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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Yes.
  2. People doing the most? On my
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Pfft, I gave 95% of Gaga ballads a 10 cause they are why I stan, but even my patience run out at I'll Never Love Again. Fight the real enemy!
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Well....this is a statement.
  6. Of all the 10s I gave, which were 32 and difficult to give, not every rate has that, from me (they get them from @Music Is Life ), Million Reasons is certainly not a 10
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  7. Million Reasons is just ... not good. I'm far from a ballad hater, so I don't hate it for that reason, but it's just so repetitive, in parts. After about three times of hearing her say "million reasons" at the start, I tune out the rest of the song.
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  8. The only thing I like about Million Reasons is how much she always snaps on it vocally. But we have plenty of other songs for that so...
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  9. Ddddd yes they do, and they deserve them.
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  10. The chorus of Million Reasons is worth all the 7.5 points I gave it and the rest of the song is 0.
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  11. Wow some of you need to bow down to pray.
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  12. Try to make the song seem better?
  13. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member


    Mary Jane Holland
    average: 7.17
    Highest: 10 x 17 (@elektroxx whose tens cant catch a break, @MrMannacroix @yeRleDanaL @Slice of Life @push the button @theelusivechanteuse @soratami @m_dimitrov @Petit nain des Îles @Seventeen Days @sfmartin @Sanctuary @Aidan @Petty Mayonnaise @Music Is Life @eliminathan @askew)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@SyPOPhantic)

    This helps add to the chaotic sound of the album and the theme of drug use, but has always felt pedestrian when compared to the rest of her dance tracks. I do like the vocal delivery and the melody is nice. The "I think we'd/weed" wordplay is fun but "I know that mom and dad think I'm a mess but it's alright because I am rich as piss" is maybe her weakest lyric for me. The context of the song was screaming for visuals so it's a shame we never got a proper one. Then again between the vomit rave and high Disney princess imagery, maybe it would've been a mess after all. Despite receiving a whopping 17(!) 10's (barring any missed inputs again dd) this didn't seem to conjure too many thoughts from ya'll so lets jump right into it.

    @Laurence is "Not a fan again, considering I hate the subject as it smells and gave me some bad experiences. However, the song is meh, we know they wrote it over an old song so that does make it a little weak, we know... All good now." @sfmartin loves the big top feel "I love the chaotic circus production of this, so many wonderful flourishes such as the steam train sounds in the second verse. The pre-chorus is fire. The post chorus is also tremendous. The middle 8 is absurd but it's just dramatic enough to work. Overall one of my favourites on the album." @Untouchable Ace reminisces "Oh those Russian hookers." and @Petit nain des Îles praises the production "Oh this is huge. The dubstep influences work perfectly this time and compliment her vocals. The transition from the few seconds of audience screams to the final chorus gives me such an energy boost. Perhaps Madeon should have had a bigger presence over the other collaborators after all." @R27 scolds "Mom and dad aren't the only ones who think you're a mess for this one Gags. The chorus starts off so strong, but even that starts to peter out by the end. The verses fine I suppose, but that bridge has to be one of her weakest." Not if @madgemad has anything to say about it! "That bridge is maybe the most overdramatic thing she's ever written? The chords are full on musical theatre, the synths are mental, the vocal delivery!" @Phonetics Boy agrees too " I used to hate ha but she made some points aside from that repulsive middle 8." @Seventeen Days says it's "The better track on the album that references pot in its title. Don’t @ me." but @daninternational thinks "It always felt a bit high school to talk in code about weed. Wow, such edge." @jtm thinks it's a bit of a mess but at least a better mess than the rest of the album "Despite the production being a mess as well this for me clearly rises above all the other Artpop tracks" And finally @Maki says it's "Probably the most obvious filler track of this album. We've heard all of the elements before, so maybe its tracklist placement is to blame. I love how she sings 'Russian hookers and cheap gin' line and the trippy effects during the chorus. There are some elements that make the song basic and it pales a bit because of that. And I totally forget about the Queen-sounding moment that is the middle-8. Maybe this isn't a filler, after all?"

    why is the audio not on her channel? ff

    I forgot this was the song she put a chair on her head, forget what I said about needing a visual!

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  14. Slice of Life

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  15. This rate really took a turn for the worse these last few eliminations. Starstruck, Bad Kids, Million Reasons, Teeth and Mary Jane Holland ALL deserved better. And somehow Fashion! is still here...
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  16. I always swore Mary Jane Holland was bottom 3 from Artpop to me, but I've rediscovered it as a bit of an ironic, kitschy number that tries too hard yet convinced me it really doesn't. It works, unlike a few other gaudy songs of the album that feel like they miss the mark to me
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  17. Yet another one of my 10s. I feel personally attacked right now.
  18. Are you fucking kidding me? What a joke

  19. Yes it's out finally, but how come ARTPOP is still in?

    Starstruck is way better than all of them leaving now, as is Bad Kids.
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  20. and that's that on that.
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