The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

"Teeth" is an obvious first cut from "The Fame Monster", but I didn't expect to see it leave so early, especially before certain "Born This Way" and "ARTPOP" album/bonus tracks.
Sure, it's divisive because of its experimental nature, but that's part of its charm. Along with "Speechless", it's a clear sonic standout of the album and completely keeps your attention due to that amazing production. Sort of a cacophony, yet it works so well. Very impressive delivery, like @Subwaykid already said, I can't imagine anyone else doing this type of song.
"Teeth" got a 7,5 from me (the lowest score on "The Fame Monster"), so I'm not too bothered by thia cut.
Definitely remains one of her most unique tracks and there are more than a few songs that should've left before it.

Honestly the only thing I think of with Teeth now.

This is hilarious! The was she shows her teeth at the end cracks me up every time. Never saw this clip before, now I'm glad I did.
I knew that Teeth gay vampire video wasn't a proper official video, but I always thought it was a Haus of Gaga production, not just a random fanmade video. I mean, it does say "Haus of Gaga" at the start, and I'm pretty sure the original upload had a high view count.

You know anyone can upload anything and state Haus of Gaga... doesn’t make it official.
The high count was because of thirsty gays
'Bad Kids' suffers due to the production, but then that's also part of it's charm. 'Teeth' is just camp in the best way.

People complaining about the eliminations here, at least they're not this bad

The lack of taste

Even with that scumbag on it 'Do What U Want' is an undeniably incredible track.