The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

This will be a mess and no one will be happy, until Heavy Metal Lover wins as it should.
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I still can't believe that "Paper Gangsta" outlasted "Starstruck" and "Beautiful Dirty Rich," but I'm glad that it's gone.

I hope that we lose "Boys Boys Boys," "Hair," "Speechless" and "Summerboy" before the Top 40.
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I underscored "Highway Unicorn" a bit. Glad to see the other two leave. I believe I only have one sub-6 score remaining now.
Rant part 1/3:
"Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" deserved so much better. Okay, I know it has its detractors, but it's easily one of the most interesting songs from "Born This Way". I gave it a 9, but, looking back, the score could've been even higher. The production is amazing and there's always something new happening, making the song even more interesting. The song is chaotic in such a great way, which makes it quite epic. And that outro - brilliant.
It's such an undercover gem that should've outlasted many songs from "Born This Way" and other albums. Although, looking at the reactions, maybe I should be satisfied with this result, considering it could've been even worse.