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I don't know how popular this opinion will be, but "Summerboy" can vacate immediately.
While I appreciated that you weren't happy with the eliminations of BDR and Starstruck, this statement is just wrong.
Yeah Boys Boys Boys would've been a better elimination than the title track but Beautiful, Dirty, Rich is what I requested next from The Fame so it's a trade-off as I didn't think the title track would last much longer anyway. Heal Me and You and I still being alive is questionable at best.
Boys Boys Boys is miles better than The Fame. You and I was a single, so it's overrated. Everyone probably rated their state / radio version of it so its incredibly high (not).
"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" is classic Gaga, both lyrically and sonically. With a 7, it was my lowest remaining score from the album and I'm totally okay with it leaving. Like I've said, the chorus truly is the highlight, but the rest is weaker with all that talk-singing, which is probably why it didn't appeal to all of us. The lack of 10's was a bit unexpected (eslecially since it was a 'single'), I must note.
Love the artwork you've made for it, @Subwaykid - really goes well with the kitch of it all (and yes at the details referencing the lyrics!)

I kind of sympathize with "The Fame" (album), because it's colorful, has all those quirks and is full of personality that even the 'weak' songs from it have an undeniable charm.
@Maki reveals their dentophobia a bit
Haha, nice one! In fact, my aunt is a dentist, so I'm very familiar with that sound (and that's why I actually don't have dentophobia).
It's not surprising to see "The Fame" out - it's a really good title track thematically, but still lacks some punch, which is why I gave it a 7,5.
I'm glad that so many recognised that superb middle-8; it really is lovely.

All that being said, I'm not too bothered by seeing them both leave. Can't say that these cuts are either underrated nor overrated, but there's worse than both of them still in.
I'm going to assume that the voters thought that the singles were so superior to the album tracks (which mostly is true) and made a great score gap, hence the whittling down we're witnessing.
No more eliminations from her debut, please!

And I completely agree with everyone who says that all these "The Fame" album tracks should've outlasted "Heal Me", "Hair Body Face" and even "The Cure", let alone some of the songs from other albums. How is their quirkiness not superior to the blandness of those "A Star Is Born" songs?
"Daddy, I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry, yeah"

'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' is a simple but effective and perfect pop song. The chorus pops and it is silly in the best way possible and just so effortlessly catchy. Some of the girls remaining cannot for a second relate.
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