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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. 28.

    The Cure

    average 8.23
    Highest: 10 x 21 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Laurence @Music Is Life @K94 @Remorque @aux @Mr Blonde @Conan @Lindsay Lohan @Andrew.L @tylerc904 @roborovsky @GimmeWork @AllGagaLike @Alenko @elektroxx @Jwentz @UncleDeSeanAli @yeRleDanaL @Phonetics Boy Me)
    Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Verandi)


    Ah, we love a drop with a chorus. Despite the criticisms of trend chasing or GP pandering, this manages to keep the warmth and conceptual songwriting that Gaga has built a career on. Imagine what would happen if she ever strayed from that? Gee I hope we never find out!

    Lets! Mostly for the Chainsmokers drag, eh

    Not the result hyperlink for The Cure redirecting to the Chained To The Rhythm elimination. The 2013 stan wars continue.​

  2. I heard The Cure in Target yesterday and then I bought a "booty mask"!
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  3. Sonja's actual feature on GUY beating both songs dedicated to her, whew! Immortalised Talent!
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  4. The Cure is cute but that's about it. I'm glad nothing else came out of it.

    That said, I've always had a soft spot for the lyrics.
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  5. I can’t believe Joanne was so close to beating The Cure. I hate it.
  6. Dancing In Circles making it this far tho. The definition of her?.gif
  7. RMK


    Dancin' In Circles deserves top thirty placement. It's definitely on par with 'The Cure', so I'd assume it's next or coming up shortly.
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  8. The Cure is a tight, little gem that has held up extremely well. It deserved to last this long and to outlast all of A Star Is Born/most of Joanne.
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  9. The Soccer Moms came through but it was not enough.
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  10. Is GUY still in this? That has to go soon.
  11. I've never loved "The Cure", but it is a quite good song on its own.
    The main issue I have with it is how damn generic and 'of its time' it sounds, which is especially mind-boggling when it comes to Gaga. Really don't get what she thinking when releasing it as a stand-alone single. It's undoubtly the template for the 'pop Ally' songs from "A Star Is Born" (mostly "Heal Me" and "Hair Body Face") and has that 'drop' which is a bit off-putting for me. Of course, that basic pop sound is well received here and it's reasonable why it went this far.
    She sure sounds amazing on the song and the chorus is good, so I gave it a 7,25.

    Anyways, it should've left about 20-30 eliminations ago.
  12. Just need Monster to vacate now and everything else is 9+, we love to see it.
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  13. R27


    Gypsy is becoming increasingly out of its depth. The last three songs are all as emotionally moving as "Gypsy" (if not more so) and are not bogged down by garish 2013 production choices.
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  14. These past three eliminations are being too good for my taste. I expect the rest of my 10s just leaving right now until the top 20.
  15. I think 'Joanne' is the closest Gags has come to sounding like Stevie Nicks, especially on the second verse.
  16. Forgot to mention how epic this artwork is, @Subwaykid - so hilarious!

    "Summerboy" is a really a delightful song and I didn't expect so many of the voters to love it, which is great.
    It's obviously inspired by Gwen and no wonder appealed to a lot of you. I gave it an 8,5 and consider it one of the stronger album tracks, but rarely come back to it for some reason.
    Didn't expect it to reach top 40 eafter seeing how the rest of "The Fame" tracks was treated, but I'm glad it did.

    Along with "Summerboy", these songs round up the 'Gwen Stefani Germanotta' trinity:

    Also, these two will be included in the potential 'Lady Gaga unreleased' rate (if there's any interest) #promo
    @Music Is Life, they can be a taste test, since you expressed interest in participating.
  17. Boooooopppssss.
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  18. You're in for a treat, then.
    I've already downloaded and compiled all the songs that could appear (about 50-60) and even started making some artworks.
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  19. Ddddd don't forget to request to be added to the rate queue.
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  20. I was planning to, but am afraid there won't be enough interest.
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