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Oh no no no, not Bad Kids being the first standard track of Born This Way being eliminated! I used to bop to it hard back in 2013 for some odd reason. Don't do it as quite now, but still lovely.

can we get rid of m****** r****** already
Jesus christ one hour out and a Hair slander has started?


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59. 58.


average: 7.13
Highest: 10 x 7 (@Dijah. @GimmeWork @abael @Dangerous Maknae @Petit nain des Îles @Aester @Remorque)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Alenko)

Boooo. This was done a bit wrong. I knew it'd be between this and Speechless as the first TFM cuts but I was hoping it would come a bit later in the rate. At worst, it sounds like it was written specifically for a True Blood tie in during the peak of vampire romance mania (which, tbh, CAMP) and at best it's a stomping, rousing, weird, menancing, STORMER of a closing track with a fun structure and production she hasn't quite revisited since. I struggle to think of another pop girl that could pull this off. Those 27 minute renditions on The Monster Ball tour? Wig.

@Music Is Life nods in agreement "I fucking love the pounding drum production in this, and the handclaps that go through, and the horns. This feels like some sort of campy, almost western-lite song. The beginnings of Joanne perhaps found here? Whatever it is, because I can’t really put a finger on it, I know it’s amazing and I love it." @Maki was also taken with the production "Some of the most unique songs she's ever done. The creative production is the ultimate highlight here and makes the most of this song. The pitch-black party atmosphere it creates, the uneasy and creepy vibe of the producrion (mostly that distorted vocals) and the chants evoke a feeling like you're in some kind of a cult and it totally works, which is why I like it. Those horns mixed with loud drums and even some synth are excellent, too. There are even hints of what's about to happen on "Born This Way" ('my religion is you'). However, it is my least favorite song from "The Fame Monster". It lacks amore melody in my opinion, but for what it is supposed to add to this record, it does it greatly. I can already envision a gruesome music video for this." and @Ana Raquel calls it "Underrated!!1 Not as bad as everyone says." @Petit nain des Îles pictures a big showstopper moment "Is it me or does feel like a song that a villain would burst into in a Disney movie dd? It’s so campy. 10 just for those horns." Gaga would dominate the soundtrack to a Disney animated classic. @daninternational says its "country/pop that works."

A lot of you didn't think it worked though. @Phonetics Boy says they "I don't want to see nor hear them." and @Laurence says "This is just a weird dud on the album I think. It does not slap that hard but it fits it, but just as that... Coulda been better? I do remember that gay prón version fanmade music video, hilarious. Stans are crazy. It's an OK track but just brings this EP down." The general consensus seemed to be that it was the worst of a very great album which caused it's scores to drop. "It's not bad, but it's the weakest on the album, it sounds like a Christina Aguilera track" @SyPOPhantic says before changing their identity and hiding from our resident Xtina stan. @sfmartin needs a chorus "I have never liked this. I find melody and production off putting. I was expecting a chorus that never comes." And @Seventeen Days doesn't think it holds up next to the rest "This has always been my least-fave track on The Fame Monster. I’m not really sure why, but it just doesn’t vibe with the rest of the album for me. Still pretty bop-worthy though when the mood hits." Likewise with @R27 "Very much an album track. I can appreciate it for being a bit more experimental than the rest of the EP/album and showing off Gaga’s versatility, but I never really get the urge to listen to it." @VitaminBee, however, "Never liked it. Never will." @jtm says "It's fine I guess but not as exciting as everything that comes before it" @FresherThanYou gives it a 7, they're lowest for the parent album, "for me, the worst of a Very good bunch! Don’t hate it but hardly return to it." @GimmeWork wants to see it live again "I’d really like to see this one sneak back into one of her set-lists again sometime. Such a moment live!" And @madgemad might like to also, if only to have a bathroom/refill break "I've never liked it. It was my toilet/drinks top-up break at my Monster Ball dates so it is useful at least." @Alenko would rather not have it at all "I absolutely hate this. I hate the live 10 minutes Michael introduction performance too. Never got into it. Waste of space." Speaking of live productions @Sprockrooster is "Still stanning the Coachellamix from this." And @RJF closes looking back on a pop moment "An absolute stormer. The CUNT it took to perform it in the pouring rain on live television as middle America ate their breakfasts and clutched their rosaries." Ah, that's history.

"Some people say I'm not a religious woman, so come on [insert city], let's go to church" i dont know a better person i dont know a better person

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First of all, a rectification:
And there's no way you can compare the campness of "The Fame" tracks to her later work. Even my least favorite song of that kind from "The Fame" ("Money Honey", sorry @soratami) got a solid score from me, since it has much better elements than those watered-down pop tracks.
I said that "Money Honey" is the weakest link of "The Fame" (standard edition), but it's actually "Starstrukk" (doesn't make it any better to @soratami, looking at those scores).
And with that being said, I'm glad "Starstrukk" is out at this point, because I thought it would stay even longer. It just sounds unfinished and seriously lacks something. Even if you love it, you can't deny how cheap it is. Still, I gave it a 6,5 because of how infectious that hook is.
Just saw that promo video for it (although I remember seeing it earlier) - I guess they wanted the video to match the cheapness of the song, hehe.

"Bad Kids" is another elimination I can get behind and seems reasonable given the reactions. It does sound filler-ish and inessential to the album, since it brings nothing new to the table (especially when we already have "Hair"), but doesn't deserve much hate because it's there's not anything seriously wrong with it. And I agree with @sfmartin saying that the chorus is too saccharine in comparison to the verses, which doesn't do it any justice.
I liked it enough to give it a score of 7.
However, it shouldn't be out before the remaining bonus tracks from "Born This Way".