 10x4 (@Sprockrooster, @cookiedough, @Ana Raquel, @Yeziirl), 9,5x2 (@Remorque, @RUNAWAY)
    Lowest scorers: 6,5x2 (@mi|kshake, @V3RYP05H), 7,5x1 (@lalaclairi_)
    My score: 8

    And missing our Top10 is none other than "Bangerang". Produced by Viktoria Hansen (The Saturdays' "For Myself") and Levi Lennox (Zayn's "Pillow Talk") and written by them and Kumi, the track appeared as a new track on "outside".

    Was I in a particularly good mood when I was rating this? Because I don't particularly like this and I'm astonished this almost got to Top10. The biggest offender for me is the sax. Its tone here is just grating to me. Elsewhere, the snail like pace of the whole affair and the lack of everything, really, makes me want to switch the track. On the bright side, the plink-plonk of the verses and the middle 8 are fine and make the track tolerable for me. This is definitely not one of my go-to tracks and I still can't remember why I gave it an 8 when I was rating it.

    When it comes to lyrics, this is about going for it and living for excitement, which for Kuu is, apparently, the stage.

    Dangerous, huh?
    Honestly, I don't wanna get bored
    On my wings, unbalanced
    Wanna throw my hands up
    Get your get your hands up

    (c) @otenkiame

    Honestly, I mostly want to lay down.

    The sax wasn't a problem for @otenkiame (8), "That sax-led intro. God, it piqued my interest right away. While the song ended up slower than I had initially expected, I like the sexy route she took. I think the hooks lack a little omph that would've really elevated this, but I absolutely love the sax and inclusion of clapping beats." Sexy though?

    Now that's a comparison I didn't expect to see, @Cutlery (8,5), "This is a bit of a Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique serve. Lovely sax." Guess I have to listen again with new ears.

    @Yeziirl (10) is annoyed. Good. "That is very spooky one! Probably the best use of metronome in music ever, I just always bang my head to it! Seriously, without it I would have given it like 8. (Am I the only one annoyed that it’s not Bangarang? )" What metronome? What are you talking about? And yes, because apparently writing it with "e" is correct as well.

    The song has never been performed live and it didn't even get a remix on "Driving Hit's" that followed the album. Weird.
  13. Your Top10, ladies and gentlemen!

    Dance In The Rain

    Like It

    W FACE








    Despite my musing with the past two eliminations, this is pretty tight, even though I would've liked to see some other songs here.
    Also, 9 of the 10 songs remaining received 11s, so it's going to be real painful.
    Will try to finish by the end of the next week as well, just so that the winner could join "KO-SO-KO-SO" in the Winners' Rate.
  14. Just because you like certain songs doesn't mean everyone else has to. Out of these three I like 0, I don't listen to any of them. To me these songs are not fun and don't deserve 10. That is solely my opinion, so... If you are not ready for opinions, then why do this rate? We are all fans and we all like different things, considering Kumi is so versatile and has different genres.

    And metronome I meant the ticking sound that is present throughout the song and reminds of metronome.
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  15. Streaming “HUSH” in preparation for its rightful place in the number one spot next week.
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  16. Sis, I've been a Kumi fan for 15 years and this is Part IV of the rate, what do you think? Of course people can have opinions, but if you have one, be prepared that the others might not agree with it. If I see your commentary suggesting another score, I will call you out, because I have my quota of fake votes for this rate.
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  17. 11
    9 (×4)
    7.5 (×3)

    Could be much worse!​
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  18. Same.

    That is fine, but all people have different takes on what is a 10 song and there are no rules about what it should be, so that is fair to me when commentary has some little tidbits against the song. And then calling it fake is weird, maybe you just didnt expect certain songs to score that high? Then it is not people putting fake votes, it is just what you did not expect and it all comes back to taste difference.
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  19. Can we just acknowledge the fact that besides ~ Inside ~, which rightfully died in a dumpster fire early on, these have been some amazing scores overall.

    Also, I appreciate reading people’s comments to catch nuances I may not have heard before. My scores are what they are and I stand by them - I may have a change of mood here and there but besides 1 point or so’s difference, it’s not like I’m wishing I had given a song I didn’t like in the first place my 11 or something!
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  20. Ooooh, good to see my 11 and my contender for 11 both in the top 10. Dance In The Rain is the only score below 7 from me, so I hope it's the next out.
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