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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. "Cork's off, it's on, the party's just begun" is such a perfect opening to a song. I was never a huge fan of Dope, mainly because of the vocals, but I've grown to appreciate it more over time.

    Til It Happens To You was a capital M Moment at the Oscars, although I don't think I've returned to it since.

    Highway Unicorn and Bad Kids are cute girls.
  2. Wait. People hate "Born This Way"?!
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  3. I hope not, but I tend to remember it getting slander for being too heavy-handed with its message or whatever.
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  4. dddd I got them both mixed indeed. sorry (in conclusion dont make your comments in a hurry)
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  5. 75.


    thanks to smule dot com for the cover this one gave me no inspiration dd

    Brown Eyes
    average: 6.05
    Highest: 10 x 2 (@Lila, @Phonetics Boy)
    Lowest: 1 x 4 (@Conan, @Robert, @Stradiwhovius, @Alenko)

    And another ballad falls. I remember enjoying this at the time but it’s easily been overshadowed as her discography grows. In fact, many of you felt it was overshadowed by Fame bonus tracks to begin with. Like @collxtionSo. damn. mopey. Definitely the inferior ballad on The Fame (hi Again Again!).” And @VitaminBee thinks “Fooled Me Again would have been a better choicest even Let Love Down.@SyPOPhantic gives the former a shoutout as well “This Billy Joel "Vienna" knockoff is good but "Fooled Me Again" should have got an album spot instead of this.” And @daninternational just prefers the organs themselves “I love brown eyes, but this song doesn't do it for me”. Similarly, @Alenko can’t even get through it “I still can't finish this song, nothing for me at all.@Stradiwhovius calls it “Speechless crap edition.” @jtm enjoys the versatility this shows “The album is a bit too long I think, but I would always keep this for variety at the expense of a track or two from the middle section” but @R27 drags the underwritten feel to it “I suppose there’s a certain charm to some of the lyrics (particularly in the first verse), but overall they feel like a quick first draft that no one bothered to update before recording the track. Like, she really seems to think “you got them brown eyes” is a much more powerful lyric than it is. Thankfully, she’s gotten much much better at doing ballads.” “To be honest, I never really liked this song that much. I like the guitar in the production though. I just don’t think it’s successful at what it’s trying to do.” thinks music is life.

    @Phonetics Boy starts off our praise by channeling his inner Annalise “I loove maudlin ballads. Shoot me, I deserve it.” And @Laurence lobbies “It's not a real bad song y'all, but I know it does not stand a chance against most songs of The Fame. But it's here, and it's sweet. So I like it.@Ashling92 has stanned since day 1 “I’ve adored Gaga’s heartfelt dramatic ballads ever since I first heard Brown Eyes. She’s SO good at them.” As has @Petit nain des Îles who gets reminded of the Stefani Germanotta band “Shades of her early days! I love how dramatic she sounds at times”. @Seventeen Days leans into the sentimentality “Y’all can do this one dirty all you want. I don’t care. This one has good memories attached to it for me.

    @Maki has something to say, and teaches me that this was recorded in one take while saying it “A definite sonic stand-out (if we exclude the edition with "Again Again"). *to hypothetical stereotypical people* You thought that Lady Gaga is that talentless chick who only uses autotune and does electronic music? Well, listen to this and think again. I find it quite fascinating how she manages to write ballads (especially during this era) that not only are timeless, but sound like a proper classics. I mean, 'where everything was everything...' part is wonderful and truly sounds like something that would be a staple for years. Very vulnerable song, which is enhanced by the fact she recorded this in one take. The brooding guitar is just a plus. I only wish the verses were a bit stronger, although this remains another highlight from this stellar album.

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  6. I saw the tag and thought one of my 10s had gone. Glad to see my lowest scored song out. I love ballads, I love Again Again, but Brown Eyes just doesn't do anything for me.
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  7. Again Again is awful but Brown Eyes is pretty cute. Not too fussed out about its placement, tho
  8. Brown Eyes is one of the few songs in life I've ever vaguely attributed to a crush, so I enjoy it for that. I wish it had done a little better.
  9. Brown Eyes is so lovely, I do indeed stan. @Lila coming through with TASTE yet again!
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  10. Till It Happens To You - 1
    Brown Eyes - 2

    This is still going rather well.
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  11. Not a single song from my top half of the discography yet.
  12. Yall calling for Highway Unicorn or the title track to be the first Born This Way cull are hopeless.

    Swine, Donatella, and Mary Jane Holland are an ungodly triad of trash and should swiftly excited together.
  13. Brown Eyes is very average.
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  14. Swine Flu and Mary Jane I Get It, It's Legal There can go anytime now really.
  15. 9, 9, 8.
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  16. 10, 10, 10
  17. 7, 8, 5.
  18. Mary Jane Holland is one of the few genuine highlights on Artpop.
  19. Brown Eyes deserved better as well. It used to be one of my least favourite songs in the album, but it really grew on me over time. As @Maki said, it does have a classic feel to it, and I'd say it's one of Gaga's best ballads. At least it was the first song with a 6+ average, not everyone has that.
  20. 8, 5, 10.

    Donatella can certainly vacate any time now.
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