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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Some songs have stayed for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 82.

    Retro Dance Freak

    (average 5.40)
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@soratami)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 5 (@dangerous makanae, @SyPOPhantic, @VitaminBee, @P'NutButter , @Andrew.L)

    Our first cut from her first album. A bit nothingy for me but helps to round out and reinforce the sound and aesthetic of the era I suppose. Overall I personally don't find this terrible. The production, lyrics, and vocals are all fairly fun but this probably should've been out before either jazz track as it ends up redundant in the context of the album. I found all her extras and leaks from The Fame pretty exciting at the time, though. My ipod being littered with low quality youtube rips and coverlandia single covers fff a stan was born.

    It certain parts, this almost doesn’t sound like her. Like, her voice sounds different. Is that just me? Oh well. I love the production, especially the electric guitar, and this bops, it’s enjoyable, but I feel like something is missing here.” observes @Music Is Life. @Laurence gives a little background “A real bonus track hidden in Japan, but found its' way to more listeners as part of The Fame Monster deluxe. It's okay but nothing too special I guess.@jtm says “Her throwaways from this era are still more interesting than some of her later album” I agree! @daninternational doesn’t “Some of these extras weren't necessary”. Look, you know if I hadn’t included it someone would’ve complained and then given it a 5 anyway. @VitaminBee says “A bore. I would have preferred Retro Physical.” Run your own damn rate im busy! -Cher. @Ana Raquel simply calls it “chaos” and @SyPOPhantic says it “Sounds like a reject SPICE track”. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. The production on this seemed a bit cheap for some of you. @Seventeen Days says “Eh… I actually didn’t discover this one until Born This Way, and to be honest I could take or leave it. Not one of the stronger tracks from the Fame era.” And @Petit nain des Îles says “This is fine but a little flat. It could have popped off more with slightly different production” Wake 'em up @Sleepycat! “You know what, I've slept on this one for too long, it's a bop!

    @Maki would like a word “An obvious choice for a bonus track. The signature retro style of early creations by Rob Fusari and Gaga is very present here and surely reminds of the demos from that period. However, nothing in particular stands out about this song, and it pales when compared to the rest of the album. I love the verses, although the rest is just okay and has too much talking. I really like some elements of the instrumental, for example that guitar and the strings in the beginning, which makes me raise its score by a bit. There are some unreleased songs that would've been a much better choice for a bonus track than this one.” Justice for Blueberry Kisses.

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  3. Y'all really did Fashion!'s older, uglier sister that dirty? It was one of my favorite rediscoveries of the rate (I mean, I only gave it 6.75, but...)
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  4. Yes we did.
    Good riddance
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  5. I admittedly gave Retro Dance Freak only a 5.0, but I'm surprised it's out already! Maybe I undermarked it.
  6.'s not a compliment.

    (*B-Side reject SPICE Track)
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  7. Retro, Dance, Freak is meh/alright
    how is Again Again still in??
  8. Underrated bops have begun to fall and no one is even calling for the head of Million Reasons.... mess
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  9. I hope Million Reasons goes out soon. Very soon. I hate it.
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  10. I tried with my score but who knows. Someone on here might stan it’s existence.
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  11. Bop tho:
  12. I adjusted my score for Million Reasons... it was a 3 and I made it a 6 or 6.5 (I can't remember) I rated it for the track and not her bashing it over our head a million times.

  13. Million Reasons planted the seed of subpar ballads that A Star Is Born mastered.
  14. I always want to love Million Reasons more than I do because there's some subtle catchiness surrounded by a fair share of boredom, but I still gave it a 7.5.
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  15. Time for Dope to leave
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  16. I always forget that "Retro Dance Freak" was actually officially released. It just feels like it was just a The Fame era leak. I don't know why.
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  17. Disgusting that that mess got a full official release, yet 'Vanity' was only available on a rare promo CD-R.

    Just sick.
  18. FOR REAL. Dope can also go back to back.
  19. Great eliminations. "La Vie En Rose" is just nothing-y and even a 6,5 I gave it looks very generous. To be honest, it's the only song I didn't listen to while rating, meaning I've heard it only once or twice before.

    And "Retro, Dance, Freak" is actually my ideal first cut from "The Fame". With a 6,25 it received, it's my lowest score from that album and most of you agreed it's because of how forgettable it sounds.
    Not surprising at all that it is out early.
    "Vanity" is great and it slots into the 'Gwen Stefani corner' along with "Summerboy":

    I almost forget it was technically released, but it definitely deserved much more recognition.

    Exactly. It's one of the earliest recorded songs we're rating, so she does sound very young (which may explain why she doesn't sound like herself at parts to @Music Is Life).
    And speaking of "The Fame" outtakes, here are a few of them that could've easily replaced "Retro, Dance, Freak" (and some songs that appeared on the standard album, too), because they are stylistically similar:

    See also: "Dirty Ice Cream", "Retrosexual", "Panty Party", "New York", "Oh Baby" etc.
    All of them were written with Rob Fusari, except for "Panty Party".
  20. I'm looking forward to getting into cuts that actually matter.
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