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Boys Boys Boys

average 7.505
Highest: 10 x 8 (@GimmeWork @happiestgirl @yeRleDanaL @Andrew.L @Sanctuary @Aidan @PushyBakerFriend @Laurence)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@2014)
Innocent pop Gaga was so much fun. I wasn't out at the time so this song didn't get the love it should have at the time @daninterntional

Automatic 10 because every time I hear it I’m instantly transported back to that time she made eye contact with me and waved to my group while performing it. Yes I know she did this every single show for numerous front row gaggles-of-gays, but it still feels special DAMNIT! @GimmeWork

This is all sorts of amazing. I might slighty overrate this just because I haven't played it in a while and am happy to hear it again. @jtm

The lyrics scream early Gaga and I love it for all the nostalgia it serves. I don't know if it would have actually done well as a single, but as an album track, it's fucking fantastic. @Remorque

I should really like this but I don’t?????? I don’t know why. @Ana Raquel

Probably too gay to ever have been a single in 2008, but goddamn is the songwriting TIGHT (eggs aside). Olivia Newton-John at the end of Grease WISHES. @collxtion

Absolute bop. This is actually still pretty fresh sound I think? Like it doesn’t sound as dated as you might expect? I love the production, and this is catchy as fuck. @Music Is Life

This is so great, I love it! Can't get enough. What a song I imagine myself dancing on to in the club and getting all them boys to fall madly in love with me, teehee. Great song, so bouncy. @Laurence

I had heard Just Dance and wasn't all that impressed, so a friend sent me this one over MSN Messenger in January 2009. I was IMPRESSED. @madgemad

Okay, but this has to be one of the catchiest and most addictive songs she has and I'm into it. The chorus melody is instantly etched into your head and you aren't able to forget it because of how repetitive it is. I love the use of synths and the overall production here. The song isn't as magnificent as my personal favorites, but it surely manages to stand out. @Maki

That chorus is addicting isn’t it? Sabrina outsold. @Petit nain des Îles

This takes me right back to Pride '09, when my friends and I blasted this repeatedly. Also, I love the shoutout to The Killers. @Seventeen Days (ed. note gimme that Brandon Flowers collab we deserve)

I love the playfulness of the lyrics and delivery. @sfmartin

Sugababy, she's a fan. @Untouchable Ace

I love how she delivers the sleazy and trashy lyrics (“make out in the bleachers”) of the verses as if they were the actions of a glamorous socialite as opposed to a bored teenager. However, it's the anthemic arena-ready chorus that steals the show. Despite its inherent shallowness there's something so rousing in the way she delivers it that gets me a tad in my feelings. Her rockstar aspirations are on clear display, but there's still something sweet and almost innocent about the whole thing that makes me feel rather wistful now. @R27

Girl, it was camp. @RJF

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Hair Body Face

average 7.56
Highest: 10 x 9 (@yeRleDanaL @UncleDeSeanAli @Ana Raquel @Guy @Sleepycat @Aidan @Remorque @GimmeWork @elektroxx)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (me again lol)

So this Soundtrack was an attempt at forcing a Lady Gaga album on the world. The sound of the EP is certainly modern, but faceless. @Untouchable Ace

One of the more exciting tracks on the soundtrack so far @jtm

Hands down the best Ally pop track off of the album. @SyPOPhantic

A triple threat but in the same way that a rock/ground type is quarduple weak to Energy Ball @stradiwhovius

Trash verses, but brilliant chorus. MEH. Since I often skip Why Did You That? I skip this too and get my life with Before I Cry. @Sprockrooster

I love the fact that this track sounds like another basic bop on the surface, but a quick read of the lyrics shows that it’s all about self-confidence and having someone who loves you for the person that you already are. @Seventeen Days

The most classic Gaga song on the soundtrack and my favorite. I’m digging the The Fame vibes with the updated production. The bridge bangs my face off. @Petit nain des Îles

Simple but enjoyable @sfmartin

I realise this was written in the mindset of it being intentionally bad, but where "Why Did You Do That?" simply just highlights the problems with that approach, "Hair Body Face" manages to tap into that Gaga magic where the hooks just pour out of her. I mean, it's a little silly and throwaway in the face of everything here, but it's entertaining and solid. So nice to have a song that finally surmises Selena Gomez's talents. @RJF

The chorus goes awf. The verses don't do much for me though. @r27

I expected much more from that title,The chorus is great and reminds me of her late 00's stuff. The middle-8 is cute, but basic. The rest, though, is random unknown Z-list radio artist (or, as many of you would say, achtick and it's not impressive at all. Again, the production is a bit... shallow (pun intended). @maki

A man loves a triple threat etc, and I do love the 3 oldskool songs on A Star Is Born. But this is great too, we love our Ally @laurence

This is pretty good. Kinda basic. I kinda love the chorus though. It bops. @music is life

Serving campy glam for the gays is a reliable Gaga move and I’m not mad at it. I feel like this would have been right at home on Artpop, sitting pretty next to “Donatella”. @gimmework

This is the better of the two Pop hits Ally does! @fresherthanyou

A different production and this could be a Fame excellence. The song I'm still using from ASIB (at the gym) @daninternational

Gives me Fame flasbacks. @alenko

An uptempo……………… the answer is yes!!!! @Ana Raquel

Hair Body Face - 7.5. I think I overscored this by a point. If the verses were better it would get more but the chorus is undeniably great.

Boys Boys Boys - 6. I do like the chorus and the synths in the verses but it's a bit repetitive and some of the lyrics make me cringe.

Heal Me - 7.5. The spoken section slightly lets it down but this is my 2nd favourite song on the soundtrack. It's emotional without being maudlin.


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Fashion of His Love

average 7.57
Highest: 11 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 10 x 9 (@nikkysan @yeRleDanaL @tylerc904 @GimmeWork @Andrew.L @Slice of Life @Lila @Remorque @aux)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Verandi)

I like the quiet subtleness of the first verse and how it explodes epically in the chorus. – music is life

The production is a bit cheap sounding however this is an 80s synth pop extravaganza! @fresherthanyou

I feel the Whitney influences here by the tons. It has the fun, carefree nature of “How Will I know?” and that alone is enough for a song to receive a 10 from these ears. @gimmework

Could have been one of my favorite deep cuts but the mixing makes it sound way too harsh, and I’m not a fan of the key change. @petit

would get a higher score if it was the Fernando Garibay Remix. @up n down

Feels like it can be a little too much at times. I do enjoy that she used that one demo lyric from Eathquake/Then You’d Love. vitaminbee

Really this whole era could have been 3 EP's then a compilation ala Robyn so we could have had all the extra songs too. @untouchable

Love it, but not that much to be higher than an 8. @laurence

The only worthwhile track from the album’s deluxe edition. The chorus is pure 80’s bliss. In fact, this wouldn’t sound out of place on Emotion, both sonically and lyrically. @r27

Good fun until a misjudged key change. @stradiwhovius

Gaga mentioned as she was writing for Born This Way that she imagined the songs as sung by Whitney Houston, and Fashion Of His Love is probably the most literal example of that. A euphoric song that completely earns its key change, and one of my all-time favorites. @collxtion

1986 called, and they want their drum machine back. I love it. @seventeen days

She should have kept it unreleased @sprockrooster

Yet another of those 80's-inspired songs, this one reminiscent of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". Again, I love the production, but the song is 'overly sweet' and ends up being slightly annoying, so I can't really get into it. The melody of middle-8 is very similar to the chorus of "Born This Way". I'll admit that the chorus is memorable, though. I like the fact that she incorporated some elements from one unreleased song. Good and quite obvious choice for a bonus track, since it doesn't really sit well with the dark vibe of the album. @maki

Too derivative and a bit beneath her @sleepycat

I like the quiet subtleness of the first verse and how it explodes epically in the chorus. @music is life

I didn't even remember this. It's okay. @jtm

I don't like the production, and the key change is wholly unnecessary. I'd give the Garibay remix an 8.5. @madgemad

Sis, a straight up cover of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" would have been preferred over this mess. @rjf

this slaps even it reminds me of I Wanna Dance With Somebody a bit @31entrance

I really appreciate the idea of this song like an interesting 80s early Whitney sounding song. However the production swallows the whole song. It gets annoying after not too long. The key change is a choice. @sfmartin



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average 7.575
Highest: 10 x 13 (@askew @aux @Remorque @PushyBakerFriend @Sail On @Petit nain des Îles @Ashling92 @Lila @Slice of Life @Ana Raquel @Dijah. @Phonetics Boy @yeRleDanaL)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@serg)

imagine having the audacity to write the lyric "I'll never talk again" when you take 30 minute breaks in your concerts to do just that sksksk @laura vanderbooben scream!

Really, the only clunker on the album. Ballads didn’t work for her. @kingbruno

I wish all of Gaga's other acoustic lead songs followed this example of being good, timeless and more consistent with it's parent album. @untouchable ace

I understand why her albums need slower songs, but wish she's always put a bit more energy into writing them @daninternational

One of, if not my favourite ballad of Gaga’s. It’s a beautiful song anyway, but having lost my dad to illness it means even more. The despair of losing someone, the bargaining of it all is summed up so perfectly, particularly in the lyrics ‘And I’ll never talk again, I’ll never love again, I’ll never write a song, won’t even sing along…’ </3 @ashling92

Her best ballad. By a HUGE margin. @ana raquel

While this is a great piano ballad, I’ve kind of fallen out of love with it over the years @fresherthanyou

Her best ballad. Not that it has that much competition tbh. @verandi

Okay, much like Brown Eyes, I just can’t with this song. It just doesn’t work the way she wants it too, even if I kinda enjoy the production. I’m sorry. Actually, listening to it go on, it’s a tad more successful than the aforementioned song, but I still don’t like it that much. – music is life

it kind of goes on a little too long. My favorite bit “Some men may follow me, but you choose death and company" gets cut for a lot of it’s live performances. Even king Princess cut it in her cover version. @vitaminbee

The first seconds are somehow legendary for me. I like that she shows off a completely different side for the first time (maybe second considering Again Again). Very good. @jtm

She's gotten better at ballads since this, but “Speechless” still gets the job done. The melody is strong here, but the production drags things down a bit. I wish it was a bit less polished as I find it overproduced and a little cheap sounding at certain parts. @r27

I am so tired of this song. I can appreciate it as a song for her father (right?). @alenko

She does have the range for these power ballads right? It’s almost like a forgotten 80’s classic that would then frequently pop up on classic rock radios. @petit

This is one she's just always been able to sell. I feel like their are so many hokey ballads in the Gagger scrapheap but this one just soars. This steam-punk, one-for-the-road lighter-waver. The beautiful imagery, the lyrics... it's probably her first great ballad before Joanne delivered us from evil. @rjf

I remember trying to convince myself that I like "Teeth" more than this song. Don't know why, but that definitely is not the case. This is a lovely song that grew on me over time. It still didn't reach the 'amazing' region for me, but it remains excellent wothout any doubt. Very touching theme that is delivered so passionately that it can't leave you indifferent. Another example of how she can write a ballad that sounds like a timeless classic. Some performances of this song (like the one she did on Ellen) left me, well... speechless. @maki

The performance with the skeleton outfit and the flaming piano on the American Music Awards. ‘Nuff said. @seventeen days

Okay, much like Brown Eyes, I just can’t with this song. It just doesn’t work the way she wants it too, even if I kinda enjoy the production. I’m sorry. Actually, listening to it go on, it’s a tad more successful than the aforementioned song, but I still don’t like it that much. @music is life

This is, not it for me. I like her ballads, but not this one. It's too over produced. The superior version is the demo, so I suggest everyone to listen to that instead, that would be a full 10 but we are not rating it. I do like the theme of the song and perspective she choose, though. @laurence

Fuck the spacious demo teebs, if you gotta make cheese better make it extra crusty. @phonetics boy

all these looks are pretty iconic in the Gaga mythos huh