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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. I just copy-pasted my A Star Is Born scores from the BPG rate and made some small adjustments because I could not be assed to listen to it again.
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  2. There actually are a couple of gems on the soundtrack, let's get that straight, shall we?

    So all this talk about not wanting to listen again, because it didn't do well in one of the Big Pop Girl Rates is nonsense.
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  3. I gave 'Music To My Eyes' a 5. The first minute is awful but it gets better.
  4. Whoops! Your scores are there I must’ve just missed your name while jotting down the voters. So that brings us to 100 siren_emoji.gif.

    Second elimination incoming.
  5. I’m surprised nothing from Cheek To Cheek had left first
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  6. Anything Goes is honestly quite enjoyable. The other one can go anytime though.
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  7. Her vocals on Lush Life are beautiful though
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  8. Music to My Eyes was ranked #89 for me with 1/10, Diggin' My Grave was also that low and should go next.
  9. Both Cheek to Cheek cuts are... acceptable.
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  10. Ooh, it's already started.

    And 100 voters? That's an amazing number!

    Not the song I thought would leave first, but I couldn't care less about it. Like @R27 said, it's really inoffensive and bland.
    I gave "Music to My Eyes" a 6,25 and my commentary for it is:
    I forgot how this song goes. Listening to it again, it's really pleasant, but a bit boring. The 70's vibe is a great thing and I love the harmonisation they do near the end. Maybe there's too much Bradley here, because Gaga shines much more.

    You received my commentary @Subwaykid, right?
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  11. Did anyone suggest otherwise? It has her best and worst ballads.
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  12. I mean, I remember the songs well enough so I felt I didn't need to re-listen to it, plus it's the last thing I'd choose when I want to listen to Gaga.
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  13. fff I did and even have it in my text document. Lemme organize it a bit better tonight so I don’t miss anyone else.

    It is a shame people didn't relisten as some time away could change opinions for the better or worse, but I won't be a stickler either way since Gaga's taken a break from her own music as well. Buy Haus Labs on Amazon now!
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  14. I never said anyone was suggesting anything. Just expressing my opinion about the album.

    However, what I was saying is that it's a shame some people didn't give a bit of their time again as I definitely enjoyed some of it more than I did a year ago...
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  15. 88.

    Jewels n' Drugs
    (average 4.56)
    Highest Score: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Aidan )
    Lowest Score: 0 x 4 (@Seventeen Days, @AlmightyAloud, @CasuallyCrazed, @Petty Mayonnaise)

    This one outlived it's welcome even at #88, huh? Pegged from the start as an early casualty, with Gaga essentially serving as a hook girl (it's no Chillin' innit?) and a slew of male rappers that aren't even very PJ friendly, this had it's work cut out for it. Again, can't say I blame you for the low scores. It was a bit exhilarating during the iTunes Festival if only because of the sheer bewilderment I had watching this unfold ("from across the pond: T.I.! They wouldn't let him into the country poor thing!") but hasn't exactly earned it's place in the Gaga canon since. Though @Jwentz had "good pussy in the passenger seat" fumbling around my brain for weeks after scoring started. Impact.

    Some of you were less empathetic to the aforementioned feature. "This is not good, and T.I’s recent misogynistic fuckery makes it even easier to give this low points" @Ashling92. " "This sounds right off a mid-00’s pop rap album and, while I appreciate it and Twista delivers it as usual, it sounds quite out of place which throws me off. Knowing recent events, I wish T.I’s part was replaced by another verse from the former though dd." @Petit nain des Îles. "I don't recall this at all from the time, but I actually like it. Shame TI has joined the problematic crew" - @daninternational.​

    It did have some stans, kind of, like @Phonetics Boy! "I always get my entire life and frankly am confused by people who somehow treat this like a low point of the album. Meh." "This'll be one of the first outs and that's that. I don't entirely dislike it though." this prescience @Remorque! "You lot better not do this dirty. A fever dream way before its time. Half a dozen features? Production somewhere between trap and opera? Charlie Xtra could never" says @Stradiwhovius, playing with fire. "I still stan. Gaga doing messy hiphop is a mood." - @Sprockrooster says after giving it full marks. @Laurence also stans the iTunes Fest: "What an hot mess. I love the chorus of course, and nice that there are rappers there. That live version of it with the across the pond was a kii. The track is not bad, it goes OK, but if rap is not your thing, I get that." Mess got thrown around a lot to describe this one. ARTPOP! "Yes Gaga’s parts are utterly ridiculous, but they are also wildly entertaining. Also, the guest verses are actually pretty strong. It's a mess, but not a terrible mess." @R27. "I love this song. Fight me." @Aidan thumps his chest. Maybe for your Bad Romance score. Meet me in the JC Penney parking lot at 6! @Untouchable Ace informs me there's a solo version which must not have a lot going on? Twista is essential! "Now that I have the solo version even with the open instrumentals, that's all I need".​

    "Don't want this. Unlistenable trash." ouch @sfmartin. "Lovely. A song I would expect on the low cost debut of a singer with 1.5 hit singles. Gaga channeling her inner Ava Max" says @jtm. Ava Max WISHES she could be feature #57 on this. @FresherThanYou says "Not a tragic song, but not what I come to Gaga for unfortunately". @Alenko muses about life in general: "I don't mind it that much but there just wasn't enough Gaga on it for me". Was the 3rd time a charm for @Ana Raquel? "This is the third time in my WHOLE life listening to this song: the first one was when I listened to the album, the second one in a album rate in another forum". They gave it a 6.

    Let's finish with some drags, of course: @Seventeen Days says "If I could give this track a negative score, I would. I honestly don’t know what on earth she was thinking with this crap du jour." and I will not take that Sam bait. I'll let @Maki have the last word since sis didn't get any last elimination. "Oh, this one. I've always had a certain aversion towards it, and still do. Just... why she decided to put this on this album? Completely out of place, which makes it stand out for all the wrong reasons. The hook is so annoying (the actual chorus is somewhat pleasant) that it's a pity for the Gaga's verse, which is actually great and reminded me of her "The Fame" melodies and delivery. It's messy for no reason and rapping is another downside of this song. The production saves it from receiving an even lower score. It goes without saying that this is my least favorite track from this album."

    That fucking wig
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  16. I'm just celebrating my baby Again and Again being at least top 87.

    Though if I see any Joanne cuts aside from like Come To Mama before top 40, then I suppose...
    Let's be honest though, that'll happen regardless ddd
  17. Y'all are wrong for that. Jewels n' Drugs slaps, and there are several other songs that should have been eliminated first.
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  18. That song always sounded so bizarre on a Lady Gaga album and even more so with the additions to her discography. Gave it a 4.5 and ranked it #77.
  19. Yes. So why am I the only one with a 10?!
  20. Agreed. The only Joanne song that should go early on.
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