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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Paparazzi is absolutely the best song off The Fame though.
  2. Bad romance has got this in the bag right?
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  3. Oh god, one of my lasting memories was trying to find a working link for the 'Telephone' video when it leaked.
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  4. If it's not top 3 I will destroy you heauxs
  5. Telephone is a great song but I've always thought it was lacking on the collaboration aspect. Bey does her verse and... that's it. Why isn't she contributing vocals to the later choruses?

    It's a nitpick sure but... It's top 10, the time for nitpicks is now.
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  6. @Subwaykid Please update your results on page 1, they're still left at 23.
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  7. I wish I had participated in this rate dd, but I’ve been perched here. The results have been a kii so far. Telephone in Gaga’s all time Top 10....really girls?

    The Edge of Glory or Paparazzi for the win please!
  8. Considering some of these results, maybe it's best if they're not updated on page 1.
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  9. Bad Romance winning would obviously be extremely well deserved, but I'd love a surprise winner.
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  10. I think my only 10 left is Alejandro, but a surprise win like Dance In The Dark would be cute too!
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She does come back to roar the ‘stop telephoning me, I’m busy’ after Gaga though
  12. That does not a chorus make.
  13. I don't think Telephone deserved to be this high but it was such a *moment* so I'm not mad at it.
  14. ‘Bad Romance’ fully deserves the top spot but from my remaining 10s I’m rooting for ‘Paparazzi’ the most.
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  15. "Bad Romance", "Alejandro", "Paparazzi" and "Dance in the Dark" are my remaining 10's (and 11) and any of them would've been a fantastic winner. Really hoping that they all make it to the top 5, where they belong.
  16. My 11 is still here. I am getting at the point it needs to triumph unexpectedly like what happened when Paparazzi suddenly won that rate.
  17. I would predict Bad Romance to win but I'm rooting for Marry the Night to take it.
  18. The 'continuation' of this rate arrived a bit earlier...

    It's here! (click/tap on the photo)
  19. 7. Paparazzi
    6. Dance In The Dark
    5. Alejandro
    4. Scheiße
    3. The Edge Of Glory
    2. Bad Romance
    1. Marry The Night
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  20. As an Artpop apologist I was a bit annoyed throughout the results but the remaining songs are all perfect so it is what it is at this point
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