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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Like, my lowest scores left are around the 7+ mark (with the exception of 'Always...) but we're down to the real meat of the rate here and I said what I said.

    Teebs, I know I should have probably thrown 'G.U.Y' in there but I lowkey had a wee renaissance with it last Summer that filtered through to my scores.
  2. All of my remaining scores have been 7+ since "ARTPOP" was eliminated.
    The songs I would like to see leave before top 20 are:
    The Cure (lowest remaining score with a 7,25)
    Gypsy (don't get the fuss about this one)
    Do What U Want (never was a big fan of it, even though it's really good)
    Government Hooker (a bit surprised to see this one among my lowest remaining scores because it's a very interesting song, guess I didn't come back to it enough)

    Apart from these four songs, everything is in the 8+ region (and "Monster" is next on the 'chopping block' with an 8).
  3. Y'all laughed at me. Government Hooker and Dancing in Circles ASAP. I don't love the others but don't care where they end up.
  4. Now that's a 10.
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  5. Justice for "Nothing On (But the Radio)", "Trigger", "Let Love Down", "Panty Party", "No Way", "The Second Time Around", "Freakshow", "Shut Up" "Out Of Control", "Oh Baby" etc. etc. etc.

    Perhaps an unreleased songs/demos mini rate is an option?
  6. I'd love to do this! Also possibly include Vanity and Fashion.
  7. Of course these two count! All of the unreleased songs that are available should be included.
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  8. Fixed.
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  9. I hope that y'all's prostitution doesn't work and "Government Hooker" stays around until the end.
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  10. Poor Diamond Heart.

    GUY needs to go, after that I have no idea what should leave. Maybe LoveGame.
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  11. I love ‘So Happy I Could Die’ but I fear its days will be numbered soon with some of the questionable taste choices on display.
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  12. So Happy I Could Die is top 15 material surely.
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  13. So Happy I Could Die used to be in my Gaga top 10 but it fell as time went by but I still love it so dearly, it gives such a fuzzy, warm feeling and makes me nostalgic for times gone by.
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  14. So Happy I Could Die is a top 15 or top 10 for sure.

    Add in Future Love (Studio Version), Dirty Ice Cream, Wonderful, Retro-Physical, Sexy Ugly, Ribbons Brooklyn Nights and Cake Like Lady Gaga of course.

    I've also sent in a score for Stupid Love, Stupid Luvers.
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  15. Unfortunately, there isn't a "Future Love" studio version available (and a few things suggest that it was never even recorded in a studio), but the live version is good enough.
    Also: "New York", "Fooled Me Again", "Filthy Pop", "We Are Plastic", "Glitter and Grease", "Shake Your Kitty", "Rockshow" etc. are more than fitting.

    And "Cake Like Lady Gaga" is probably my least favorite song by her.
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  16. I think I have one, no? Or it is an insanely good clean-up from a live. It might be tagged.
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  17. 'Sexxx Dreams' is one of her absolute best, can't believe there are calls for it to go!
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  18. Okay but we need someone to host the rate.
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  19. Oh my god, are we really rating Stupid Love too? I’m sending my score.

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  20. This went past my mind yesterday, maybe I can host it, huh?
    It would've been a nice introduction to how hosting a rate works before my No Doubt discography rate and a perfect opportunity to revisit (perhaps get familiar with) Lady Gaga's unreleased music/rarities. If anyone else is interested, maybe co-hosting is a better option?
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