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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. LOL it's me ... sometimes people tell me I look llike Edurne's husband*, if that helps?
    *pretty well known footballer David De Gea but I prefer to refer to him by the best thing he's done i.e. marrying a Eurovision singer
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  2. Seriously? You do look really familiar. How odd!
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  3. Sorry to be super annoying and pedantic but I think the results post on the first page should say that the countdown starts at 89 not 88?
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  4. Fgjksdjk I swear I will stop making these mistakes eventually. Thanks! Also maybe only one elimination coming today? Let's discuss the Born This Way singles run if you get bored.
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  5. What you mean the fact that the album campaign should have been lead by 'Heavy Metal Lover'?
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  6. To get this wracking guilt off my chest early on, I underscored Schieße. It’s not just an easy 10 but a credible contender for my 11.
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  7. Thankfully I didn't do that but after I submitted my scores I realized I didn't give anything on Born This Way a 10 (except for what I settled on for my 11)
    I guess my 9.75s will have to do.
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  8. I only hear the Sugababes 'Lush Life' in my head. Sorry Gags.
  9. aux


    There is only one good Lush Life, and it's this.

    Thank you. Good night.
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  10. What is this garbage?
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  11. None of the Lush Life songs that have been mentioned on this page are particularly amazing oops.
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  12. A concept.
  13. Heavy Metal Lover almost snatched my 11.

    I could be your girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl...
    But would you love me if I ruled the world world world?

    a MOMENT
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  14. now SCREAM
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  15. K94



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  16. Wow, I was really convinced for a moment that this is the title of the album. The fact that I listened to it once or twice speaks for itself.

    And for the songs titled "Lush Life" conversation, I'm not overly keen on either of them, but I would choose Sugababes one as my favorite.
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  17. 85.


    I Don’t Know What Love Is
    (average: 5.20)
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@elektroxx)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Cundy)

    Did anyone remember this song was in the rate? Didn’t think so *Timbaland beat drop*. I haven’t seen anyone(?) call for this to go but I find it a bit repetitive on the soundtrack where nearly every other duet or ballad outshines it. It has a nice melody and vocal performance from Gags but is missing that spark for me. @Maki is sort of on the same page: “A really cute moment of this soundtrack. It's slightly melancholic, which appeals to me. Ugh, their harmonies are so gorgeous. And those strings halfway through, beautiful. Unfortunately, I struggle to find something that will make me want to go back to this track more.” @Music Is Life manages to find some positives “Love her voice on this, it’s beautiful. The song itself is cute. Brad sounds good too. I kinda love his voice dddd.” However, @Remorque doesn’t quite feel the same “I should like this, but I actually don't really... Gaga sounds like she's straining and there's Bradley's presence, but this doesn't actually quite grabs me the way it wants to.” @Petit nain des Îles also struggled with Bradley’s presence “Hmmm this is starting well… wait, be quiet Cooper! Thankfully, the string section makes up for that.@daninternational quotes the Judas middle 8 “the way they pronunce 'concerto'. Ew” and @Laurence thinks this should’ve been even shorter than it is “This could have been a fine interlude but it is what it is now and it's not good either! There are some not that devastating moments but coulda been a lot better or just left out.” @Stradiwhovius says “I am so bored by songs with a moderately positive messages y now. Nihilism and depression always wins thank you (its also just meh but)” U ok, sis?

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  18. R27


    This was actually my second lowest score, so I'm pleased to see it vacate the premises.
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  19. I actually forgot this song existed ddd oh well
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  20. There has been a mix up in the commentaries for this one. My actual quote is shadier dd:
    Hmmm this is starting well… wait, be quiet Cooper! Thankfully, the string section makes up for that.

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