The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  • Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Interlude ~Dance~

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
This is it.

Our runner-up.

Tonight fever hajimemashou
Lemme see about it



Average: 9,14
Highest scorers: 11x1 (@Ana Raquel), 10x6 (@cookiedough, @lalaclairi_, @Sprockrooster, @V3RYP05H, @otenkiame, @Music Is Death), 9x3 (@Weslicious, @RUNAWAY and @me!)
Lowest scorers: 6,5x1 (@Yeziirl), 7,5x1 (@Cutlery)
My score: lookie above

What a run for extras! Usually they go out in the 10s and 20s even, although Part I winner is technically an extra. Produced by NaNa MUSIC (ICONIQ's "LoveShineMagic" !!!) and TRAK STAR (???) and written by Kumi, the track appeared on the notorious "FEVER KODA KUMI LEGEND LIVE" compilation created for pachinko machines, but apparently this did not stop you from pushing this track almost to the top. This also got a steamy music video with Kumi looking all kinds of scorching hot.

This is synth heaven. I haven't really paid attention before, but the amount of different synths here is staggering in the best way possible. At its core this sounds like one of Kumi's Middle East inspired tracks, but on paper it sounds like a step forward in trying to merge tried and true with something new. I believe they succeeded. The beat is catchy, the synths are hypnotizing and Kuu's delivery is great as it usually is with this sort of songs. The mating calling in the intro is quite something as well, isn't it? Still I wish Kuu's vocals weren't processed the same all throughout the song. The chorus is also a bit of a let down, I like it, but I wanted it to hit harder. Perhaps a proper middle 8 different to the rest of the song would have been nice as well. All in all, this is still a very good song and it still pains me that it wasn't properly released.

The song is clearly about passionate love.

I won't say the words you want
Because I'm not an easy woman
Yes, shout the words I want
more and more
(c) @otenkiame


@Yeziirl (6,5) will give a 10 to a noisy fart, but this is somehow "grating" to him, "stunning video but grating sound."

@Cutlery (7,5) wasn't a fan of the synths, "Oh so a bit of a return to the classic middle eastern influence track from her huh? Yeah it's drowned in cheap synths but in the end I still like this" More for the rest of us.

@RUNAWAY (9) has questions, "this deserved better than being a PACHINKO PARLOR SONG. WHAT THE FUCK??!?!!!?" #JusticeForSOFEVER

Oh my god, @Weslicious (9) is back with the puns! "This would have been huge for her in her imperial phase. The fact it’s been left to rot on a £60 pachinko tie in CD is Kuuriminal." I've missed those.

@Sprockroster (10) would like to know, "I need explaining why this massive bop is not on spotify." We've touched upon this a couple of times in the rate, but basically this wasn't officially released, as it was given out only in a pachinko game parlor, which used Kuu's songs and videos.

@otenkiame (10) is a stan of thotty bops, "YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! I LOVE THIS TRACK TO DEATH. It's the exact overly-sexualized Kuu song that I live and breathe for. All the Arabic sounds she's known for plus all the moaning and groaning. I cannot get enough of it. That portion when she squeals "I feel so good boy~". OMG. It gets me every single time. I know fans are tired of these songs, but I want more of them. Gimme this on a buyable release, Kuuen." The moans are quite nice here indeed.

It didn't take much to persuade @Ana Raquel (11) to give this her highest score, "The beat is so addictive I- This was one of the last songs I ended up listening to as it's not on Spotify. 3 seconds in and I was already ok this is IT. this is my 11. Not every song has that, you know?" So gald you've made a discovery like that.

Sadly this is probably going to remain not performed forever. As if "JUICY" wasn't painful enough already.
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Which means...

I'm ba-ad
(The baddest, the baddest, the baddest, the baddest)
I ha-ave
(I have it, I have it, I have it, I have it)
(Goddamnit, goddamnit, goddamnit, goddamnit)
dare yori No.1



Average: 9,61
Highest scorers: 11x1 (@lalaclairi_), 10x7 (@Remorque, @Ana Raquel, @V3RYP05H, @RUNAWAY, @Sprockrooster, @otenkiame, @Yeziirl), 9,5x1 (@Music Is Death)
Lowest scorers: 8x1 (@mi|kshake)
My score: 9

So here is your winner, fellow kuuters, kuuchies and kuuens. Produced by Andrew Goldstein (Celine Dion's "Save Your Soul") and written by him, Jesse St. John (Charli XCX's "Secret (Shh)"), Lola Blac (Britney Spears' "Ooh La La") and Kumi, the track was a title track for both "W FACE" albums. Apparently there was a demo version sung by Lola, but looks like it has been scrapped from the Internet, since I couldn't find any trace of it online. Moreover the track didn't initially have a music video, which we only got during the "W FACE" tour as it was used as an interlude of all things.

Such an exciting track this one. I remember it was the very first preview we got for the album and even in that small form it blew my mind. Kuu wasn't new to cursing, still hearing her singing "yas bitch" somehow felt both unbelievable and hilarious, and once the hilarity subsided, we were left with a nice contemporary track. The breakdown is where it's at for me with this one. I can't get enough of it and I live for the way it changes throughout the track. I guess I couldn't give this a full score because it still feels like an introduction, despite being a full blown track. Listening to this I can hear how this could've been cut in half and made into a perfect intro. This is a bit nit-picky, but it does feel like this doesn't have enough meat on it ever so slightly. Anyway, the track is great regardless and I'm pretty happy it won.

The lyrics are kinda reflective of the two albums we got, but in the end it's about how badass Kuu is.

The way I sing
The way I dance
The way I cry
The way I talk
With my charm I make you my slaves
I'm killin it, killin it, killin it, killin it
(c) @otenkiame

Did she lie?

@Weslicious (9) doesn't think so, "I mean, Yas Kuu, slay!" She totally does, especially my poor and feeble life every single day.

For once it's @Cutlery (9), who sums it up all nicely, "She made this for the cigarettes. Past the initial high-pitched gasp I let out during the intro, I gotta say the first verse kind of falls short. But after that, the second one has some more buildup and the ad-libs going for it. Those drop choruses really melt all neurons and rational thinking because I mindlessly shake along to them, just like that. It's amazing." I agree.

@otenkiame (10)was wondering, ""Yass bitch, yass bitch, yass bitch. Slay". OMG Will PopJustice rules edit the lyrics out? I'm actually totally in love with how the verses have a relatively soft arrangement before that drop with all the synths comes in. God do I love the instrumental breaks. And Kuu is serving attitude and sass, hitting all the right spots. That last "SLAY" after the middle eight is EVERYTHING. What a track for the gays." It's nice of the administration to unban the word just for this rate, isn't it? They knew this was going to win.

Now look at @RUNAWAY (10), who has words of very high praise for the song, "yas bitch yas bitch yas bitch slay. ICONIC opening to an album, and one of the huge highlights to this era of her career." Nice.

And wasn't it a nice rate, when I can call @Yeziirl (10) is a preview whore in the end? "when preview came out I listened to it over 1000 times and the final result is even better. Yas bitch yas bitch yas bitch slay! I feel like with Kumi those words gained a new deep meaning that I can’t comprehend yet! It sounds silly from already grown-up woman many years into the industry, but that’s Kumi she doesn’t give a fuck about whether it sounds tacky or try-hard and that’s why I like her! I think W face had the hypest previews out of all albums and I remember listening too much to it, even if those were like 30 seconds of it. I also really like how the song evolves and it’s not just the same dundundun every chorus. Bravo, slay!" Slay, indeed.

@lalaclairi_ didn't provide any commentary for their favorite song of the rate, but I bet they love it a lot. Like
a lot.

What kind of circumstances made Kuu downsize this to just an interlude movie? Beyond my
comprehension. We're gonna have to opt for just an audio for our lovely winner.
YAS! WE DID IT! Wow that 9.61 score, epic!

I think it went very well, like I didn't expect my favorite song to win, but to go that far is quite nice. I really thought everyone would bash EX TAPE and leave it in top 30, ddd. I was really choosing between W FACE, EX TAPE and I believe it was Lippy for some reason, ddd. But yeah W FACE is a big highlight in her recent discography and she should do more songs like this (I believe Killer monsteR could be similar, tho we might never know).

will give a 10 to a noisy fart, bu this is somehow "grating" to him
Because Watch Out was fun to listen to for me but SO FEVER is not, hehe.
Damn, I was gonna attempt to start a campaign to make “SO FEVER” listenable/purchasable if it won even though there were only like 5 people voting ddddd.

Am I gonna have to Google translate a post kicking off a RELEASE “SO FEVER” campaign because she is really leaving it to rot meanwhile she has unapologetically revived crap other songs like “Lady Go!” and “Kimi Omoi” (from the same Pachinko EP!) on future releases.

But! “W FACE” is fucking iconic. While I mentioned deliberating over giving “SO FEVER” my 11, “W FACE” was always a solid 10. HOW the iconic “Yasss Bitch” hasn’t become a thing for Kumi is baffling. They shoulda milked that shit, I would’ve mu-mo-shopped for an official shirt with the phrase plastered all over.

Glad she eventually gave it a video.

What if Kumi releases 60 song album next year dddd. Part 5 come thru.

Thank you so much for this rate! It was a joy to have during some rather unenjoyable times. It's sad to think that it's (at the moment) the final part of the rate. In any case, your efforts were truly appreciated! I know you put a lot of work into this, and it's glad to see that it's finally finished (even though my 11 just barely missed the top spot).
W FACE won so as you see I am not leaving this forum, ddd.

@evilsin thank you for this rate! I literally stayed up all night till 1 am for eliminations and it was quite thrilling to read. I will definitely miss this every night! I hope in the distant future part 5 will happen.
This was my first time taking part in any rate and actively participating on the forum, thank you @evilsin for organising and putting this together! I appreciated all your insight and the sleek visuals for each track. Being stuck at home, I had a great time and it was really nice to be able to connect with fellow Koda Kumi listeners.

I feel that "W Face" is a very worthy winner. Great track, and though I’m not familiar with the lyrics, I like how the title (and video) at least embody the idea of two sides - the ballad/cutesy side and edgier/dance-pop part, all coming together on one track.
@evilsin , this was my first rate on here because I honestly didn’t think I wanted to join in on stuff like this (so thank you for the invitation) and I am hooked! Great job, loved your write ups (even if there were a bit of side-eye moments) and the post reveal discussions were satisfying. Enjoy your time off and hope everything is going well with you.