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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. take my hand, stay @aaronhansome
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  2. I feel like I underrated "Grigio Girls" cause I really hadn't touched it since release until this rate and it's just continued to grow on me since my returning to it. Hope all my fellow Wine Mom's support will keep it around for a while!
  3. jewels n drugs may be atrocious, but the gaga solo at 2:15 is gaggy. I gave it a 3 just for that...
  4. 87.

    Anything Goes
    (average: 4.72)
    Highest Score: (10 x 1 @Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Score (0 x 2 @happiestgirl, @Mr Blonde)

    And we've got our first jazz cut! Seeing how far these would go was really what I was interested in and ya'll didn't disappoint. This got a slew of scores 5 and below with the occasional 7 or 8 keeping it barely afloat. I actually like jazz but Gaga's style is... not for me. I tend to find she over sings it a bit and it comes across as very "I'm a real singer!" but, hey, it worked so what do I know? @Laurence has similar thoughts "Anything goes indeed, I don't like this at all... Well, glad she got the critics on board with this project but glad it's over and there's no part 2 announced yet". "This definitely exists. It’s over before you know it anyway" @Petit nain des Îles assures us, which is the opposite of how the Cheek 2 Cheek era felt, teebs. @R27 has a grand vision "Imagine if this had an ARTPOP style bass drop. Would it be terrible? Maybe. Okay, probably, but it would certainly because this more interesting and memorable.". Yas Tony turn up the bass. @daninternational sounds a bit despondent when he writes "I've avoided these albums completely, until now". You're welcome. "I've heard this album once and really had no motivation to go back to it. I'm not a big fan of jazz, so that explains it. It's obvious why Lady Gaga decided to do this, since it's something very close to her and really suits her. This is a pleasant cover, but not something I would seek for." @Maki says. Did you know she's been singing jazz since she was 13? Tony was the first person to know that! "Ok boomers" @Phonetics Boy says in response. @Alenko makes me seethe with jealousy when they tell me "I never listened to Jazz before but this crazy woman made me even go to her Jazz show so there's that. Get that Grammy. It's a cute song". Lowkey I'd rather go to the Jazz show than Enigma, at least the wigs are better. @jtm likes the occasional jazz show too I guess " I like listening to jazz sometimes, but this is a very bland song". @strangekin didn't submit commentary but did say he "100% deadass listened" to the jazz songs and I'm not sure I believe any of you did.

    Despite this crashing and burning from the start of the rate, not all of you hated her jazzercise. @Remorque responds to all that commentary with: "Say what you want about Cheek to Cheek, but I actually enjoy it from time to time when I'm feeling my jazzy oats. It was just something she had to get out of her system, I guess... Their voices go wonderfully well together too." And @RJF nods in agreement as he zings AND spills tea "Standard? More like substandard. Kiis aside... it's just unnecessary? Although Tony has more vocal chemistry with Gagger than Miss Bradley at least." When's THAT ASIB remake happening? His BPG co-host (seriously is that happening, Lover feat. Mr. Subwaykid is awaiting my 11) @Laura Vanderbooben says "I love this show so why not toss a nice score its way since I know it's gonna be ripped to shreds anyway lmao" and it was! @Seventeen Days stans "I know most stans aren’t huge fans of her jazz phase, but I actually quite like her voice on this."

    I'm going to close out with a lovely passage from @Sprockrooster, who gave it a 10: "My late grandmother made me acquainted with jazz music and this was a great bridge between our musical tastes. She could now appreciate Gaga, like I did. A rare common ground in music that previously was shared with only some of Christina's back to basics-tracks. Before my grandmother passed away she suffered from dementia, but it was music that would give her the clearest of minds. When she struggled to remember who I was and I put on this album she seemed to remember me again. So we chanted along and though it could feel as forcing a memory for me, it also felt natural at the same time. Dementia is honestly a torture for the people around you and it will always be part of the last things you remember of a person. But it is those forced memories which feel natural that trumps it in the end. In general I can't not think of my grandmother when listening to jazz music, so I thank Gaga to make it a bit more accessible for me."

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  5. I know it probably makes me horribly uncultured but I fucking hate jazz, so good riddance.
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  6. anything goes deserved better.
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  7. A Star Is Born <3
  8. @Subwaykid you are so right about the over singing. I actually enjoy Anything Goes the song, but sometimes you don’t need to do all that to it.
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  9. I've always felt veryattackedrightnow.gif because I absolutely despise jazz, it induces nausea and headaches whenever I hear it. So glad I've found my safe space.
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  10. The QVC logo on that cover, oh my god

    I didn't totally hate the Cheek to Cheek tracks, but I still have no desire to listen to the album teebs. So I'm okay with those tracks stepping off ASAP.
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  11. Bye bitch.
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  13. This elimination isn't surprising at all, but what's surprising is that "Lush Life" managed to outlast it. Maybe it's because of Tony?
    I gave "Anything Goes" a 5,5 and it's my higher score out of the two jazz songs. It's not really my thing and I almost never come back to it.
    And that's a lovely and very touching story, @Sprockrooster, thank you for sharing it.

    I'm aware that she's been singing jazz since her youth, but never knew Tony was the first one who knew that. Nice trivia!
    In fact, let me do a little spotlight of the first performance footage available online with of one of the earliest songs she's written and performed, dating back to February 2005! It was a talent show and she won 3rd place. Only Gaga (Stefani at the time) and piano, showcasing her amazing talent.
    The first song, "Captivated", has obvious jazz influences and it's a quite endearing:

    Then, it transitions to a more upbeat "Electric Kiss" and I prefer that one to "Captivated".

    All I'm going to say is that she completely killed it!
  14. Anything Goes is completely unremarkable. And that's that.

    Some of you hoes coming for Christmas Tree though when it's certified to hit the top 40.
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  15. My sister can play Captivated on the piano and I'm jealous. Or it was Electric Kiss. But they are great!
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  16. Ddd still can't tell if you're being ironic but let me just state on the record that I LOVE a good Christmas song. Just not that one.
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  17. I don't hate Jazz, but I hate that style of Jazz.

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  18. Some people just don't like flavour.
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  19. This gif is giving me so much second-hand anxiety.
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  20. Not to play the “I’m a jazz singer!” card but she oversings literally the whole record. Truly why_did_you_do_that.mp3
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