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Aura - 7.5. I love the opening until the verses. Would like the song more with different lyrics, but the backing track is good. The best moment is the 'Dance. Sex. Art. Pop.' part.

Americano - 8.5. I really like the insane Flamenco inspiration backing track. But it's a bit repetitive. My favourite part is the 'Don't you try to catch me' ending.

Summerboy - 8. Great encapsulation of the laidback but bittersweet nature of a holiday romance, but some of the lyrics could be better. Underrated song.
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So after losing my lowest remaining score, of course two of my 10's and my favorite songs from their respective albums, leave back-to-back.
"Aura" and "Americano" absolutely didn't deserve this - true 'bonkers' highlights of her career.

"Aura" is a perfect album opener and set the tone of the album so well. Nothing on "ARTPOP" reaches its heights, and therefore it's my only 10 from that album. The intro alone is a 10-worthy, and then it just explodes into more amazingness. It sounds like it shouldn't work, yet it does that perfectly (the reason why I love "Swine", too).
Disappointed by its treatment, but not too surprised, since it's been called for quite a while.
Expectedly divisive, yet undeniably excellent.
(@Verandi and I sharing another 10, after the "Electric" in Robyn rate, what's happening?)

And I don't really get the "Aura" vs "Burqa" thing, because the latter only has a slightly different first verse and some elements, but both songs are absolutely amazing and deserve full marks.
Anyways, this is what "ARTPOP" should've really been about.

"Americano" appreciation coming soon...


Fashion of His Love

average 7.57
Highest: 11 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 10 x 9 (@nikkysan @yeRleDanaL @tylerc904 @GimmeWork @Andrew.L @Slice of Life @Lila @Remorque @aux)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Verandi)



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average 7.82
Highest: 11 x 3 (@theelusivechanteuse @Aester @eliminathan) 10 x 18 (@yeRleDanaL @Jwentz @Phonetics Boy @push the button @roborovsky @blissteria @31entrance @tylerc904 @Ana Raquel @Lila @Seventeen Days @m_dimitrov @sfmartin @MilesAngel @Cutlery @Aidan @Music Is Life @Alenko)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@RMK)

I think that's the most 11s we've lost in one go so far? Suffering a bit from live-itis from some of you with the final track being slightly altered from it's Swinefest version upon release, it still managed to be a fan favorite from a divisive album. A genuinely weird track, both in lyrics and production, the soothing, hypnotic nature of her cooing throughout the chorus helps it to standout among the more chaotic ventures on the album. Though the chorus could probably stand to be slowed down a tad tbh Appearing on Jimmy Fallon at the tail end of the tumultuous album launch, it was probably her finest televised performance from that era (God I forgot the Muppet Holiday special what an odd pop star she is). In conjuction with the GUY music video released a few weeks later, instead of giving the era the proper kickoff, it was a nice little bow on a chaotic few months before she went on tour and refocused her efforts with a jazz era.

I love the production on this. This is actually pretty fucking great, isn’t it? I love the almost spacey synths running through the production, and the melody is really catchy. I love this. – music is life

would get a higher score with the addition of some hee's. @up n down

Wonky, so what does her ArtPop mean in the end? @Untouchable Ace

Sublime. I love the bleepy production that acts like the heartbeat of the album. I also love the combination of the main vocal and the deep robotic harmony throughout, such a neat touch. The euphoric chorus that could have taken straight out of Melodifestivalen. A wonderful clash of styles that I think communicates the message of Artpop perfectly. @sfmartin

I remember hearing this the first time Gaga sang it on the iTunes Festival, and it was an instant favorite. I love the way she sings the verses, and I also love the weird operatic backing vocals that pop up here and there. @Seventeen Days

I’ve never gone back to this song. @RMK

An elegant, warm mission statement for a far better album that we never got. Oh well. The lyrics to the verses are some of her best. @RJF

This track is frustrating because lyrically, especially as the title track of the album, it's a total cop out. You build a whole campaign around this concept only for it to mean literally anything? Which is ultimately just another way of saying it means nothing. Talk about a let down. What's not a let down though is the pristine production and gorgeous melodies. I wish it had been saved for a more substantial song, but it's easy to forget that when actually listening to the track. @R27

As with Venus, it’s very been there done that but there’s an air of Little Boots in the production flourishes and in her delivery which redeems it a little bit. @Petit nain des Îles

The live version is a 10, the studio version is kinda bland and lifeless. @P’NutButter

Poor title track - I often forget it exists. I've always been quite indifferent towards it for some reason. It does sum up the album nicely, even though it's much more chilled-out than the rest. The chorus is my favorite part, with those 'artpop' chants, but the song as a whole is a bit too bland. I guess it's charming in its silent existence. @Maki

Title track, we gotta do it. I prefer the demo version here but it works. Cool track. Music not the bling, baby. Alright. I never connected that much to it, but its a nice chill kinda track. @Laurence

This Artpop could also mean exactly nothing @jtm

the chorus is messy, I feel like some of the “Artpops” aren’t quite in time? @FresherThanYou

Fine, but pointless really @daninternational

I still don't know what the verses are about but I think she hypnotized me at Swinefest and I still am. Heee heeee. @Alenko

There was this one person on here who made the edit with actually audible hee-hees and I've been listening to it for the past 5 years. This rate actually makes me realise how unlistenable much of ARTPOP is, so if I give something a 10 just assume I'm rating the demo. Speaking of, poor Brooklyn Nights would've been a strong contender for an 11. @Phonetics Boy

*the tweet where she says Selena Gomez’s Love You Like A Love Song is one of the best pop records of 2011* @collxtion And she's not wrong!

throwing the glass off the sculpture sjkf iconic

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average 7.84
Highest: 11 x 3 (@collxtion @dancingwithmyself @Ana Raquel) 10 x 9 (@Petty Mayonnaise @Aidan @aux @Sanctuary @Robsolete @soratami @Andrew.L @tylerc904 @Reboot)
Lowest: 3 x 2 (@VeryPSB @push the button)

Bit sad to see this one go but I’m happy it made it this far. I know it’s about as cheesy as they come but she puts her whole foot into the vocals til she’s full on growling at the end and selling the hell out of the cutesy message she’s portraying. C’mon Pat BenataGa! This was her acoustic piano song of choice this era, seemingly performing it ad nauseum wherever she went, which sort of sucked the urgency out of the song but eh that's what the album's for.

I am so used to the piano version so it's almost weird to listen to the pop version again. I know some find it cheesy but it really speaks to me and this song would have helped me as a teenager so much. Especially the line about wanting to have lots of friends that invite you to their parties cause I once invivted my whole class and only 2 people came, shit like that breaks your heart as a kid. @Alenko

This is IT. That was the song that always had THAT impact Born This Way should have had from the get go. The bridge gets me every single time. @ana Raquel

In the way Born This Way was a declaration of identity written for stadiums, Hair is a declaration written for the bedroom where I first slid this CD into my boombox. It’s at once vulnerable, self-conscious, brave, and cathartic. It’s also a goddamn marathon. The absolute balls she had for creating a full-barrel Bruce Springsteen stomper that never steps off the throttle once during its five-minute runtime… I have to laugh. it’s everything I could want in a song and then some. @collxtion

I love songs about hair. Time for a haircut tbh. It's a bit samey though, the lyrics may as well be 'I'm on the edge of hairy' @daninternational

Oh, it's just a bit of a twee buzzkill, isn't it? Without it the run from the start of the album to "Bad Kids" would be relentless. As it is, we have this breaking the pace. I hate it a lot less than I used to back in the day, but I still think it's pretty badly produced. Eight years to live with the metaphor have made me appreciate it in a nostalgic way, at least. @RJF

Contains a sax which automatically adds a point or two. @jtm

I remember this track live premiering and fucking up the release. iTunes Countdown Singles were a hell for stans, but at least we got tracks early. I remember putting this on my iPod at the time when this came out so fast and dancing to it in my room at night, and I kept doing so for hours. But it does not go very fair. I love the free as my h-ha-hair parts. @Laurence

This is a really cute song with a strong statement. It may even be too 'sugary' for me, especially on a dark album like this, but it doesn't sound out of place at all. I can even hear the shades of "The Edge of Glory" in the instrumental. The chorus melody is so adorable, as well as the middle-8, which certifies this song as an obvious 80's-inspired tune. @Maki

80’s glam rock but make it dancier? The bridge is a moment. @petit

I like how the various parts of the song shift dramatically like her numerous hair styles during the era. It makes for a genuinely exciting listen. @R27

The lyrics of this come off as a bit cheesy to me now, but the music is so 80s arena rock that you have to bop every time it comes on. @Seventeen Days

This has always been middle of the pack on the album for me. The lyrics are just naff. It fades into the background and there is a lot more on the album that shines brighter. That being said the production is overall very addictive and switch up on the second verse is pretty awesome. @sfmartin

It would be better if it didn’t have the post-chorus "hair hair hair hair hair" part @syPOPhantic

that is why I love this album. But this could have made way for 'Amen Fashion' and the like. @Untouchable Ace

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Hair has some iconically cringe lyrics that both sink it and elevate it. But the breakdown is amazing and my fav part.

Artpop has always been the best track of its parent album for me, it's so out of place with most of it but I just adore the sound, the lyrics work super well, her voice is incredible and so is the layering. Well at least it is top 40!