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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Not to play the “I’m a jazz singer!” card but she oversings literally the whole record. Truly why_did_you_do_that.mp3
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  2. K94


    Good morning to everyone except Highway Unicorn, All ASIB tracks bar three, and the second half of Joanne (maybe not Sinner's Prayer) xx
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  3. Same dddd all my 1s would have been zeroes
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  4. I gave 'Anything Goes' 6 because it's an all-time classic song, but this version is too slow and I hate Tony Bennett's voice.
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  5. Thanks for sharing something so personal with us all @Sprockrooster.
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  6. For the record, I genuinely love it, but that might solely be down to nostalgia more than anything else.
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  7. Yesssssss, keep shoveling the shit out. That's right.

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  8. Ff that was a little tongue in cheek as it was one of her C2C catchphrases

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  9. Me and the other 3 people who stan Lush Life protecting it from the uncultured HATERS

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  10. The problem with her version of Lush Life is her phrasing. It’s SUCH a hard song to sing because the melody is so reliant on the phrasing that if you elongate every word you lose the flow of the song. She sings it like a show tune so she gets lost in the verses.

    This is how it should sound.
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  11. Did every era have its own catchphrase? This one and 100 people in the room still floor me.
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  12. I usually defend the jazz songs in these rates, but I feel like Gaga gets too shouty on "Anything Goes." I wish she had taken it down a bit.

    I'm sorry about your grandmother, @Sprockrooster. It's incredibly hard to lose someone that way. I'm glad you were able to connect through music.
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  13. Yes.

    Pop music will never be low brow from The Fame and others.

    Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth, I hate the truth most etc. This now sounds too real with fake news and Trump...

    Born This Way - there's a few.
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  14. I gave Anything Goes a 9. I like jazz music, it's a lot of fun to sing (I was in a vocal jazz class last semester) and Anything Goes is nice enough, but I just didn't like Tony all that much, and while I do agree that she oversings on the song, it doesn't bother me dddd.
    I hope Lush Life can last a bit longer, I kinda love that one.
    All this said, I have no desire to listen to Cheek To Cheek. Ever.
  15. You're not going to like what I gave Highway Unicorn...
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  16. Wasn't The Fame era's "I'm Italian"?
  17. Love you Sprocky @Sprockrooster. That was a lovely little story and now I miss my grandma goddammit.
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  18. What we're NOT going to do is act like Highway Unicorn is not amazing.
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  19. "I live halfway between reality and fantasy". Relatable though.
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  20. I'm a free bitch baby x
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