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average 7.60
Highest: 10 x 15 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Verandi @Sanctuary @Maki @Music Is Life @Aidan @Remorque @Itty Bitty Piggy @Guy @soratami @abael @Sprockrooster @Alenko @elektroxx @nikkysan)
Lowest: 2 x 4 (@Mushroom @Serg. @Robert @blissteria)

And as the first taste of LG6 leaks, we eliminate the first taste we had of Artpop. Let's hope this new era turns out a little better, huh?

I kinda love the guitar in this. And just this song in general. The maniacal laughing is amazing. @Music Is Life

I love the second verse and the production of the song, it just kind of never sticks the landing. @VitaminBee

Imagine if the albums was as incredibly nuts as this song. Instead we got fart synths for the most part. @Verandi

Wonderfully disjointed with many different songs glued together with squelch. @Untouchable Ace

The instrumental is perfection and the second verse is exceptional. @SyPOPhantic

The song that promises everything and delivers almost none of it, and features some of her worst lyrics. @sleepycat

I remember seeing this at Swinefest and being engrossed by the drama. I love the batty production, it's all over the place. I'm still salty about some of the changes from the demo. @sfmartin

Every time I hear this, I think of when the demo leaked in summer 2013 and was still named ‘Burqa’. The conflicting textures of the super glitchy synths with the Middle Eastern guitar is a unique and fantastic combination. @Seventeen Days

I remember when this first leaked and was confirmed to be real and I was just... I had my stan microscope out, peering for things to like it about it. I've cooled my contempt over the years a little but... come on. The last thing we had heard was fucking Born This Way and we get this nonsense? I'm sure some of y'all stan but meh, to me it sounds like a YouTube "leaked demo" parody to this day. The @Rommers demo remains unbothered and declaring a fatwa on the dancefloor. @RJF

I used to like this a lot, but admittedly some these lyrics have only become more questionable with time. @r27

The production is… a lot. All over the place and off-kilter which could sum up ARTPOP’s overall direction. I was surprised to find out Madeon didn’t make this as it sounds like one of his early mashups. I like the energy and the details in the production though. It makes me want to throw on Triangle by Perfume so I’m here for it. @Petit nain des Îles

RIP superior demo vocals @P'NutButter

A way to open an album! She has so many incredible intros to songs it's hard to believe it. That guitar, that laugh, that buildup - genius. And that's just the beginning of this song. Completely ecstatic production of the verses to the stripped down, yet beautiful chorus; I love how her vocals are gentle and powerful at the same time during that part. The outro just cement my 10. Art pop at its finest. @Maki

I took a point off because the demo verse vocals are better than the finished product. That chorus is just insane. @madgemad

A bonkers track. Remember this leaking? What a time to be alive. Boris is a legend, of course. What a way to start off an album while your label wants you to sit on your lead single. Also that announcement was everything. This went OFF more in the original demo form and I have not forgotten it! Still good. @Laurence

some say the fatwa is still declared on the dance floor @Laura Vanderbooben

The production shifts from being amazing to being hideous on a constant basis. That’s an achievement on itself. @KingBruno

This is all sorts of terrible. It has an okay part in it (the chorus), but I don't enjoy any second of the rest. What a turnoff for a first song of an album. @jtm

very promising in parts (“behind the aura!” Etc) but a bit too noisy! @FresherThanYou

I LOVE the second half of this. The first bit could be trimmed @daninternational

Absolute bonkers @aux

The chorus of Aura is great, but the verses and her talking about burqas like that is very...hmm. @Ashling92

The demo is better @Ana Raquel

I'll never forget the look of the littler Shallowsters at Enigma when this started ddd. The song and lyrics are a mess yes, but a glorious Gaga mess. The chorus is Gaga at her beast and the outro is fantastic. I can't give this anything but a 10. @Alenko

Aura is such a mixed bag because on a sonic level it’s hands-down one of the most insane things she’s ever done, while lyrically she treads shaky ground. Aura felt urgent in 2013, even if we knew it was wrong; in 2019 it no longer feels urgent. @collxtion



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average 7.64
Highest: 11 x 1 (@dylanaber) (@ 10 x 13 (@Phonetics Boy @elektroxx @Up N Down @GimmeWork @tylerc904 @theelusivechanteuse @soratami @Aester @aaronhansome @sfmartin @Music Is Life @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Maki)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@yeRleDanaL)

Well time for both blended guitar/synth cultural socio-political bonkers songs to go, I guess. That she wrote this as a response to Kris Kobach's racist anti-immigration policies and he's still trying to terrorize people 9 years later by hitching his abhorrent wagon to the Trump administration...sigh. The wicked never rest.

I have plenty of appreciation for the idea, nuanced lyrics and eclectic blend of styles in Americano: an electro mariachi energetic pop jam about immigration and same sex relationships. But the sound ends up being quite bad, particularly those HORRID AH AH AH AH AH's making up the hook, that make me want to turn off the music every time. It's complicated. @Cutlery

I think I always ignored this a bit, but it's actually pretty good @jtm

A bit too bonkers for the GP and the gurls here, innit? It goes off a tad and I think everyone underscoring it will be just fine. It's a sweet story in it and well, it works for Gaga only. I like it now, while I used to hate it a lot. I guess time does tell in the end! Woot. @Laurence

This is kinda epic and amazing? That kinda describes the whole album doesn’t it? I love the latin-esque electronic production in this as well as the acoustic guitar. @Music Is Life

I appreciate Stefani writing at least one lesbian song per album. @ohnostalgia

This is so over the top and quirky, yet she pulls it off! The use of her lower register is also welcome. She has the range. @Petit nain des Îles

When the album first came out this was the one song that didn't click with me. Eight years later and it still doesn't do much for me. I get that it's supposed to be “bonkers” but it doesn't feel unhinged enough to me and, as a result, comes across as rather middling. @r27

Underrated as hell to be honest. Be it for the alarmingly well-timed political message, the true insanity of all that howling and anxiety-inducing production, and for the fact that it, rather wonderfully, is just a solid song underneath it all. The haunting lament she did of it before the album was released as she wrapped up The Monster Ball is bizarrely still one of my lasting memories of that time. @RJF

A friend of mine told me once that this felt very Broadway, like it was inspired by Bette Midler. And that’s all I ever think when I hear it now. @Seventeen Days

I'm still waiting for the video we deserve for this humongous triumph. Bat shit crazy and genius. I remember listening to this on leak night and my breath literally being taken away at the boundless creativity and blending of styles. The towering chorus all propelled forward by rapid drums, powerful bass and synths rocketing back and forward. All sections are perfect particularly the outro that keeps the momentum till that final gun shot. @sfmartin

Essentially another single thanks to the green guy. @Untouchable Ace

I enjoy the song when it comes up on shuffle but I kind of forget about it otherwise. I do love the outdo so much though. @VitaminBee

This is kinda epic and amazing? That kinda describes the whole album doesn’t it? I love the latin-esque electronic production in this as well as the acoustic guitar. @Music Is Life

Okay, this gets better and better until a 10 feels like not enough, who knew? @Phonetics Boy

Ridiculous, overblown, driving, everything Gaga is great at. It also reminds me of the great 'England 2 Colombia 0' @daninternational

I usually love this but there are days when this is just too loud and noisy. Love it for the message. War Flashbacks to the messy BTWball performance though. @Alenko

I heard Gaga was into girls that wear floral shorts in east LA, so I wore floral shorts in east LA. @GimmeWork

I hated it when it was released because it was too chaotic. That’s the reason I like it now. @Ana Raquel

Such a fun song. I know it’s fun to shit on Glee but Kate Hudson SMASHED this mash-up. @Ashling92 (y'all are going to speak it's name enough times to resurrect it into an early reboot)

A Mad Libs of an issue song that is as hilarious as it is lumbering. @collxtion



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average 7.68
Highest: 11 x 1 (@askew) 10 x 23 (@aux @BEST FICTION @Aester @PushyBakerFriend @Petty Mayonnaise @Music Is Life @heavymetalGAGA @aaronhansome @Robert @Petit nain des Îles @happiestgirl @SyPOPhantic @soratami @VitaminBee @Andrew.L @tylerc904 @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion @roborovsky @DJHazey @Sprockrooster @yeRleDanaL @Phonetics Boy @lehnw01)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@2014 wtf is this)

Whew those 10s, pop justice! An inessential Gaga track and yet look at the material. The range! The breeziness! The humor! Make this the entire blueprint for LG6 teebs.

I will forever maintain that this is one of her absolute best songs. The production bops so hard, the mix of the guitars, drums, handclaps and synths is completely amazing. Honestly, another 11. @Music Is Life

How tf is this ever not a 10?? @Phonetics Boy

I am surprised we never got this as a duet with Gwen. @Alenko

A forgotten gem. I adore the chorus. The perfect ending for one of the best debut albums of all time, we don't claim the bonus tracks. @aux

It's nice, but I'd never choose to listen to it @daninternational

A bawp! @dijah.

Pretty forgettable @jtm

I can hear so much Gwen Stefani in this.

Hi Ms Gwen Stefani! I love the track, crazy summer times where I fall in love with a dude who doesn't love me back at all I think but alas, imagine this... @Laurence

Lovely! For almost a decade I enjoyed not quite knowing the words in the chorus, until I googled it and found out it was "bikini tops coming o-o-offf!" @madgemad

She really channeled Gwen Stefani with this one, didn't she? I can easily imagine Gwen singing this and hose electric guitars and new wave elements make me even think of early 00's No Doubt. I love how summery and jolly this song is. It goes really well along with "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) in that 'cute and adorable' category. Her vocals in the outro are lovely, too. However, the song may be a bit too 'light' for me to receive a higher score. @Maki

Love the Blondie / No Doubt / The Cardigans feel. Like Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), it’s such a feel good bop. It features one of my favorite vocal performances from her. Let me just swoon over her delivery during the chorus. @Petit nain des Îles

As much as I love the direction she went in for her two following releases, there’s a part of me that wishes she had done more songs in a vein similar to this. It’s sunny and peppy, but unlike the similarly upbeat “Eh, Eh,” this doesn’t feel slight in the, well, slightest. @R27

The shockingly pleasant slice of surf-pop. The range. Truly every icon. @RJF

Total Blondie/Cars late 70s vibes on this one. @Seventeen Days

This is so different to anything else she's done, it certainly stands out on this album. @sfmartin

Underrated bop. @Sprockrooster

This deserved so much better, it still slams. She could release this now and it'd be a summer smash @syPOPhantic

Perfection. Another contender for my 11. Gaga is serving up some Gwen-Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta vocals here. Sadly, the track will be ignored by her forever and never performed live again but it is one of the few non-single tracks from The Fame that still sounds great and hasn’t really aged poorly. @VitaminBee

Is this the only time it was performed live? Tragic​
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average 7.68
Highest: 11 x 1 (@askew) 10 x 23 (@aux @BEST FICTION @Aester @PushyBakerFriend @Petty Mayonnaise @Music Is Life @heavymetalGAGA @aaronhansome @Robert @Petit nain des Îles @happiestgirl @SyPOPhantic @soratami @VitaminBee @Andrew.L @tylerc904 @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion @roborovsky @DJHazey @Sprockrooster @yeRleDanaL @Phonetics Boy @lehnw01)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@2014 wtf is this)

Whew those 10s, pop justice! An inessential Gaga track and yet look at the material. The range! The breeziness! The humor! Make this the entire blueprint for LG6 teebs.

Is this the only time it was performed live? Tragic​

I'm sorry what? @2014 explain yourself?