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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. A zero then a two? I can live with it.
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  2. Absolutely.
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  3. Grigio Girls is a moment. It's one of my highest scores.
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  4. Catching up and people are already shading Hey Girl? I wanna fight. Jewels n' Drugs didn't deserve to be thrown out this early either, but T.I. can choke so I'm not mad... yet.
  5. Actually I would have no problem with this either. Just Another Day and Come to Mama are my clear bottom two of the album.
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  6. Oh no. I love the '80s Billy Joel-ness of Just Another Day and Come to Mama.
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  7. Yes
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  8. Everybody want that money what you want
    High as hell trying to have some fucking fun

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  9. Well I for one didn't give anything a 0 or 1. Not even Come to Mama.
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  10. The Come to Mama hatred is unwelcome. It's a cute song.
  11. Twista going in warp speed breaking atoms
    Blowing O.G. has got me creating antimatter
    Let her pop it and smoke on it with me now
    I got her because she ready to party and then
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Both are complete shit.
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  13. When you give me k-kisses
    When I'm your lover and your mistress
    When you touch me, it's so delicious
    Baby, when you tear me to pieces
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  14. I only got into ARTPOP recently for this rate, but Jewels n’ Drugs was one of the standouts (for all the right reasons), so I’m a bit surprised with all the hate. Swine was also a standout but that seems to be disliked by many too.
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  15. K94


    I see Jewels and Drugs is still too ahead of its time for some people!
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  16. WAIT I've forced myself to give a 1 to Dope and a couple of others because I thought zeros weren't allowed nn
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  17. Dope can go anytime. It's a well written enough song, but Christ those vocals are unlistenable.
  18. I can't tell if y'all stanning the Christmas song is ironic or not. It's...not good.
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  19. The operatic element throughout Jewels N' Drugs is pretty great, and the production slaps quite a bit, and her verse is an extreme highlight. But it is the worst song on ARTPOP so I'm happy about it being gone, I just wish a couple other songs went before it.

    Music To My Eyes is...cute. I like the production and Bradley sounds nice enough, but I think it'd be better if it was just Gaga. I think there are worse songs that could have gone first, but I'm not surprised or upset it ended up being this one.
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  20. Spotify informed me today that my most played track of 2016 was 'Santa Tell Me'... so you best bet we can be as festive as we want to be on this pink hellscape, OH YES WE CAN.

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