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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Whew, here are my averages:
    The Fame: 9.22 (Highest: 7x10s, Lowest: 1x6.5)
    The Fame Monster: 9.625 (Highest: 1x11, 6x10s, Lowest: 1x6.75)
    Born This Way: 9.65 (Highest: 10x10s, Lowest: 1x8.5)
    ARTPOP: 9.68 (Highest: 9x10s, Lowest: 1x8.75)
    Joanne: 9.46 (Highest: 5x10s, Lowest: 2x8.5s)
    A Star Is Born: 9.23 (Highest: 4x10s, Lowest: 1x8)
    The Rest: 9.33 (Highest: 2x10s, Lowest: 1x8.5)

    Oof so close to 100.
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  2. Let's get Manicure out first then.
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  3. I scored specifically so this wouldn’t happen, sweets.
  4. MANiCURE is a good song and nowhere near the bad stuff on Artpop
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  5. 99 voters is amazing. I don't think I'd ever taken part in a rate with that many, aside from the BPG ones.
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  6. 89.


    Music To My Eyes
    (average: 4.46)
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@PushyBakerFriend)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 3 (@Mirwais Ahmadza, happiestgirl, @Cundy)

    Even a perfect score from Kiefer's missing votes wouldn't save this one. Uneventful and easily overshadowed by some of the other understated moments on this soundtrack. Y'all weren't really here for it either, barely receiving any votes above the 6 range, a ton of 3 orlower scores kept this towards the bottom throughout voting. There wasn't much to say about it either, which, I can't blame you.
    "So gross and cheesy from the first line. Even Gaga coming in before 1:42 couldn't save this" @daninternational sums up. @R27 calls it "Painfully inoffensive" and @jtm agrees "I was wondering if she was going to start singing at some point. A bit on the boring side". @Sprockrooster calls it "A drag". "
    I mean... Wutthafeckesthes is literally Bradley's voice put into words. These points are for Gaga's performance.@Remorque grants it a 4 anyway. @Phonetics Boy kicks off misandryJustice "Bradley's so damn corny." "I would appreciate it with a different male singer. I don’t think Bradley’s voice meshes well with Gaga’s." – @Petit nain des Îles says. Tell that to the two Oscar noms they got for the soundtrack, sweaty. Let's close out with @Laurence "This is just not it, bye."

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  7. sis you know i like you but i won't tolerate this manicure slander!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. The right song left first.
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  9. ddd honestly if you had asked me when ARTPOP dropped, or a year or two after what I thought of Manicure, I would have told it was offensively shit. But returning it for this rate it is... not bad? The hooks and melodies are there, although the vocals/production/lyrics are a bit too cheesy. I wont be seeking it out anytime soon but it has aged more gracefully than the likes of Donatella or Mary Jane Holland are the truly disastrous Swine.
  10. HOW is the second half of Joanne still in this
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  11. Manicure is a stone cold bop and one of the few bright spots on Artpop.

    Great first elimination.
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  12. Music To My Eyes always starts off with me wanting to skip but if I can make it past that first part, their harmonies together are lovely.
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  13. K94


    I actually scored A Star Is Born but forgot to send it

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  14. Ddd I don’t see my name on the list of voters...
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  15. Music to My Eyes is fucking atrocious.

    And again...

    You shady whore ddddd.
  16. Yeah I agree with this, parts of it are actually lovely. And as you'll all find out, turns out I really enjoy a lot of Gaga's acoustic and slow stuff.

    That said, I have no real strong feelings about it leaving first.
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  17. I don't even remember how the proper version of MANiCURE goes as I've been listening to mixes and edits since it premiered. But somewhere there is a good song.
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  18. Great numbers, and great start to the eliminations. Does having this many participants mean the results will be more predictable fair?
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  19. I tanked this shit in the BPG rate and happy to tank it again. Absolutely abysmal, saccharine, lyrically horrible trash.
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  20. I just copy-pasted my A Star Is Born scores from the BPG rate and made some small adjustments because I could not be assed to listen to it again.
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