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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. RJF


    Hiya! I'm one of those people. It's probably one of her most accomplished songs lyrically and in terms of her penchant for honky-tonk dive bar ballads, she pretty much perfected it then and there and spent the rest of her career failing to best it. Removed from the muddy production, it's also beautiful at the piano.

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  2. I acknowledge my opinions on Gaga being unconventional and I am at peace with it.
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  3. Well at least you know.
  4. What in fuck's name is 'Aura' still doing here?

    EDIT: Upon reflection, everything from Artpop bar Venus, Applause and G.U.Y should have left about 20 eliminations ago.
  5. Me too, I actually really love Speechless... I prefer it over Joanne.
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  6. RJF


    This was not the support I wanted or needed.
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  7. Y'all chose the correct two songs to get rid of from Fame Monster, the remaining 6 could all make the top 15 and i wouldn't blink.

    Though Telephone is probably my least favourite of those.
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  8. Haha - I swear I foresaw a reaction to that bit!

    Can't believe that "Heal Me" and "Hair Body Face" got so far and surpassed so many great songs when they're so... throwaway. Although, they are 'basic pop' that this forum is generally more than here for, so it's not too surprising.
    And I love that "Boys Boys Boys" is sandwiched between those two in the eliminations - you can really notice how watered-down a bland they are.
  9. Aura and Venus can go
  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Summerboy making it this far as the little bop that could. Imagine if LG6 was that x12
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  11. Speechless is fucking beautiful, sorry y'all don't feel emotion.
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  12. How do y'all think that "Summerboy" is one of the best tracks off The Fame? How?
    I'd prefer that Gaga continued her career as an Avon lady.
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  13. Summerboy is a bad Gwen Stefani b-side. So hopefully it will vacate soon.
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  14. Squeal! Those graphics look so beautiful @Subwaykid!

    I rarely say it, cause it's a self-drag, but people who hate Summerboy - I gather from this op y'all hate fun and never experience joy xx
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  15. The artistry of the Top 40 songs post <3
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  16. What is fun? What is joy?
  17. Summerboy making it this far makes me happy. Did it last longer than I expected? Possibly but it’s a fun little bop. I feel like it has aged better than I Like It Rough, though I do enjoy that track too.
  18. Rise up Summerboy. Gwen Stefani Germanotta did that.
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  19. "Summerboy" and "I Like It Rough" outlasting all of the album tracks from "The Fame" is unexpected, but I really enjoy both of them and they can stay for a while.
  20. I am so happy for I Like it Rough. I've always held it in high regard. The pinnacle of noughties pop
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