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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. I gave Jewels n' Drugs a 2. I was feeling generous. But the best bit is the first 4 seconds.
  2. It's a shame there's nobody to believe in her :(
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  3. Oop, so you did. Fixed x.
  4. I gave Jewels n’ Drugs a 3, I was probably being a bit generous because there’s nothing redeemable about that piece of mess

    Come to Mama to leave next please
  5. Y’all better stop coming for Mama

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  6. Come to Mama isn't even the worst song on Joanne (it's the second worst)
  7. And what’s the worst, precious?
  8. Yes, this is a perfect elimination.
    I gave it a 5, mainly because of Gaga's verse, and it's my second lowest score in the entire rate. She really didn't need that song on any album. The rap is not my thing, either.
    You know I love you, Sprocky, but what is this?
    It's a bit mind boggling to see someone give this a 9 or 10.

    Also, I listened to it while reading the write-up, and had a hard time because it's so distracting and annoying.
    And this all is coming from someone who loves "Swine".

    I'm quite surprised that any of the two jazz songs wesn't eliminated first, especially "Lush Life".
  9. Hey Girl. It's not awful, but it's just so mediocre. A Gaga and Florence duet should have been so much better than that.
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  10. Out of all songs, you are already calling "Come to Mama"?
    Okay, it's not even among my favorites from the album, but it shouldn't leave anytime soon.

    I agree. It's my least favorite from that album, too, but still has some moments that I love. The production is amazing.
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  11. That I-tunes performance cemented my love for it. Normally a style I would not listen to often too, but Gaga makes it so messy I can't help but stan.
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  12. I don't even want to say what my next lowest Joanne scores are after Come to Mama because I know they're popular, but I still gave them a 7.
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  13. There are... a handful of worse songs than Come to Mama on Joanne. Y'all gonna cape for Grigio Girls?
  14. When people dismiss or refuse to listen to ASIB I always assume it's because they think it all sounds like Music To My Eyes.

    Two songs gone and neither of them are jazz though? Come on!
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  15. Jewels n Drugs eliminated - DESERVED. I would've liked it to go first but this is fine.
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  16. How dare you? Not when

    So we'll turn on a bachelorette
    Dye Ashley's hair red
    And then we'll have our sixth
    Spice Girl in this bitch

    is the peak of recorded music.
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  17. Dope is worse than Jewels and Drugs, to be honest.
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  18. Told y'all it would be one of the first outs.
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  19. Oh good, I don't hate Grigio Girls but losing it relatively early won't kill me either.
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