The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

People asking for Dance In The Dark's head already

"I Want Your Love" has to be the Lady Gaga song I'm the least familiar with (including her unreleased songs).
I think I've heard it once or twice before this rate and just listened to a snippet of it while arranging the scores (hence no commmentary), so it was a bit tough to rate.
I eventually settled on a 7,75 because the chorus is really memorable and the overall vibe is very pleasant.

After voting, I listened to this (full) version and slightly prefer it to the one with the video:

It's quite a journey in terms of production and those ad-libs are great. Loving the use of strings, too. However, as a whole, it doesn't impress me as much as I want it to. Those verses are a bit nothing-y, to be honest.
I expected it to stay a bit longer, considering that disco sound is something I thought would be eaten up by this forum. The lack of high scores is surely the reason it left a bit early (it's probably the most consistently scored song so far), but I'm not bothered by that. An interesting 11 choice, too, I can totally see the appeal in that.
This elimination startled me, since I absolutely didn't see it coming at this point.
It's my first 10 to be eliminated and It's a bit mind-boggling how such a gorgeous song didn't even reach top 50.
Thinking a bit, "Angel Down" is actually my favorite Lady Gaga ballad and I would say one of her most important ones, too.

What a closer. I remember hearing "Angel Down" for the first time in January 2017, adoring it immediately and it felt so perfect with that winter soundscape. I mean, the intro alone suggests that we're onto sonething special. The way it slowly builds up, yet maintains the delicate and fragile tone is magnificent. The production and musical arrangement are top-notch, with that elengantly chilling instrumental constantly brooding behind. Those eerie, slightly haunting vocals that are sometimes distorted add another layer to the already gloomy sound of the track. I always fall for those sad, fairytale-sounding songs and this is one of the best examples of that. Her vocals are truly something else - the way she growls in that final chorus is exactly what the song needed to be lifted to another level. And that outro... there couldn't be a more perfect way to end the song - the hushed delivery is just magical and goes so well with the music box sound. Wow, the song really projects that devastating feel in the best possible way.
A really unique song for her, too, since she's never done such a stripped-down song with those elements. Also, the theme of "Angel Down" is incredibly touching and important, and the lyrics equally meaningful, so it surprised me that it waan't loved more.
The worktape version is amazing, capturing even more rawness.
It's such a perfect closer of the album and literally the only album closer by Lady Gaga I truly adore (and the competition is quite strong).

It's such a pity that most of you didn't recognize the poignant beauty in it. Being among my top 3 songs from "Joanne" (what I consider her best album), it's a bit devastating to see it out way before it should be.
At least there are 11 voters that gave it full marks and it's pleasing to see that - thanks for having taste.
Eh Eh, Speechless and Electric Chapel should go soon.

Sidenote, I can't read these song titles without thinking of these other songs:

Heal Me - Manicure
I'll Never Love Again - Speechless
I Want Your Love - Bad Romance
@Subwaykid a whole bunch of my commentary is missing from these elims, it was in a followup PM I sent after the scores!

I Want Your Love died too soon, but the three-year delayed release and it being a cover didn’t exactly keep the hype going, so I get why it was overlooked. Arguably her best non-album effort ever though.
Eh Eh, Speechless and Electric Chapel should go soon.
Absolutely nOT!


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Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

average: 7.27
Highest: 10 x 5 (@soratami @VitaminBee @SyPOPhantic @Sprockrooster @happiestgirl)
Lowest: 2.5 x 1 (@Robsolete)

Some of you have not got it made like ice cream topped with honey, apparently. This is jam packed with hooks, ain't it?

"I love her performance on this one. It's quite a simple song in its structure, but there's enough going on to keep you interested. She was just so quirky back then and it's a pleasure hearing some of these songs back." You're welcome @Remorque. "remember when Emily was posing as Katie in Skins and this was playing in the background? that was a classic" @31entrance reminisces, I don't because my tumblr phase was over after s1 but I'm sure you lot do! "This some gay shit I was NOT prepared to comprehend in 2008. Aged like a fine wine." @collxtion says about me. @daninternational had his monsters up since day one "The kind of basic bop that hooked me on Gaga after Just Dance" Likewise with @FresherThanYou "Love this one, it was one of the first tracks I ever heard of hers!" @Laurence was an early subscriber as well "A lovely track, what a song. Remember that video? She was upcoming girls! Love the st-st-stuttering and it just flows really well." The video is kind of a serve, huh? Yas burn that ABC promo budget! @jtm finds it faceless "It's fine but it could have been recorded by anyone" but it wasn't! Right @RJF? "Okay but that pre-chorus. Some people's faves wish they had it. Maybe about 40% of people's faves, but that's still a pretty sizeable chunk. beautiful. daddy daddy rich rich beautiful. daddy. rich." @Maki calls it "My least favorite out of the singles (or promo singles) from this album, but it's still a really good song. The chorus is my fave part, that synth (or sound effect) and the guitar totally make it for me. The main objection is that it sounds slightly too much like her demos from this era, which makes it a bit uninspired. Also, too much talking/rap parts for me to enjoy it more." but @Music Is Life finds it to be "A total bop, I love the drums and guitar in the production." @sfmartin "Never was particularly enamoured with this one. It didn't hit the spot like the other album tracks." @Petit nain des Îles says it "Kind of reminds me of late 00’s indie in some way. It’s a song that I tend to forget about, as it lacks something to make it more memorable… perhaps an actual bridge?" as @SyPOPhantic bang bangs to the demo "Truly an underrated bop - I prefer the middle 8 from the demo but it's so much better than Just Dance and Pokerface." @R27 thinks it's a bit dated "It sounds very much of its time, and this was never a sound I loved to be honest. Overall, it feels a little too on the nose and lacks a lot of the wit and cleverness found elsewhere on the album." but @Sprockrooster calls it timeless "There is something very timeless classic as an forgetten classic underdog in this." And @VitaminBee only needed 30 seconds to stan "BDR was the only track that grabbed me when I quickly listened to every 30 second snippet from The Fame on the iTunes page back when it first came out. Little did I know what that would start for me... I will also say, I wish the demo bit “Look at them dirty rich girls, look at them dirty rich boys, playing with all their beautiful and dirty dirty rich toys" was in the final version."



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"I can see myself in the movies with my picture in city lights"


The Fame
average: 7.29
Highest: 10 x 6 (@happiestgirl @AllGagaLike @GimmeWork @Music Is Life @aaronhansome @CasuallyCrazed)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Stradiwhovius)

And her debut loses another one. This being cut before the literal brain worm pop songs from ASIB...I hate fags what they do makes me sick.

@Laurence starts off with praise for the title track "Title track which just works so well for everything she is. A moment." but @collxtion finds it underwhelming " I’m not mad at it, but it’s a bitsY underwhelming for a title track, you know? The bridge is a serve tho." "That middle 8 tho" @31entrance concurs, alongside @madgemad, who says " I love this song! The middle 8 is classic Madonna." "Even though this reminds me slightly of I Like The Way You Move, it is one of the strongest songs here @daninternational says and BOP! "Everything about this is so damn playful and charming, from the effortlessly catchy production to the character building lyrics. It encapsulates the spirit of her debut so well." notes @R27 and true. @RJF says "girl i hear sumn........ & it slaps! Sorry but eleven years on and this still knocks! That droning synth in the chorus that kicks things up a notch, that bass just licking away through the entire track, the silly lyrics. The Bowie inspiration is more blatant here than a lightning bolt on the face. Also, considering of y'all have been showing your holes for the fame since you were old enough to not land people on some kind of register, I'm sure you can relate." And eliminated on his birthday no less. I could've sworn that recurring guitar strumming actually sampled Bowie but maybe I'm thinking of something else?

@GimmeWork had no idea what we were in for in 2008 "I remember wanting this to be a single so bad that I almost wasn’t excited for her to move on, but then I heard Bad Romance and properly got my whole life." Whew remember that? @jtm calls it "Not very different from the song that preceeds it. I think I listened to this maybe twice back then" @Maki reveals their dentophobia a bit "One of the more forgettable songs here, but then the catchy chorus comes in and reminds me of it. Even though it has all the elements of a great song, it somehow misses something more. A bit underwhelming for a title track. The high-pitched sounds in the chorus remind me of dentists drill sounds and make me slightly uncomfortable. Oh, and middle-8 made me raise its score a bit, it's rather lovely." "Disco always puts me in a good mood so this will do, though I don’t return to it often." @Petit nain des Îles admits. And @Seventeen Days catwalks "God, I love the stomping feel of this track. Especially on the choruses. The Glam As You Remix is a fucking banger." @sfmartin calls it "So god damn catchy like everything else on this album." "Most songs on this album feel like cute skits which should be a 1 minute interlude stretched out far longer than they have any right to be. says @Stradiwhovius who is wrong but I'll allow it. @SyPOPhantic sums up "It's a fun pop song, what more can you ask for?" Quite.

I haven't seen that choreo in years mama the flashbacks