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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. "LoveGame" deserved Top 20.

    Also, am I alone in wanting a piano ballad version of "Gypsy"?
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  2. LoveGame almost clicked after the SNL performance but the studio version just never grabbed me. It leaves me a little cold.

    There is this version.
  3. Gypsy is a gorgeous song. I find it rather touching.

    As for LoveGame, I was first going to say "it has not aged" well, but I think it's just me who has moved on some that kind of sound. I'm also surprised people are describing it as a "sexy" song - I've always considered it more as "funny" and "weird", but I know that's probably just me.
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  4. Gypsy getting SIX 11's? You love to see it, not everybody has that.

    Deserved higher than some of the other stuff left though. I'm glad it made top 25 but it's the best thing on Artpop and should be ranked accordingly.

    Shout out to @Lila for being my 11 twin in both the Taylor rate and here, taste.
  5. GUY taking Gypsy and LoveGame. I am transferring to the anti-GUY camp too.
  6. GUY
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  7. Gypsy (are you crying yet?) by @IMHO is my most listened ARTPOP demo / edit, after the MANiCURE (corrected Swinefest edit).

    G.U.Y. was one of my most listened tracks in 2019... No idea what happened.
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  8. GUY is phenomenal.
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  9. Love Game barely deserves Top 30 and that's all that in that.
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  10. I used the hate GUY, but now I listen often. I think she sounds off her rocker on what was supposed to be a straightforward song. She sounds delirious and it's great
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Imagine 11'ing anything from ARTPOP oop
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  12. That bridge though! WHEW!

    I don’t need to be on top to know I’m worth it
    'Cause I'm strong enough to know the truth
    I just want it to be hot
    Because I’m best when I’m in love, and I’m in love with you
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  13. I thought LoveGame would’ve been a safe top 20.
  14. Team 'ican'tbelievei'mtellingyouthisbuti'vehadacoupledrinksandhrhrhromg' for top ARTPOP track.

    If it's Do What PDFile Wants, Imma be sąd. ..
  15. What a weird Top 4 from ARTPOP. The other three can go anytime as long as Applause gets that Top 5.

    Poor LoveGame which should've been Top 15.
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  16. Do What U Want, Sexxx Dreams and Just Dance can go next.
    But I swear, if Perfect Illusion doesn't make it to the Top 10, taste is lacking.

  17. I could give at least three 11s!
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  18. I've always loved the Robot to Mars remix of LoveGame, probably even more than the original.
  19. LoveGame is pure pop heaven to me.
    I loved it from the minute I bought The Fame I remember thinking WOAHHH when it played. The intro just grabbed me!
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  20. Just caught up.... and... none of this is going well. My 11 is still in so I can't be furious but genuinely shocked at some of these elims.. Venus, Love Game, Joanne, Americano..etc

    I should have expected this foolishness after Shallow's overrated ass somehow sneaked its way into the top 40.
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