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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. A song I completely forgot about (but love) is Disco Heaven, the second verse goes off.

  2. I think I gave Disco Heaven like a 9 or 10. One of her best.
  3. Vanity, now there's a forgotten gem right there.
  4. Disco Heaven is an amazing song title so of course the actual song lives up to it
  5. Awwwww, I actually like Retro Dance Freak from time to time. It reminds me of a much simpler time when albums like The Fame were literally what took me away from everyday life and even though it kinda sounds lifeless I still ascend every time.

    Oh... And by the way.

    I was there.
  6. I see we're still excreting the shit. Good-good.

    Retro Dance Freak is my highest score to leave so far at a four. Colour me unbothered.
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  7. R27


    Retro Dance Freak feels so pointless. There's nothing about it that remotely stands out or makes it worthwhile for me. Glad it's gone.
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  9. Let’s be honest though, Again Again should have exited before Retro Dance Freak did.
  10. I’m honestly shocked Again Again wasn’t the first Fame track to leave. Retro Dance Freak was a grower? The production is really good, I just wish the lyrics weren’t so nothingy.
  11. 81.
    Christmas Tree

    (Average: 5.55)

    Highest Score: 10 x 8 (@RJF @Sprockrooster, @GimmeWork @Laura Vanderbooben, @Seventeen Days, @heavymetalGAGA @Subwaykid, @elektroxx @lehnw01 )

    Lowest Score: 0 x 3 (@Phonetics Boy, @blissteria , @Dangerous Maknae)

    SOME of you are not very festive this time of year. A bop! An avant garde Christmas ANTHEM! A weirdly sexual but simultaneously cold sex romp in the way only Gaga could pull off during her first few albums! Not all of you grinches can appreciate ART. @Maki gives it a 4.5 “I said that I won't give any scores lower than a 5, but this song proved me wrong. Like, I know it's just for fun, but it's really one of the worst Christmas songs I've heard and my least favorite song by Lady Gaga (actually, this is one song by her that I dislike even more). It's just a messy and jumbled up cacophony that should've never seen the Christmas light of day. It's actually catchy, but not in a good way. At least the creative playful lyrics brought it a few points.@Stradiwhovius likes to pit women against other women but we’ve figured you out we all know now we’ve all got crowns “Mariah this is not. If you told me this was a joke I would have believed you.@daninternational says they’ve “never heard this before. Never will again” Your loss! @jtm must actually have a Grinch origin story as they bravely admit “This has a video for some reason. (ed. note: does it?) There's nothing I hate more than Christmas songs and this is worse than most@Ashling92 was confounded by the layers of this opus “I did not know this song existed until now and I’m...not sure how I feel about it. Not exactly giving me Christmas vibes tbh, and I don’t have any desire to listen to this again. Unnecessary.” And @FresherThanYou calls its “Tragic!” as @madgemad covers their ears in fear “oh jeez, what did I just listen to.” “WHY!” cries out @collxtion and I look down and whisper “cherry cherry boom boom

    Some of you do like to ho ho ho under the mistletoe. Like @Remorque who is ready to go down with this ship “Shoot me, but I fucking love their interpretation of Deck the Halls. It's my slutty Christmas jam and you'll all deal.@Laurence exhibits taste “A lovely pop song, we love it! Classic GaGa and does get some spins every holiday season, cuz why not? It's simple yet effective! Truly a moment but did not age that well of course.” And @Petit nain des Îles says “This… isn’t what I expected looking at the title. The Timbaland-like vocals from Space Cowboy are a kii. I’m into the « random electropop stuff made with GarageBand you’d find on myspace » feel.@Seventeen Days appreciates earlyGa for what she was “How can you not like this track? It’s so Gaga, and it’s one of the better original Christmas songs to come out of the last 10 years.” Preach! “We know that if Gags put out a Christmas album now it would probably sound nothing like this. Which is kind of a shame, because while I don't love this, it would definitely stand out from the crowd.” A Very Gaga Holiday coming out like 2 years later proved you right. Sigh I do hope that geriatric money hasn’t completely knocked out her weirdness. @VitaminBee says they “always like to pop this on during the holidays and watch people’s faces quickly shrivel up” Same! And I clutch @Laura Vanderbooben ’s hand tight as she drives off the Henry Hudson cliffs into the sunset as Space Cowboy ad libs and she shouts “the greatest song of all time

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  12. RJF


    That's not festive.
  13. Let's cancel the poll and the rate fuck these ungrateful sloths
  14. Finally.
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  15. I thought we weren’t supposed give full 0s but my 0.25 for Christmas Tree should basically count as one. At least it’s camp.
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  17. I cannot watching a video of perhaps Gag's most sexual lyrics overdubbing Cheek to Cheek promo. Avant garde, indeed.
  18. Both of those cuts were unwarranted. Can we go back to A Star is Born?
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  19. Fff well in case anyone was still fretting about 0’s or 1’s, changing this 0 to a 10 raised the average to 5.55 with the 80th place finisher still beating it out by .01 points.
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