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Right well I figured I should get things moving to the songs ya'll are actually talking about so let's pull a sweeps stunt and have a little cull, eh? *spoiler alert* below there's an 11, a song with 13 10's (our highest so far), and none of cundy's scores


Just Another Day
average 6.13
Highest: 11 x 1 (@aaronhansome im so sorry sweetie they made me do it)
Lowest: 1 x 4 (@Alenko, @Guy, @sfmartin, @Sleepycat)

This makes me want to strut down the street in a musical kinda way, so it did the trick for me, I guess... This is the one song that took fucking ages to grow on me though. - @Remorque
I love this in all it's happy days glory thing, whatever it is called. Show 'em how we do it! The New-York glam-pop in this one is so strong, I adore it. Can imagine how to sing this ever to my future husband. Also loves it dealing with anxiety. - @Laurence
If you told me I’d be giving this song an 8 when the album first came out, I’d say you’re crazy - but here we are. - @SyPOPhantic
I thought I understood Just Another Day when I wrote my BPG commentary, but after going on a medication with disastrous side effects which triggered an eating disorder, a nervous breakdown, a week long hospital stay, and over a year of medical leave, I sure as hell understand a lot more. Back in 2017 I proposed that Just Another Day was a song about self-compassion. I’m here today to tell you Just Another Day is a love song written to you by you. - @ohnostalgia
As close to pre-album Gaga we ever got and it’s such a nice quirky little number. A true full circle moment. - @Petit nain des Îles
This one still hasn’t grown on me yet. Ask again after LG6. - @Seventeen Days
I feel like this could be the closing theme to a Pixar film. It's warm, unassuming, and wholesome. It will never go down as one of her interesting or gripping tracks, but I like it just fine. - @R27
I can’t believe it took a washing machine commercial to get me to like this song... but glad it did. It’s a fun extra track to have. - @VitaminBee
Cute, and actually a lovely way to close an album that gets kind of heavy at times. -@rjf
Pre FameGa-ish. I wouldn't cry if I never heard it again. -@madgemad
I kinda hate this, sorry. - @Alenko
A good if somewhat bland end to the album - @jtm
Just relief distilled into a song. -@phonetics boy


The Queen
average: 6.135
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Robert)
Lowest: 2 x 4 (@CasuallyCrazed, @Hurricane Drunk, @Robsolete, @Andrew.L)
Contrary to the official narrative, I’ve never needed Gaga to be a mother for me. She’s more like the cool older sister I never had, so The Queen totally misses the point for me. And the production is corny as hell. I never listen to this - @collxtion
Some parts here sound so familiar. I love the verses, they are really pretty, but the chorus has something basic about it that I can't shake off. But the turning point happens halfway through the track. That two-minute outro is so beautiful, I wish she based an entire song on it. It's like an entire different song, yet goes well with the rest. It goes without saying that I love the use of guitars troughout. Another example of a genius songwriting and experimental ideas. My favorite out of the bonus tracks for sure, but not an amazing song as a whole. Such a pity it's basically split in half, which actually makes my scoring tougher. It saved the best for the last, but the first part should've been stronger. - @Maki
Love it or hate it. There's no in between for many Born This Way tracks, but this one is so sweet. There's references of Killer Queen (song), challenger disaster, Alexander McQueen and even more? Let me know. I like it though. -@laurence
This time the wedding chimes went too far in the production. - @Untouchable Ace
Appreciate the message but I’m still having trouble getting into the first half as it’s instrumentally too cheesy. The slowed down beat saves the song for me. - @Petit nain des Îles
Well… the album had to have a dud, didn’t it? - @Seventeen Days
I think I had listened to this once a few years ago but had no recollection of it; other than it being poorly received by the forum. It starts off decent enough, to the point that I thought y’all were doing too much over it, but then things start dragging on and that's before that really weird and unnecessary sonic turn. Guess y’all were right after all. - @r27
It’s not as bad as everyone makes it to be... it’s my highest rated deluxe track for the album. - @VitaminBee
This is a generic mishmash of other songs of hers and it makes it hard to rate - @daninternational
I lowkey can imagine this playing in some scene or a dance sequence for an 80s film - @31entrance
A bit long but I appreciate using a guitar or two to bring some variety to this - @jtm
Where's the explicit edit mom - @Phonetics Boy


Disco Heaven
average: 6.61
Highest: 10 x 3 (@Robert, @Aidan, @soratami)
Lowest: 1 x 2 (@Dangerous Maknae, @Stradiwhovius)

The first seconds promise a better song than what follows. If the chorus was slightly more interesting this would be great. - @jtm
This was new to me for the rate. I would've been all over this in 09. - @madgemad
why every song with the word disco in it is good? - @31entrance
There's something inexplicable about the best disco that elevates it. This misses that. - @daninternational
Depending on where you live, this is one of the few deluxe tracks that was fun to listen to. Is it amazing, no but is it better than RDF and Again Again? Absolutely. - @VitaminBee
A pleasant discovery! Not one of my favourites, but a nice edition to the debut (which is more than can be said about the other deluxe edition tracks).- @r27
I've never liked this very much but here in 2019 when we have God Control showing the people how you really do a 70s throwback it's even worse. - @Stradiwhovius
Like The Fame, not particularly memorable but disco GaGa is always welcome. I think, with her improved vocals and especially her deeper and lower register, she would body a song in that soundscape right now. - @Petit nain des Îles
Super catchy and is SO much better than a lot of the tracks on The Fame. - @SyPOPhantic
This is great, I like it a lot. It hits me from that first second. Why is it so essentially Gaga? The best bonus track I think... When is her warm disco album coming? - @laurence
The instrumental here is wonderful; I love the combination of gentle piano and electric guitars. Oh, and the bassline is so good. Reminds me of the demos from this era and reasonably, because it has elements that 'give out' it was written and recorded in the earlier stages of making "The Fame". 'Relax, relax...' is a moment that makes me smirk every time - love it. I can vividly imagine the disco party, all with the disco ball with this tune blasting (which is clearly her vision here). Even though it makes sense why it was left as a bonus track, it could've easily replaced several songs on the album. There are some details here that really make the song more special (production deserves the praise!) Not a fan of the middle-8, although the rest is pretty much excellent. -@maki
Hey kids, spelling is fun! - @collxtion


Money Honey
average: 6.63
Highest: 10 x 3 (@soratami, @happiestgirl, @GimmeWork)
Lowest: 2 x 2 (@aaronhansome, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï)

A great tune. This album is just everything - @daninternational
It was never meant for the Fame, although it fits here. I know Gaga dislikes it herself, cuz it was meant for PCD I think... So well, I never liked this song either, like fave like stan. - @Laurence
Deeply underrated cut!!!!! The Salt N Pepa sample would maybe make this a solid 9 in my mind but alas. Her voice sounds so rich here, more than a lot of other TF cuts. Never burn out this can-dole, baby! Baaaabaaaaay! - @collxtion
Here we go, those deep, dark synths. This can be called a filler, because it recycles some elements from other songs (the verses remind me of "Just Dance". Again, the song is really good, even though the chorus is a bit underwhelming. The melodic pre-chorus is the best part here, and I totally forgot about that brilliant middle-8. - @maki
It doesn’t work as well as some of the other tracks on the album, and sonically it feels a little too similar to Poker Face in places, but it still gets the job done. - @R27
Wonderfully tacky and addictive. - @sfmartin
A companion to Just Dance and Poker Face? I prefer the chord progressions over the latter’s, but both singles are better in every other way. - @Petit nain des Îles
This track always makes me think of when I saw her on The Monster Ball tour, and she screamed “IT’S HOT AS HORSE FUCK IN HERE” at the beginning of this. God love the woman - @Seventeen Days
Did… Did they just steal bits and pieces from Poker Face - @Stradiwhovius
Okay, but those brassy vocals on the verses and "kuh-kuh-kuh-KISSES!" being one of the strongest hooks on the album. Like, this is average for Gagger but still a riot of a pop song. How does she do it? Unfairly maligned tbh. -@rjf
The Dannii to Just Dance's Kylie. - @madgemad
Sounds exactly like the singles from the debut and is also pretty good, but I'm glad the better versions were released as singles - @jtm


hey girl hey girl we smoke in a mall - @Laura Vanderbooben
It's a nice try but for me, ehhh... Yes sing together queens but nothing special happens. But here it's just so overrated. There - I said it. - @Laurence
I was going to write 'this sounds like Florence not Gage' until I looked at my phone again. I completely forgot about this. Probably because it is a bit forgettable - @jtm
Good production, it deserved a much better topline. The extra sparkles and garbles and synths at the end are the best moment on the album. - @madgemad
Very, very Cool - @FresherThanYou
I wish a collaboration between Florence and Gaga added up to something more compelling than this. - @sfmartin
I love them both so so so much but this was the biggest letdown I've ever experienced in terms of popstars team-ups. The wasted potential. Unforgivable. - @Verandi
When something that looks good on paper also works in reality. Well. WIG! - @sprockrooster
I kinda like this, the subtle synths in the background are everything - @31entrance
Two of my all-time faves coming together on a wonderfully 70s-inspired swinger all about lifting up each other and all other fellow women? What did I do to receive this gift? Anyway, I'm sure it'll suffer for not being some cacophonous kitchen-sink hellscape where Florence and Gagger howl at one another because homosexuals are stupid, but it's beautiful, understated, and the camaraderie just glows from it. A performance would be nice one day. - @RJF
My favorite Joanne song, the one that stood out the most at the time and still does today. Not only a perfect showcase of both Gaga and Florence’s vocals, but also a discography highlight. The production is immaculate here. I discover something new everytime I pay attention to it. The harps, the echoing « ooooh », the funky synth… muffy sis the layers. - @Petit nain des Îles
Florence shouldn't be carrying Gaga songs - @daninternational
Considering this is a feat. with Florence, it is pretty disappointing. - @Ana Raquel
Y’all better not do Florence and her heavenly vocals dirty just because it's not a bop. All passive aggressive threats aside, the world could use more songs about genuine female friendship and comardy. - @r27
Perhaps not what was expected from a Gaga/Florence collab but this is fine. - @Stradiwhovius
I love how 70s AM radio the style on this one is. Also, doing a duet with Florence Welch? That’s a serve. - @Seventeen Days

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average: 6.73
Highest: 10 x 10 (@RJF (i triple checked the ballot for this one, who said you had a cold heart?), @P'NutButter, @Slice of Life, @soratami, @Robert, @Sanctuary, @Aidan, @Mr Blonde, @Alenko, @Phonetics Boy)
Lowest: 1 x 2 (@Sleepycat, @Hurricane Drunk)

I’m not crazy about the production choices on this one, but it’s a sweet dedication to her friend. - @Seventeen Days
There should be more songs about wine. But it's no The Feeling - Rosé.mp3 and makes me feel prematurely middle aged - @daninternational
I'm not a Grigio girl, but I can appreciate the sentiment. - @R27
She truly wants us to cry our eyes out with these late Joanne deep cuts right? This is such a beautifully crafted song, and the only reason I didn’t give it a 10 is the « hey » bits which reminds me too much of early 10’s indie folk. - @Petit nain des Îles
Now this is a great track. Although a bit bittersweet now everything happened, RIP Sonja. I do love the track. - @Laurence
Urgh this gets me crying. RIP Sonia. The Spice Girls reference obviously makes this a easy 10 - @Alenko
Nothing wrong with this song, but I don't think it's needed on the album. Also what's up with this 'fired up world' lyric?! - @jtm
Light, emotional, comforting, and just has this intangible effortlessness to it that a lot of Gaga's work doesn't have as a consequence of her being a meticulous perfectionist who can never really let something just be. Maybe that's why it's such a standout. It feels so honest and off the cuff in ways that she never lets her music be. It's just absolutely gorgeous, and refreshingly candid. Easily one of her best. - @RJF



Is That Alright?
average: 6.74

Highest: 10 x 9 (@the worms in yall brains, @Mr Blonde, @Slice of Life, @daninternational, @tylerc904, @Phonetics Boy @MrMannacroix, @Alenko, @elektroxx, @RMK
Lowest: 1 x 2 @happiestgirl, @RJF

Another ballad, but this is less inspired than the most of them. She sounds fantastic without any doubt, but the song somehow manages to be bland, even though it's meant to sound 'grand' (ooh, an unintentional rhyme right there). Love her delivery in the final chorus, but when a song is a bit boring, it can't make any great effect on me. - @Maki
Another bland soundtrack ballad - @jtm
Gimme that emotional blackmail that I love. - @Phonetics Boy
I don't care if this is schmaltzy; it's also wholesome and cozy. Give me that quaint suburban fantasy queen. - @R27
This was the standout on ASIB for me. Beautiful. Even if it's left to me to loudly correct those first lines to 'a little boy' 'a little boy' - @daninternational
Girl is absolutely serving cinematic powerballads. Forgot about this one a bit cause I stan other ones from this soundtrack more, but this is absolutely fire too. - @sprockrooster
Another pretty piano ballad that shows off her gorgeous voice. - @Music Is Life
It's a nice try, but I don't like this a lot either and ehm what can I say? I just don't know about this song. - @Laurence
I'm sorry: who was needing a song from Lady Gaga - even in character as someone else - where she paints us a picture where she's some submissive, doting wife looking after the kids and preparing lasagne for when the man of the house gets home? Especially in the context of the movie where it was apparently meant to be played at the wedding reception that was happening two seconds after Ally threatened to leave Jackson for being an abusive, misogynistic asshole. It's a good vocal take, but it's Lady Gaga. That's kind of expected. On a less... pointed angle, I just find it falls into the common Gagger Ballad trope of being desperate to pull emotion from you, when the reality is that her most emotionally connective moments are when she's not howling at a piano. - @RJF
Cue all of the basic gherlz playing this at their wedding for the next 5 years. - @Seventeen Days
A stunning ballad. Her voice sounds phenomenal. - @sfmartin
Quite unoriginal but I’m a sucker for a ballad in that particular key. - @Petit nain des Îles



Look What I Found
average: 6.77
Highest: 10 x 2 (@BelievixStar, @elektroxx)
Lowest: 1.25 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

This is cute. I like the slightly jazzy, boppy production. Her voice is great, as usual. It kinda goes off at the end. - @Music Is Life
Ooh I love this. I wouldn’t mind a Ronson produced song in this vein in the future. - @Petit nain des Îles
I really enjoy this. Her voice sounds great as with the whole of this record. It certainly doesn't overstay it's welcome. - @sfmartin
Look what I rated this track! Average. - @Laurence
This is like a mix between the 'organic' and 'pop' Ally and I thoroughly enjoy it. Brilliant production is another highlight. I'm not a big fan of the falsetto change in the middle, but the rest is excellent. - @Maki
I love this weird little song. Under-emphasized in the context of the movie, but a fantastic chorus and a fantastic vocal performance regardless. - @collxtion
About as necessary as the other songs on the Bodyguard soundtrack - @jtm
This one is aggravating. Wouldn't be out of place on Joanne. - @madgemad
Oh this is really nice, somehow it passed me by a bit in the film - @daninternational
I was too generous to this in the BPG rate last year. This sounds like the kind of track the GP would call “deep” and mistake as soulful just because it doesn't have synths or a bass drop. It's very well-sung, but so are plenty of her poppies songs, and this doesn't have much else going for it. - @r27
I love how the vibe of this feels like a throwback to the cabaret-style songs from the Fame/Fame Monster era. A fun track. - @Seventeen Days



average: 6.83
Highest: 10 x 13 (@Sprockrooster, @GimmeWork, @elektroxx, @Up N Down, @Phonetics Boy, @abael, @daninternational, @Ana Raquel, @Guy, @sfmartin, @Untouchable Ace, @Aidan, @Remorque)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Mr Blonde)

What the fuck - @aux
Building that euphoria and she should have had as much tenacity as this song tonrelease it as a single. - @Untouchable Ace
I loved the whole iTunes Swinefest it was exhilarating experience seeing these songs debuted with such a decisive creative vision. I for one love this one. The verses are bouncy and chaotic just how I like my Gaga. I think the instrumental drop will be roasted like a pig on a spit in this rate but I like the furious clash of electronic influences. It's all absurd but I love her ambition. The porky the pig vocals at the outro is camp as fuck. - @sfmartin
This is such a weird song lyrically. I think? Like, I can’t think of anything else like this. Musically speaking, it’s a fun and epic EDM bop, that makes me wanna dance till I die, like the rest of her songs. Nothing mind-blowing here, but it’s still pretty good. - @music is life
The messy track. I wish we got that ARTPOP version that Gaga handed in first to see how that raw thing would sound, but this is still quite good. A thing. But could be better. - @Laurence
Quite a switch-up, huh? This is so crazy and I love it. The hiccuping beat, the screaming delivery and that freaking buildup! That has to be the longest time it took to the actual drop that I've ever heard. The switching of beats is insane, as well as the hook. The main downside of this is that you can only listen to it 'in small doses'. Nonetheless, it's one of the highligts of this album. Oh, and I did watch the vomiting performance... or whatever was that. - @Maki
I can imagine it popping off live but as for now, this still is doing nothing for me. Her vocals are reaching Miley Cyrus levels of grating, and the production is so banal. I’m aware of the song’s meaning, but the execution just isn’t it unfortunately. - @Petit nain des Îles
I thought this sounded so badass back in 2013, but while I still appreciate its rage I can finally acknowledge that the whole thing is a bit of a mess. I think this would work better if Gaga upped the ante and went harder on the production - @r27
This track works a lot better in its live forms than in the studio version. - @VitaminBee
An angry racket of a song and I like it a lot. A rant against the industry which doesn't seem to quite know what it wants to do. Goes off live but the studio version isn't able to quite capture the energy. - @Stradiwhovius
Chaotic evil - @Ana Raquel
excellent pop hides behind all the production - @daninternational
The chaos and cacophony of the live version cannot be matched by the fairly empty studio version.
- @RJF
looove the verses and pre-chorus here but muffy sis that drop... - @31entrance
A staple on my workout mix. How anyone hears this as anything less than a complete banger is beyond me. Such a rush. Relentless fun. Take me to the artRave Gags YASsSs! - @gimmework
That intro for this song during the i-tunes festival has me wigless just thinking about it. - @Sprockrooster
A very annoying song - @jtm
Purge coloured milk in my face, mom! - @Phonetics Boy
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