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The Lady Gaga Rate (#78)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Let me put a ballot together

  2. R27


    Sent! Made a few last minute score changes and I'm already starting to second guess some of my scores, but they're in at least.
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  3. Due to weather, college was closed tomorrow so I'm going to be spending my day recovering from a cold and getting this done.
    Thanks for the extension by the way @Subwaykid!
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  4. Oh thank god for the extension. This was basically me the last 3 days


    Lemme fire up the scoring machine and finish my last two rounds.
  5. Thanks for the extension, I need it.
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  6. They made some sense when physical copies made for a major part of album sales, and albums were made available in different parts of the world at different times, so a version of an album released a few months later and aimed at a different market might be slightly different. In The Fame's case, the original version was apparently rushed due to the release date being pushed forward. You can see more about the various editions here, I thought it was pretty interesting.
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  7. RJF


    Not you... not you...
  8. [​IMG]
    I can't find a captionless version of that gif.

    The Fame – 8,53

    The Fame Monster – 10,13
    Born This Way – 9,09
    ARTPOP – 7,27
    Joanne – 8,35
    A Star Is Born – 6,46
    Extras – 6,25

    A few edits to make in my commentaries and the ballot will be sent. Surprised my ARTPOP average isn't lower, though I might have been generous in my scores.
  9. It's on the UK version as a bonus track
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  10. Not with that 6.9 total average you've got. It be your own stans sometimes.

    Also, ahem,

  11. Just when you thought the limit had been reached.
  12. Averages:

    The Fame: 8.65
    The Fame Monster: 8.50
    Born This Way: 7.71
    ARTPOP: 8.00
    Joanne: 7.62
    A Star is Born: 7.31
    Extras: 8.00
    Cheek to Cheek: 8.00
    Westboro Baptist Church's Poker Face Parody: 11
    meowth wink.gif
  13. RJF


  14. I love that this thing is 30 pages long and we haven't even gotten to the eliminations yet.

    Finishing up Joanne and Artpop this afternoon, then my scores will be in.

  15. The limit won't be reached until @Music Is Life posts his averages.
  16. Wait.
    I won't have a 10+ average for The Fame Monster.
    They're not all 10s for me.
    Damn you @Petit nain des Îles!
  17. Suddenly, @Music Is Life is me.
  18. I wish I saw this was happening earlier. I’ll definitely follow along though!
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  19. Apparently.
    I hope I still manage to have the highest ARTPOP average at least.
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  20. You’ve got until about Wednesday night to get it done if you’d like!
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