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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. 29.


    average 8.09
    Highest: 11 x 4 (@Petty Mayonnaise @ohnostalgia @R92 @Guy) 10 x 19 (@aaronhansome @yeRleDanaL @Phonetics Boy @UncleDeSeanAli @Alenko @elektroxx @Sprockrooster @DJHazey @MrMannacroix @Trouble in Paradise @Lindsay Lohan @Ashling92 @Slice of Life @sfmartin @KingBruno @Remorque @Laurence @eliminathan @heavymetalGAGA)
    Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Ana Raquel)

    The poppers are rotting your brains. A song that's been in the making since she included the Joanne penned poem in the liner notes of The Fame. This exploration of generational trauma was essential to her discography and, judging by some of the things she's said since, her life. The scene where she plays this for her grandmother in Five Foot Two is probably one of my favorite things she's involved in. The 3 different reactions to grief on display, with her father having to leave the room, Gaga choking back tears, and the grandmother, who has had her own time to grieve, finding it nice but, y'know, a little maudlin. It was raw and genuine when they could've easily gone for a more tear tugging approach. Any complaints I had about the vocal take on the album track were quickly squashed with the tender, affecting piano version which later snagged her a Grammy. It's also a bit of a moment live so I'd hope it remains a staple of her shows.

  2. R92


  3. Haha, yeah it's Symmetra from Overwatch, a fan-art version of her I found online.
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  4. Where do you think you're going indeed.
  5. RJF


    Dance-pop rots gays' brains.
  6. Well a 5 is a 5...
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  8. RMK


    I could've done with a few spots higher, but the placement is perfect. It isn't top twenty Gaga, so.
  9. The hell are Venus and G*ps* still doing here over these ballads
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  10. Also?

    I felt that.
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  11. shut up you brainrotted Selena Gomez stan we're still grieving
  12. Joanne is Top Ten Gaga, but that was too much to expect from this ballad hating forum.
  13. R92


    Y’all don’t deserve a chorus for doing Joanne this wrong.
  14. WAIT. I swear I gave this a 10. Ballad hating motherfuckers.
  15. Sad!
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  16. Ballad haters are really ruining this rate.
  17. Joanne's me is very strong and I'd rate it high just based on the chorus. I
    After Joanne's elimination I thought that You and I was the ballad winner. But it's already gone. I'm so surprised, i thought everyone loved this song, am I delusional? Is this not a huge fan favourite?
  18. "GUY" lasted longer than "Joanne?!?!"

    Really. Really?
  19. Oh hell. I thought I cut this. It was basically a running joke in my commentary where whenever I got bored I'd just go listen to Norman Fucking Rockwell instead. I cut it for being self-indulgent and also shit. Which ironically is exactly how I feel about Always Remember Us This Way. But couldn't be bothered to even look at the ASIB commentary.

    But anyway, why did you do that to Joanne.
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