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The Koda Kumi Rate: PART IV. All things come to an end, WINNER announced

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by evilsin, Jun 22, 2020.


Which short track / interlude if your favorite / deserves a full version?

  1. Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    6 vote(s)
  2. Interlude ~Dance~

    1 vote(s)
  3. Introduction ~My music is designed from my DNA~

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hoping for Heartless!
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  2. What happened or is it not time yet?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I believe he's STILL waiting for Remorque's ballot....
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  4. Nothing yet.
    Nope, he submitted this morning.
    You do that.
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  5. Excuse you, they are most definitely noT thank you.
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  6. I also assumed we were waiting on @Remorque ff
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  7. To be fair I was the last ballot, but I'm just guessing real life's getting in @evilsin's way today, so you'll be patient and you'll deal.
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  8. Yath, fight!
    We finally arrive at the eliminations!

    You ready for this?

    I can't even make a joke at the expense of some upbeat song, because I spoiled that this was a ballad.

    Oh well.

    Kimi Omoi

    Average: 6,11
    Highest scorers: 9x3 (@Weslicious, @RUNAWAY, @Music Is Life), 7,5x2 (@Remorque and @me!)
    Lowest scorers: 0x1 (@V3RYP05H), 5x5 (@Yeziirl, @otenkiame, @Sprockrooster, @Ana Raquel, @cookiedough)
    My score: lookie above

    Did anybody see this one going first? Because I definitely didn't. I mean, yes, it is a ballad and we're on PopJustice, for fuck's sake, but still. At least it got the highest average among the last placed songs of all four Parts, which is difficult to get, not everybody has that. Produced by SALAYA (literally who? No other credit to this name), Shiokawa Mitsuki ("faraway", Miliyah's "My Life") and Kuzuya Yoko ("you", BoA's "KIMI no Tonari de") and written by the latter and Kumi, the ballad was first released as part of a compilation titled "FEVER KODA KUMI LEGEND LIVE" as a promotional release for pachinko machines, that used Kumi's songs and videos. This was a 4th installment of such promotional release, but the first one to have original material on it other than new music videos for the older songs, meaning this release contained "Kimi Omoi", "SO FEVER" and "NEVER GIVE IT UP" and their respective music videos. Japan is wild. To this day two of the three songs aren't readily available for purchase or streaming and the compilation is going for a hefty sum on online auctions. Still, when it came to "Kimi Omoi", it was so popular with the Japanese fans but of course, that the track was released as a b-side to Kumi's 59th single "Shhh" and later even appeared as an album track on "W FACE ~inside~".

    It is... a Kumi ballad, for better or more likely for worse. It even boast Kuu's frequent balladier composer in Kuzuya Yoko. I find it quite nice actually and definitely not her worst, especially in this Part. Sound wise it's very standard with strings and piano, but the melodies are mostly great, especially in the verses. Although I could agree that at first the chorus can be a tad grating. It's one of the songs that can randomly come into my mind with its "anata ni~~~" hook while I'm going on about my day. I remember the first time it happened I had to search which song it was, because I couldn't remember, dddd. Guess it's the testament of its borderline facelessness?

    Lyrically this is about finding that one person and falling in love with them more and more to the point that even the feeling of missing them makes you fall for them even harder. It's pretty happy, I'd say.

    The word "eternity" is so simple,

    but will never become reality
    But if I'm with you, then this can be a real eternity
    (c) @otenkiame duh

    Looks like some of y'all are just old tough nuts to crack.

    @V3RYP05H (0) cracked open after I pressed a little bit, "Kimi Omoi suffers from both being the sole new track from FEVER: LEGEND LIVE I didn’t care for as it’s just another pretty faceless ballad (Kuu has a lot of ballads but some will have a certain structural quirk, vocal delivery, or flourish that I enjoy) and then being the only one upgraded to album track status from that pachinko EP (a popINjustice to me)." Yes, but a zero? A ZERO‽

    @otenkiame (5) didn't need any cracking as he provided the juicy woah! details himself, "Take out the winter sounds of the original and you get...this bland ballad. It's like "Stay with me" all over again. Like, seriously, I'm getting deja vu to the max with this. Years ago I would've loved this. Now I just find it to be another throw away duplicate of better songs of hers." Wait, wait, wait, hold up! What do you mean "the original"? Is this another case of you knowing something I don't?

    @Cutlery (6,5) is usually the one who's doing the cracking, "Some of these strained vocals..." Not as strained as some songs in this Part *wink wink*

    And finally to wide down our first elimination I've been here for hours so you're better get your whole goddamn life to this! @Weslicious (9), unlike the others, is just glad that this got some popjustice, "A classic Kumi big ballad. I’m glad this got to be on the album so we can stream." Looks like a bit too classic for the most.

    Despite the fabled status of a "fan favorite" I don't remember many performances of this one, but it did get a spot in the setlist of the "Best Single Collection" Tour.
  9. Even though it's kinda faceless and there's not a lot to grab onto, I was kind of impressed with the melody after listening? Though I do with the comment that she doesn't sound all that good in parts...

    There's worse ballads in the rate though, so let's get those out first, shall we?
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  10. I kind of liked that one! There's definitely much worse on the album. I'm looking at you, My Fun!
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  11. W FACE ~inside~ is such a fucking slog to get through I can't.
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  12. Last place with more than a third of the voters scoring above 7.5... not everyone has that.
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  13. I woke up and tried to play it in my head, but I couldn't remember how it sounded.
  14. Honey, I listened to it about ten times for the rate alone and while I enjoy it while it's on, I for the life of me can't remember a single moment of the song.
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  15. Listening to this for the first time now with this cut and a very pretty song, plus vocals are great! I do understand the faceless comments though...
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  16. Dddd, not the draggings after the elimination. We love to see it, the conversation, that is. Keep it going, fellow Kuuchies.

    I'm... shit at time management, so I don't have the time this beautiful Friday morning to make a proper elimination and every song hear that? every Kumi song! deserves one. So I'll be back to you with another one this evening. It's another ballad.
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  17. No problem! I also think it's My Fun, it's just hideous
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  18. I’m coming out of hiding just to comment on this rate. *Insert kissy face*

    And damn! A zero??? Like I don’t think much of “Kimi Omoi” obviously, but i didn’t expect that. The shade.
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  19. I know, right? I don't remember the last time there was a zero in a Kumi rate, dddd.
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