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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Too soon for Sinner's Prayer.
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  2. I've taken part in around 5 rates in my decade here, and I know everyone rates differently...

    For me, Like A Prayer is a 10. Manicure is not.
  3. 63.
    (courtesy of monstergaga1045 via deviantart)
    6.9725 (the next song beat this by .005's of a point, yeesh)
    Highest: 10 x 7 (@sfmartin, @Remorque, @Serg. @Ana Raquel, @daninternational, @elektroxx there's your 10 for the evening, @Phonetics Boy)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@RJF)

    I was never really too big on this one and was never sold on the "it's ironic and an homage" when the whole thing reads like shade? The gay friends Queer Eye for the celeb line never fails to make me cringe. I do like the funky middle 8, though. And, hey, some of ya'll seem to enjoy the whole mess so let's light a few marlboros and pour out some champagne for this one.

    @Music Is Life starts us off by saying "This is a lot of fun, and I think maybe a little sarcastic? Like, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to take it at face value. If so, than it’s kinda hilarious in a good way dddd. I love the production, all the different elements are so good, and that much better when they’re combined." But @collxtion thinks this "aged like milk. I’ll never NOT be annoyed Anton didn’t change a single detail from when he recorded it as Anjulie’s Karma Bitch. Donatella deserves better." "Never was a fan of this song. Nice tribute, but it falls flat once the jarring chorus starts. I love the backing vocal in the pre-chorus and the entire post-chorus. The interesting lyrics, as usual, are her specialty. And that beat could've been a tiny bit more subtle" says @Maki. @Laurence looks back on their own ARTPOP years "My I study here and I know the world already mood. What was I dreaming away while listening to this during my messy years of early out and about-gay during my studies and things like that. Party girl in the local gay club, wew." @SyPOPhantic gives it a 5 and says "the post chorus saves this from being a 3". @Petit nain des Îles stans "This is more like it. Brash and loud. The post chorus and the bridge are it. The chorus makes me think of Yelle so this could only get a positive score from me." @Seventeen Days doesn't take the whole thing too seriously, which is probably the only way to listen to this "every time I listen to this, I just picture Gaga writing this in homage of Maya Rudolph’s impersonation of Donatella Versace. Then all I can think of is the Versace Pockets skit, and I can’t take the song seriously." @Stradiwhovius says it's "thrillingly annoying. Despite its intentional vapidness there's something quite perversely inspiring about "listen to her radiate her magic even though she knows she's misunderstood." It's easy to see why Gags might want to throw a tribute to her." And @R27 loves the first half of the chorus "I love the first half of the chorus in all its shouty glory, even if it is arguably the most anonymous Gaga has ever sounded. Unfortunately, the cringey verses drag what could have been a fun little banger down." @daninternational gives it a 10 and says "It's what MJH wishes it was". Avid 7 Rings stan @RJF says "Gaga's very own, "this song is actually ironic and based on an in-joke with me and my friends haha :)" moment. You can imagine how here for it I am, and if you can't: I'm already in the taxi leaving." @GimmeWork tells a lil story "I have to travel often and one of my geographically challenged bffs can never remember where I’m going/where I’ve been so he always just tells our friends I’m getting a spray tan on holiday in Taipei. So obvi when I actually went to Taipei I had to send him a spray tan selfie and have a soft spot for this song because of the kii of it all…. And I almost gave this a 10, but “I’m a little bit of a bitch”." @FresherThanYou thinks "these lyrics feel very ‘The Fame’ era for me". And @madgemad says pointedly "Noisy. It's that drunk crazy friend you like, but you have to be in a certain mood to cope with." but also "It came on in a gay bar in Barcelona in 2016 and I lost it." @jtm thinks it's "one of the better songs on Artpop, but still not something I would listen to on purpose". @RMK isn't as fickle as some of us "fans have grown to dislike this one, but I’ll never understand why."

    And I'll close out the evening with @sfmartin who STANS "I fucking love this gay as fuck song. I would have given it my 11 if I didn't know that it would be pointless and this song would tank regardless. Firstly Zedd gives us this scorching instrumental with swaggering flouncing synths strutting through every part of the song. The prissy cheerleader chanty chorus compliments the European electro beat perfectly. It reminds me of this sensational track (from about 2.44 onwards).

    Then if that wasn't enough the bridge builds into is this swirly pulsing euphoric electronic meltdown that is just perfection. It's pounding vacuous European decadence. I love everything about it and I gratefully soak up every sassy sissy second."

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  4. "Donatella" deserved better.
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  5. Donatella is trash.

    I really like Sinner's Prayer and its southern swamp girl love story True Blood intro sequence fantasy. I don't get how yall scored Joanne.
  6. Sinner's Prayer should have EASILY stayed around over Donatella but I do love how Donatella breaks down and reassembles itself at the end.
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  7. I gave both Manicure and Sinner's Prayer a 7, but I can't say I remember what the latter sounds like anymore.

    I think what I like about Donatella is the amazing instrumental underneath.
  8. Donatella's lyrics are just... gross. I know it's supposed to be satirical and a commentary on how abusive the fashion industry is on models but it just makes me feel so uneasy.
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  9. With Manicure and Donatelle gone, Fashion! is the only song left that got a bad score from me, so let's eliminate that next please.
  10. This doesn’t feel like the wrong time for Donatella and Manicure to go but I would quite happily see everything from The Fame except for Paparazzi and Just Dance drop any time now.
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  11. Are we basically eradicating all the campness from her catalog? I sense 'Venus' will be exiting soon.
  12. Venus is near-perfection, so I hope not!
  13. Well we've lost the plot, with that trio of eliminations. Two 9s and an 8.
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  14. No complaints from me with those last few eliminations. Thank you next.
  15. Donatella is a bit shit but wig at that description.
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  16. I want to see Aura reach the top20 (let a girl dream) but honestly I really don't care about the rest of Artpop now.
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  17. Teeth can exit the rate now.
  18. When Donatella came on in that gay bar I really did get my life.
  19. Can Joanne leave next?
  20. Guy


    What the fuck is this?
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