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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Ok that was worth the wait.
  2. And it's NOT MILLION REASONS????????????

    Who allowed this I want to FIGHT
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  3. Me I did lets go
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  4. Seriously, why is Millions Reasons still here?
  5. 64.

    Sinner's Prayer
    Highest: 10 x 5 (@Jwentz sweetie i'm so sorry, @abael, @Guy, @aaronhansome, @askew)
    Lowest: 1.75 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    Bumpkins unite! This song has always felt like it was missing something, like it was an unfinished demo or they maybe uploaded the wrong version to the label, but the lyrics are fun and the general vibe is welcome to round out the aesthetic of the album. I wouldn't mind her revisiting this sound in the future. @Laurence says "This is a tad sweet, but... Falls flat somehow? It's an OK track but doesn't offer much interesting to me I find, so one of the few lows on Joanne. Love the verse about her sister, but that's best to say there." and @Petit nain des Îles doesn't find too much in general "It’s okay, nothing really jumped out but it’s not something I want to put on repeat either." On the other hand @Untouchable Ace doesn't even take time to look for something "This genre just reminds me of conservatism and I run." @daninternational has a bit more country experience but this wasn't enough to make the cut "My country catalogue is Carrie Underwood's woman scorned songs, Daddy Issues and Old Town Road, so Joanne was never going to be up my cowboy. This starts off well, but lacks the drive" And @R27 finds it redundant "This isn't nearly as provocative or interesting as its title suggests. The least essential track on Joanne". Likewise with @jtm It's fine, but the album at that point is at risk of starting to sound a bit samey in all its country glory". @sfmartin says "The pacing is all off for me. The production hurries the song along unnecessarily." and @Laura Vanderbooben recalls their country past "*deep heavy sigh*" I unashamedly love the production for this. It’s a bit of a country bop, and the Shania/Carrie/Taylor/Kacey stan in me loves it. Honestly, this could have been a country hit in another world. – music is life

    @31entrance mutters a kind of compliment "well, it’s better than Million Snoozes.." and @Alenko calls it "Underappreciated. Could be used for Tarantino. Love the backing vocals during the last choruses. And @Seventeen Days says "This is a perfect callback to the “urban cowboy” trend of the early 80s, when country music started to take on more pop elements. It reminds me of a song my grandma used to love, called “Somebody’s Knockin” by Terri Gibbs."​

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  6. I changed my score from 3 to 6 for Million Reasons... sorry!

    I like it... Sorry, maybe equal to Joanne.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. This hate for Million Reasons is baffling. As if there weren't enough songs on Joanne to hate on already.
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  9. Yes

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  10. This is a crime.
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  11. THIS is a crime.

    I balked last minute and gave it a 9.5 because I was only giving perfect 10s to the songs that could have been an 11, but... I should have stuck to my guns. Some of you hate rock music and it shows.
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  12. Y'all tripping. Million Reasons is useless throwaway local pandering and Sinner's Prayer is nowhere worse than it y'all just hate anything remotely country/folk sounding.
    Boreatella is a disgusting Gaga parody song.
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  13. R27


    Manicure being so divisive has been the biggest shock of the rate so far for me. I would have kept it around awhile longer, but alas, there have been more painful loses for me.

    Meanwhile, Sinner's Prayer is easily my least favourite song from Joanne, so I'm quite pleased with that one being escorted out of the rate.
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  14. RMK


    Why is Fashion! still here if MANiCURE is gone?
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  15. 2 songs that I could happily never hear again. They're not bad or good, they just exist. Better songs have already been eliminated, worse songs still remain intact. Meh.
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  16. RJF


    Because "Fashion!" is one of two songs I still play off ARTPOP and "MANiCURE" is trash.
  17. Oh the lack of taste. (Or my lack of taste.)
  18. Wait. I didn't give "MANiCURE" a 10?!
  19. Y’all don’t deserve Sinner’s Prayer

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  20. Too soon for Sinner's Prayer.
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