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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. "Gypsy" hasn't aged well. I have however had a few experiences playing it on a car aux with people who've never heard it before and it does go off in that setting. It's an itch-scratcher, the kind of song we wish Gaga had more of, and one of her most melodically satisfying album tracks; but it's not top-tier Gaga as a whole for me. It can leave soon for me, along with "The Cure."
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  2. I Like It Rough - 10. This has always been one of my favourite GAGA songs. On the surface the chorus suggests it's about rough sex. But to me she's saying she can only enjoy a relationship when it's painful or difficult, and this person is making her think about why she feels like this. My favourite lyric is 'I'm a hard girl, lovin' me's like chewing on pearls.'
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  3. I Like it Rough, Dance in the Dark and Heavy Metal Lover are like a trilogy lyrically and sonically. I could write a thesis on why
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  4. Most faceless? That would be Stupid Love, darling.

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  5. RMK


    Neither song is faceless, but The Cure does have that classic Gaga chorus.
  6. I can't even choose between "The Cure" and "Stupid Love" as the more faceless song.
    It's probably "The Cure", since it was basically created at the same sessions as "Heal Me" and "Hair Body Face" - two of her most generic songs.
  7. The Cure sounds even more gorgeous now than it did when it was released to be honest.
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  8. I thought the Cure was a random song she released in honour of Sonya borne out of no particular session.

    I was so disappointed it was about that smelly oaf Jackson Maine
  9. Much like myself, Gypsy is an absolute slapper.

    Top 20 please.
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  10. I remember listening to Artpop for the first time and, after the God's test of the run from Swine to Dope, being finally revived by Gypsy's post-chorus. It lost a bit of its shine since then but it's still very solid.
  11. 31.

    Diamond Heart

    average 8.06
    Highest: 10 x 16 (@RJF @Petty Mayonnaise @Music Is Life @heavymetalGAGA @aaronhansome @Remorque @Aidan @Ashling92 @Lila @soratami @VitaminBee @R92 @Alenko @UncleDeSeanAli @Phonetics Boy @MrMannacroix)
    Lowest: 4 x 3 (@dancingwithmyself @Dijah. @Aester)

    And Joanne loses another forum fave. Gaga's gone over the early days of her career...a lot, but this feels like the first time she's sung about it in such explicit detail rather than wrapped up halfway between fantasy and reality. A bold opener to Her Most Personal Album Yet, this held steady the rockier, anthemic Gaga of eras past while charting fresh ground conceptually.

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  12. Before Gypsy, GUY, and The Cure?? The STENCH.
  13. R27


    We as a collective did Diamond Heart wrong.
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  14. Man I LOVE "Diamond Heart."

    She's channeled Springsteen in the past, but on "Heart" she finally writes HER Springsteen song.

    You haven't lived until you've blasted this blazing down the highway.
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  15. And here's your top 30. The sheer dominance of The Fame Monster and Born This Way. The A Star is Born track aside, I think it's fairly bulletproof? I would probably switch out GUY and John Wayne for some personal favorites but those aside y'all managed to get most of the essentials in there. I'll do the Top 20 by album but I can't guarantee there'll be many of those left by the time we reach it xx


    Two of these tracks are actually in the same order they're eliminated. Let's guess which.​
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  16. I feel like "LoveGame" and "Marry The Night" will be eliminated back-to-back.
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  17. I'm guessing The Cure and Dancin' in Circles.
  18. Except Marry The Night is likely in the Top 10 and LoveGame in the Top 20?
  19. There's not a song in that top 30 that makes me go, "This should have gone ages ago", so I'm really happy! I suppose the only song that makes me feel nothing looking at the top 30 is The Cure, but I don't hate it.
  20. The Cure has truly outstayed it's welcome.
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