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Come To Mama
average: 5.86
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Laurence)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@blissteria)

The first cut I thought was genuinely done wrong here and our first elimination from Joanne. Even sifting through commentary I can’t tell why it’s so hated on here (except that it reminds most of you of Christmas and you apparently hate that, RIP Christmas Tree) but it’s such a warm, fuzzy, joyous, and cathartic moment on the album and in her career that it’s a shame to see it drop this low. Sure, the sentiment is simple and short sighted, but the concept of not letting anger guide your decisions isn’t entirely wrong? Gaga herself spent so much of the first half of her career with a rage bubbling beneath her veneer that this, Hey Girl, and the latter half of Joanne was genuinely heartwarming to hear. Something something turning toward the light so all your shadows fall behind you or however it goes. The one question mark on it for me is that it’s almost a carbon copy of Father John Misty’s demo, which as far as I’m aware, is an outlier for Gaga’s discography. Anyway, dismantle the prison industrial complex!

@Laurence appreciates the sentiment behind it “Oh how I just love this track! I still remember this when she performed it for Hils, what a moment to shine. A true reunited song in such a twisted climate of the US, I'm glad this should be the focus. And world preace” thanks but painful re: the 2016 election. “Doo-wop but make it listenable. The ending sax instantly puts me in a good mood” @Petit nain des Îles says as they skip down the street. @music in life joins me in being a turophile: “The lyrics are so cheesy dddd, but as someone who loves cheese, I’m not upset about it. The production is some country/jazzy/boppy type thing I can’t quite place in one category as usual, but it’s really good. Not one of the best songs here overall though. And I’ve always wondered, is this a reference to her being “mother monster”?

But @daninternational will NOT be nuzzling mother anytime soon “This is so dated. I'd enjoy it from Dolly Parton in an 80s film I guess. She doesn't have the boobs to say 'come to Mama'” What’s the opposite of a stan? Because that’s what @31entrance is for this track “I thought she couldn’t have made a worst song than Jewels N’ Drugs and Million Reasons but here we are” and @madgemad joins them in tomato throwing, saying “I find this one incredibly annoying.@Up N Down says "Just awful. Gets 2 points for those Come onto mama, come on, mama bits in the second verse.” Haters! Maybe ya’ll should’ve listened to the lyrics. @Phonetics Boy gets the closest to actually trying to explain why it was done so wrong “On the surface this is okay but there's something unnervingly wrong that I can't quite put my finger on. May be JMF's fault.Men. @jtm at least tries to be pragmatic “An okay song but I'd probably cut it from the album to make it slightly shorter as it doesn't really bring anything new to the table

This really does have a festive feel to it and it didn’t go unnoticed. “This makes me think of that scene in Home Alone where Kevin is listening to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree”. @Laura Vanderbooben says, through mouthfuls of ice cream and marshmallows with a side of Crunch Tators. @P’Nut Butter continues “Reminds me of Christmas for some reason”. @Alenko finds the festive spirit at least a bit “I just couldn't ever really get into this song. I can somewhat appreciate it for the christmas sound.” And @FresherThanYou continues the forum tradition of thinking pop stars follow any sort of seasonal schedule instead of just chucking songs out and hoping something sticks well enough for them to maybe release a whole collection a year later before promptly moving on to a beauty line “I always thought she should have released this a Christmas song as it just gives me that vibe and reckon it could of done well!

Close us out, @R27: “I think Gaga is the only pop star who could pull this off. It's still not great, but the message, while flawed and oversimplified, sounds genuine coming from her.”

(the dive bar tour was such a fun promo blitz)

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Oh, "Come to Mama" is out too early. Similarly to "Dope", I had no idea that this one is so hated.
As the host said, I'm clueless why is that the case.

Admittedly, it wasn't one of my faves off the album the first time I heard it, but it managed to grow on me and now I enjoy it throughly.

It's definitely not a filler track, because it's the only doo-wop inspired song on "Joanne" and has that signature retro vibe.
I love the chorus, and those 'come to mama...' chants surely add charm to the song. It received an 8,5 from me, because it can drag a bit, but remains great troughout.
Love the saxophone use, too.

Now that so many of you mentioned it, it really does have something Christmas-y and warm about it that I never paid attention to that enough.

Yes, the message is simple and universal, but I've always thought that 'the only prisons that exist are the ones we put each other in' is such a great line.

And, @Subwaykid, is that artwork a nod to the rainbow mentions is the song? If so, amazing detail!

"Come to Mama" is definitely not the worst song from "Joanne" and therefore ended up underrated.

I really need to finish my commentary for "Joanne" to avoid longer posts.
I love 'Come To Mama'. Her growling "who are you gonna follow" vocal is a highlight.

Back on the topic of 'Yoü & I', I hated the thing until the music video came out and hilariously included a full dance routine.


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And, @Subwaykid, is that artwork a nod to the rainbow mentions is the song? If so, amazing detail!
Thanks! I got 60s/70s vibes from the whole thing so tried to put that across.

I didn't realize that was a cover.
Oh let me elaborate a bit. Not necessarily a cover but FJM wrote the song and sung on a demo (last video embedded in the post) before it made its way onto Joanne. I’m not sure if he wrote it specifically for the album or it was written separately and they plucked it out because it fit the theme. Maybe someone else can clarify?