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Who says I'm talking about you lmao, I'm talking about those who hate Million Reasons


Just took a shot in the dark, besides the spirit of my reply could be applied to anyone who that was towards and I'm not particularly a fan of Million Reasons myself.
Based on my scores, the next out should be...

Paper Gangsta, Dance In the Dark, Fashion of His Love, Aura, Joanne, Shallow, The Cure.

This would make a nice top 20, innit @RJF? Too bad Grigio Girls is already out, poor ha.

In no particular order? Yes. In that order...
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NONE of these should be next out.
The Cure is below I Want Your Love...

To be honest, many of those are rated very high, they're just next for each album on my list (unless I missed one).

Fashion of His Love and Paper Gangster could go next and I wouldn’t be upset. While I do like the song, I’d love to see Shallow go purely because of the version they released. I want the studio version from the first trailer that sounds better than whatever was put out.
Catching up with the eliminations...

I'll never love again get the hate for "Million Reasons", no matter how much it has been discussed.
It's just a ballad, which Gaga has a lot of, and a lovely ballad in my opinion. Her vocals are on point and the build-up is done so well. The production is excellent, like on the entirety of "Joanne", it manages to perfectly compliment the delivery. And when it gets to those 'staaay...' harmonies after the chorus, it hits me every time. Oh, and that final 'stay' she sings is adorable. The only 'objection' is that there could be something more going on with some parts, melodically spealing. The music video is one of her blandest and most forgettable ones, even thogh I saw it a hundred times on TV.
I gave "Million Reasons" a 9,25 and in no way it deserved to leave before top 50.
Also, 'bland' is a word that should refer to some of the songs that are still in much more than it should to "Million Reasons".

"Mary Jane Holland" is one of the more forgettable songs from "ARTPOP", so colour me surprised after seeing all those 10's it received. It's kind of a flop dark horse, huh?
I really like the verses and especially the pre-chorus, but the chorus is really underwhelming and slightly puts me off. Also, I must agree with all the comments saying that the producion is a trip - like I've said in the commentary, it really is excellent and contains many awesome effects that make the most of the song. Can't say much about the song's theme, since it's not my sort of thing.
With a score of 6,75 it's one of my lowest scores from that album, so I'm not bothered to see it leave.

I try my best to listen to the songs while reading the elimination write-ups, and I was taken by the production "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion" so much that I started doubting my score for it, which is 6,75. I guess it just lacks something, especially during the chorus, in order for me to love it more. It manages to be fierce on its own, yet completely not essential to the album. Very interesting thematically, which isn't something unusual for Lady Gaga.
It's a good elimination at this point, I thought it would last even shorter.
And I love the use of the photo for the artwork, @Subwaykid!

"I'll Never Love Again" isn't an elimination I would mourn (since I gave it a 7,5), but it surely didn't deserve to leave before those two bland pop songs from the soundtrack.
That story about "I'll Never Love Again" is so touching and made me view the song from a completely different angle, which increased my love towards it.

And there's absolutely no way that my 11 is leaving anytime soon.