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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. It's quite ironic that "Donatella" and "Why Did You Do That" leave one after another, since both portray camp in a different way. The former does it mainly in the lyrics, but I'm mostly rating the sonic aspect of the song and it's good, but not anazing, which is why it got a score of 6,75 from me. I do support the love for the post-chorus, but th A bit surprised that "Mary Jane Holland" surpassed it.

    And of course my favorite 'basic pop' track from "A Star Is Born" leaves first, but that doesn't mean it's a loss, because I gave it a 7,25. "Why Did You Do That" is really good, no matter how repetitive the chorus is or the lyrics are cringy at parts. I like the bass, too.
    The other two pop songs from the soundtrack are surely weaker than it and I'll be quite impatient to see them leave. All three seriously lack depth in the production, and while they serve their purpose, all are bland and generic on different levels.

    And there's no way you can compare the campness of "The Fame" tracks to her later work (especia. Even my least favorite song of that kind from "The Fame" ("Money Honey", sorry @soratami) got a solid score from me, since it has much better elements than those watered-down pop tracks.
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  2. Million Reasons needs to go.
  3. R27


    Is "Paper Gangsta" still in this? If so, that should vacate immediately.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I will not sign these monkey papers.
  6. It's performance art single cover representing the shallowness of Ally's pop tracks!!!! This is how Gaga felt during ARTPOP.
  7. 61.
    average: 7.03
    Highest: 10 x 8 (@Untouchable Ace @Aidan @Laurence @Petit nain des Îles @Seventeen Days @happiestgirl @soratami @elektroxx)
    Lowest: 1 x 1 (@jtm)

    Conveniently timed while we're talking about basic bops as this is a perfect example of Gaga's ability to craft a melodic, catchy jam that's filled with nonsensical and trite lyrics. I still remember coming across this on Youtube one day and having a "wait is this album filled with wall-to-wall bops?" moment which gave me the push to finally listen to the rest of the album as my iPod only had Poker Face and Paparazzi at the time (alongside a bunch of early 00's emo punk bands shoutout Andrew McMahon!) and now here I am, running a Gaga rate on a pop music forum. Life is fun. Anyway let's groove slam work it back to some of your personal commentary:

    @KingBruno shouts "GROOVE, SLAM, WORK IT BACK, FILTER THAT, BABY BUMP THAT TRACK! All over the place, yet an absolute essential moment on the album." @sfmartin calls it "super catchy". @Music Is Life thinks "This bops way too much than it should. It’s kind of a mess, but also so much fun because of it." @Laurence jams "Yas, RnBGa, what a fucking bop. This was so great and shoulda been a single, but we all know what happened after Paparazzi; an imperial phase." But @Maki will not be making this #1 on their playlist "I can see why some people wanted this as a single, but this is surely one of the most dated songs here. The autotune definitely makes this song memorable, although it may be too much for me. I love the hook, but the rest of the song isn't nearly as good. The rappers don't appeal to me, either. Anyways, it managed to receive a decent score from me." and @Sleepycat doesn't think it quite comes together "Great ingredients, but it sounds so unbelievably unfinished." and @jtm calls it "The low point of the debut. Somehow the rap verse is actually the best thing about it". @daninternational echoes "finally a weak song on this album".

    @collxtion makes me realize Gaga has a habit of putting album tracks in promotional material (Government Hooker for the VMAs and I feel like there's another I'm missing) "This never got a music video but still finds space to sneak in Beats product placement." @FresherThanYou acknowledges the "Amazing intro, quite repetitive though as the song goes on" and @Stradiwhovius says "Boom Clap I'm in me mums car. A guilty and somewhat ironic pleasure." @Seventeen Days waxes nostalgic "I can’t even count how many times my friends and I pre-funked with this track on. I love the line “put your hands on my waist/pull the fader”. that-was-a-classic.gif"

    We have a few stans for (one of) the features as @Untouchable Ace admits "I actually love Space Cowboy . 'Running Away' is fabulous." and @Petit nain des Îles says "I’m a simple little monster, I see Space Cowboy, I throw a 10." @R27 says "Wild that Gaga once collaborated with Flo-Rida, but even wilder is how enjoyable this is in the year 2019." @RJF commits some Flo Rida erasure and says "Anyone who says they don't groove, slam, work it back, filter that, and baby bump this track is lying to us and to themselves. Flo Rida's last moment of relevance. She was featuring on Saturdays tracks a year or two later! ha!suffer.gif" NOT when he followed that up with Whistle, Wild Ones, I Cry, Good Feeling, GDFR, and My House! HITS at least in the US. Maybe my early 20's bar experiences being soundtracked by Flo Rida is why I am the way I am. Life is fun. @31entrance similarly does not stan "basic but I love it, could do without Flo Rida’s part tho". I guess the club isn't the only thing that can't handle a little Flo Rida, haters!

    What is with the weird dubbing and camera work on this ahjkgdh
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  8. Is it bad I think Flo Rida is the best thing the song has to offer (besides Gaga's hook)?
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  9. Sam


    Has summerboy won yet
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  10. No, but it's close.
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  12. These should have gone before Starstruck though.

    ARTPOP, Mary Jane Holland, Teeth, Fashion! and Million Reasons and then after that Highway Unicorn can go.
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  13. Take out Fashion! and Highway Unicorn and then I’ll fully agree with this statement.
  14. I’ve said this before but there’s no way Million Reasons would’ve stuck this long if it was a mere album track but you know... ~~~single~~~
  15. I think this is the most divisive rate I've ever been a part of.
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  16. Time for Teeth to go now.
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  17. Starstruck should not be out already. The intro alone is brilliant.
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  18. All these Little hoes Monsters calling for Teeth to go when Monster is right there.
  19. Some of you giving Starstruck a 10

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