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Only three songs on the soundtrack are worthy of repeated listens.
I gave 'I Don't Know What Love Is' 5 because it's alright while listening to it but I couldn't sing it from memory.

I gave 'Diggin' My Grave' 8 which is my highest 'A Star Is Born' score! It reminded me of a song that Stevie Nicks or Lindsay Buckingham might have written in the heyday of Fleetwood Mac. I don't usually like Bradley's voice but I thought it really suited this song.
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"Diggin My Grave" is great!
Absolutely didn't deserve to leave this early, especially when some (most) of the songs from the soundtrack are still in.
I love how their voices sound together on that song and, unlike the most of the soundtrack, it's very memorable. Amazing vocal delivery, too.
With a score of 8,25 it's not what I consider amazing, but it's surely one of the best songs from "A Star Is Born" - like I've mentioned, it's the best duet that isn't "Shallow" off the soundtrack (based on the results, the voters seemingly agreed on that).
Can't believe some of those bland ballads outlasted it. Maybe it's because of Bradley?

"Look What I Found" and "Why Did You Do That?" are the only non-singles from "A Star Is Born" that don't deserve the similar fate of "Diggin' My Grave".
Diggin' My Grave is a cute girl.

I Don't Know What Love Is, Music to My Eyes and La Vie En Rose are the weakest of the Star is Born tracks, and then (unpopular opinion) probably Always Remember Us This Way.


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La Vie En Rose
(average: 5.32)
Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest Score 0 x 4 (@RJF, @Cundy, @CasuallyCrazed, @Hurricane Drunk)

This has been name dropped in Gaga’s career going all the way back to…The Fame Monster? She’s referenced this as inspiration for her vocal performance in Americano and it was a live performance of this at a Parker Institute charity event that sealed the deal for her casting in A Star Is Born, or at least the story goes. I can’t find a video of said performance but if anyone can, please link us! I thought it was a cute callback to see her perform this in a drag show in the movie after all that.

Un peu prétentieux and it's a brave and bold move, but sis... Tone it down a bit, because I can feel those eyes trying to pop out of their sockets during some of these notes.@Remorque pleads. @Laurence admits “I don't like a lot of French songs... And this one I don't either!@Ashling92 adores French on the other hand “I can’t speak French but I adore how it sounds, so I actually kind of love this.” And @Petit nain des Îles says “Hearing her sing in French is cute. I’m fine with not hearing this song or any covers of it for a very long time though.” And @jtm also comments on her French and fake German “Well her French is better than her German.. slightly. The song works in the movie I guess but in her discography it's entirely unnecessary.@P’Nut Butter gives it a 5 “for the incredible vocals”. And @madgemad agrees though is slightly more generous with their 9 “She sings the shit out of this doesn't she?!@Untouchable Ace struggles “It's too hard to rate acoustic songs properly.” It’s ok sis there’s plenty of synths in her discography. @daninternational thinks “within the context of the film it was fun. Within her catalogue it's just another reminder she's better in English” And fake German!

And y’all were really stuck on this being a cover. @Maki says it’s just as good as the original! (jk)I suck at rating covers, so I'm giving it (almost) the same score I gave Edith in the French Divas rate. Love how her voice sounds here, of course.@Seventeen Days and @R27 basically submitted the same commentary for this one, “A serviceable cover of the Edith Piaf classic. Not one of the tracks I return to often, but enjoyable in the context of the movie” and “A perfectly serviceable cover that I never search out.”. @Stradiwhovius has had enough “Look, Miss Gaga. If that is your real name. I had enough of these covers in 2014. We know you can sing now.” And @31entrance simply states “well its a cover

I don’t think @RJF likes this much “Just pointless. I never need to hear this song being sung by anyone ever again. Stop covering it, stop playing it, stop thinking it's some kind of vocal sanging standard that needs to be wheeled out for credibility when it has little to no correlation with what you do on a daily basis. Like, who even has voluntarily listened to this? Clap if you've voluntarily listened to this. Is she even performing this at the jazz show in Vegas? I bet she is. Clown.” She does! I embedded a performance just for you

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I liked Diggin' My Grave. La Vie On Rose ... not so much. I haven't seen the movie (yeah I know) so I don't know what La Vie On Rose is trying to achieve in the movie itself, but it feels rather pointless. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the soundtrack.