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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Highway Unicorn is going to be underranked, wherever it ends up.
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  2. Also, @Sprockrooster, love you so much! Thanks for sharing that beautifully sad story!
    What if it wins?
  3. The only positive outcome is winning or losing to my 11.
  4. I was just checking on and my most played song of the decade is

    Talent won.
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  5. Thank you everyone for the kind words!
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  6. My most played song of the decade is this one... 6000+ plays

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  7. [​IMG]

    Sis, I gave Highway Unicorn a 9 and even I highly doubt its ability to win this thing. I'd say top 20, if we're lucky.
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  8. Oh, so that's why it looked slightly suspicious, hehehe. I assumed it's a bit ironic, so that quote joins the 'I'm Italian' and 'There can be 100 people in the room...' memes.
  9. Realistically I'll celebrate a top 50 for Road to Love dd
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  10. Yes at the "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" support! It's one of her songs that grew on me the most and one of the (many) highlights from "Born This Way". The production is spectacular and I really hope it doesn't end up severely underrated.
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  11. Jewels N Drugs was doomed from the beginning and it was fine for what it was, hell it was even a fun little bop but, much like DWUW, the T.I. feature hasn't aged well. It is her "worst" song according to the Gaga canon but the production absolutely slaps (and I only skip it about 60% of the time when listening to ARTPOP - drag me). Also, still salty that we never got a polished version of Cake Like Lady Gaga which is the far superior rap song in Gaga's songbook.
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  12. I hated Highway Unicorn at first but I stan unabashedly now.

    I’m sorry but it’s impossible not to love that entire album. Way too much nostalgia and meaning attached to it.
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  13. The Fame - “live your lie until it becomes the truth”

    The Fame Monster - um, attributing everything to an inner demon? Someone help me out here

    Born This Way - “I live halfway between fantasy and reality”

    ARTPOP - “I’m going to put Warhol in the grocery aisle”

    Joanne - “I’m Italian and the single mom swaying with a wine glass in the middle of a field here’s some spaghetti”

    Rate each catchphrase 1-10, NO 0’s allowed.
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  14. A rate inside a rate? Here for it.
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  15. Probably already been posted but can never be posted too many times...

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  16. Highway Unicorn is a fucking triumph.
  17. Highway Unicorn makes me feel like I really can be strong.
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  18. Damn my 9.5 really was way too low huh?
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  19. 86.


    Lush Life
    (average 5.08)
    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (@Music Is Life @askew @Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (@Cundy @Hurricane Drunk)

    Well. There goes our first “album”. I knew jazz would be done dirty but out before the bottom 5? Yikes. This would’ve KILLED on Pop-PopJustice. I could name maybe 5 other songs that deserved to be out before this but maybe ya’ll were making a horse’s head in the bed threat if anyone tried to make you rate this album again. And some of you thought the whole album should’ve been included! Imagine the bottom 15 consisting solely of Cheek to Cheek? At least now we can get to the good cuts, eh? I actually quite like this song out of the other album tracks. I’d appreciate this whole venture a bit more if she had toned down on the oversinging, et al. There’s a way to be theatrical without the SANGing and I think the live performances from this era are generally better at getting that across. Hm, time to put on the PBS Cheek to Cheek special and get cozy this December night.

    @jtm is grateful only 2 songs were included “This is not bad, but I do feel sorry for her little monsters who were forced to listen to this album in whole when all they ever wanted was another Fame Monster”. “Fingers crossed for the swiftest album cut in Popjustice history.” @Stradiwhovius prays. I don’t know if it counts but let’s say it does! Ah, that’s history. @Laurence says “This is better than Anything Goes, so there's that. That's about it.” and you guys agreed, by .36 points! @sfmartin is in good company when they admit “She sounds good but Cheek to Cheek was not for me” @Maki either, apparently. “The string arrangement is really nice and her voice is amazing. The song, though, is a slog. Not for me.” @Sleepycat also sobs their confession “Look I tried - I really tried - to see the appeal in this stuff, but it leaves me so completely cold. It feels like scoring an artist on an advert jingle or something. If it makes her happy, good for her, but it does nothing for me. Sorry mom!!!”. @daninternational’s got taste in bops “Guess I won't be the only one to make a Zara Larsson joke” which leads nicely into @Laura Vanderbooben 's disappointment “this ain't Zara Larsson wtf” and a swift drive-by drag “(the top comment on the YouTube video afjaklfj: "I can't even wrap my head around the musical intelligence it takes to sing this, let alone the luxurious sound of this modern day siren's voice. You are iconic. You deserve to stand on the same stage as Tony, Sinatra, and all the rest. You will go down in history, and you will be remembered." A STAN. This is the kind of show queen who yells 'BRAVA' during a curtain call I just know it)”. Well someone’s got to! @Aidan says it has “Great vocals, beautiful vocals”. Who wants another round? @Sprockrooster does! “I am actually hoping for a Cheek 2 Cheek. I know this will be bottom fodder, but I will stan this as Gaga deserves too for going on a musical experiment like this. It worked so damn well.” And, wait what’s this? @RJF wants one too? You lush. “Okay, potentially my favourite find of the rate. Her vocal is just so good; it's like walking into a bar and finding your friends already got you a drink. So warm and welcoming. I can deal with the hokey of-the-time lyrics when they're being delivered this beautifully. Sign me up for the Enigma Jazz show and Cheek 2 Cheek: The Cheekening I guess.”

    And that’s it for her jazz era! I’ve embedded a couple other songs that didn’t make the cut below as well. Make yourselves a sidecar, loosen up, and enjoy, ya bop bottoms.​

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  20. RJF


    "Lush Life" getting punched out in the Bottom 3 is a mess. It's gorgeous.
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