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Not Before I Slay!!!

"Before I Cry" is a great elimination. It's so forgettable and has absolutely nothing special to it. All of the ballads that left before it are better than it.
It tries to be emotional, but leaves me cold and it isn't even dramatic enough to make up for it Even though there are some redeemable moments in that song, it received a 6 from me, and is actually my lowest score from "A Star Is Born".

And, now that a few of you mentioned that, it really sounds like an X Factor winner's single, which is... shallow for someone that is Lady Gaga.

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Again Again is shit. A 1.

I quite like Dope. It got a 7, but it's definitely one of the weaker moments on Artpop.

I have no recollection of Before I Cry, but apparently I gave it a 3.
You And I has aged as well as milk and I don't care for it anymore so that can kick the bucket too.
You and I can take its Shania-fied ass and hit the road.
Okay, I'm no longer afraid to admit which is my least favorite ballad by Lady Gaga.
"Yoü and I" has always been my least favorite song from "Born This Way", probably the worst single choice of her career, and is now my lowest remaining score. I never got the fuss about it.