The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Fashion Of His Love - 7.5. Too 80's Madonna derivative but the chorus is good. It's not one I feel the need to revisit often. Also loses points for containing the word 'rad.'

Speechless - 6.5. Not really a fan of piano ballad GAGA. But her vocals are great and the chorus is good. Maybe it deserved a 7.

You And I - 7.5. I need to be in the right mood to listen to it and some of the lyrics grate. The production is alright but I wish Mutt would shut up. Would rather listen to 'Heart Of Gold' (Neil Young or Boney M).
"Fashion Of His Love" always gave me 80's Whitney vibes rather than 80's Madonna.
100% - It has "How Will I Know" energy for days.

Just lost so many 10s..dddd......The thing I love about ASIB starting with Heal Me/The Cure is that I imagine these are the sorts of songs we could have received for Joanne if Gaga was a trend-chaser/label pleaser (thank GAWD she's not!!!), proving she can make radio friendly bops like riding a bike and then delivering us (with her middle finger and a wink) that same trendy pop but with all the campy vapid cheese of Hair, Body, Face, and WDYDT?. Suddenly the Swine is me.
Many of my lowest scores remaining gone just like that! The only truly low score left for me is Shallow. Then I'd be looking at Do What U Want, Gypsy, Sexxx Dreams, Aura, Always Remember Us This Way, and Hair.


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And here’s the remaining tracks per album







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I can't wait until the ARTPOP songs start cannibalising stuff from the earlier albums and every sock puppet who gave them high scores purely because she was MEAN about the album on Twitter a few months ago begin to realise what they've done. Y'all have fucking worms in your brains. Who is listening to "G.U.Y." in 2020 and thinking it's a legitimately great Gaga song?
Rant part 1/3:
"Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" deserved so much better. Okay, I know it has its detractors, but it's easily one of the most interesting songs from "Born This Way". I gave it a 9, but, looking back, the score could've been even higher. The production is amazing and there's always something new happening, making the song even more interesting. The song is chaotic in such a great way, which makes it quite epic. And that outro - brilliant.
It's such an undercover gem that should've outlasted many songs from "Born This Way" and other albums. Although, looking at the reactions, maybe I should be satisfied with this result, considering it could've been even worse.
Rant part 2/3 (culmination):

I literally was in shock after seeing "Paper Gangsta" elimination... still can't process how that happened.
Before top 40? Just... how?
It constantly swaps with "Paparazzi" as my favorite song from "The Fame" and was one of the contenders for my 11. Probably in my top 3 of her deep cuts, too. I deliberately didn't comment on the song, since I had a lot to say about it and in no way saw it leaving so early. Let's do it now, then:

What a song. That fantastic piano riff sets the song apart in the first few seconds. The hard beat comes in and sets the tone immediately. Gaga's intentionally awkward and auto-tuned rap (with some brilliant lines) is such a genius way of representing the manipulation, considering the song's inspiration and theme. And then comes the crowning glory: that pre-chorus and chorus combo is just too good to be true. As many of you pointed out, the pre-chorus is one of the best moments of the entire album. The chorus melody is so infectious and insanely catchy, yet manages to have that dose of melancholy which is present throughout the song. You could literally play that chorus on loop for hours and I wouldn't get bored of it. Simple, yet so freaking effective. The use of vocals as synths, as well as the ones which are reminiscent of the big hits from "The Fame", make it one of RedOne's best productions. I must point out the lyrics, too, which are amazing. With lines ranging from her signature and witty play on words 'sometimes I felt so Def in the Jam' to downright brilliant 'the dinners were nice 'til your diamond words melted into some ice' , it really shows how genius the song is and that Gaga wasn't playing with this one. The middle-8 with those vocals (which kind of sounds as distorted 'hallelujah' chants to me) is another amazing moment worth mentioning.
All that packed as a kiss-off to her label. A modern day masterpiece.

Truly one of the best things she's ever done, a missed single opportunity (still, it was used in the "Telephone" music video, not every song has that) and such a damn tune, yet you decided it isn't even top half of Lady Gaga's discography. I've always seen it as a fan-favorite and it really is puzzling to see a lot of weaker songs outlast it. It's a pity it didn't get a proper spotlight for its elimination, too, but I can understand the timing.

At least these voters had enough taste to recognize this ultimate gem and thank you so much for that:

Don't want no paper gangsta, oh-oh
Don't want no paper gangsta, oh-oh!

Okay, so there won't be a proper part 3 of the rant (but I'll highlight "A-Yo" later), because 4 out of 6 latest eliminations were my lowest scores and now I'm down to only one sub-7 score (it's a 6,75 and quite a random one).

However, "Boys Boys Boys" and especially "Speechless" really didn't deserve to not even reach top 40.
I guess my calls for the next 10. Bye to:
Government Hooker, Always Remember Us This Way, Shallow, Hair, LoveGame, Dancing In Circles, Summerboy, Aura, Electric Chapel, Poker Face

In... roughly that order I guess.