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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. 'Americano' is one of those songs I don't realise how much I adore it, until I hear it.
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  2. @RJF said what I've always thought about Aura. It's adoration has never made sense to me. Its lacking that subtle touch that her other underdog songs have like Dance in the Dark etc
  3. Americano is that relevant bop.

  4. Aura - 7.5. I love the opening until the verses. Would like the song more with different lyrics, but the backing track is good. The best moment is the 'Dance. Sex. Art. Pop.' part.

    Americano - 8.5. I really like the insane Flamenco inspiration backing track. But it's a bit repetitive. My favourite part is the 'Don't you try to catch me' ending.

    Summerboy - 8. Great encapsulation of the laidback but bittersweet nature of a holiday romance, but some of the lyrics could be better. Underrated song.
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  5. So after losing my lowest remaining score, of course two of my 10's and my favorite songs from their respective albums, leave back-to-back.
    "Aura" and "Americano" absolutely didn't deserve this - true 'bonkers' highlights of her career.

    "Aura" is a perfect album opener and set the tone of the album so well. Nothing on "ARTPOP" reaches its heights, and therefore it's my only 10 from that album. The intro alone is a 10-worthy, and then it just explodes into more amazingness. It sounds like it shouldn't work, yet it does that perfectly (the reason why I love "Swine", too).
    Disappointed by its treatment, but not too surprised, since it's been called for quite a while.
    Expectedly divisive, yet undeniably excellent.
    (@Verandi and I sharing another 10, after the "Electric" in Robyn rate, what's happening?)

    And I don't really get the "Aura" vs "Burqa" thing, because the latter only has a slightly different first verse and some elements, but both songs are absolutely amazing and deserve full marks.
    Anyways, this is what "ARTPOP" should've really been about.

    "Americano" appreciation coming soon...
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  7. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member



    average 7.82
    Highest: 11 x 3 (@theelusivechanteuse @Aester @eliminathan) 10 x 18 (@yeRleDanaL @Jwentz @Phonetics Boy @push the button @roborovsky @blissteria @31entrance @tylerc904 @Ana Raquel @Lila @Seventeen Days @m_dimitrov @sfmartin @MilesAngel @Cutlery @Aidan @Music Is Life @Alenko)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@RMK)

    I think that's the most 11s we've lost in one go so far? Suffering a bit from live-itis from some of you with the final track being slightly altered from it's Swinefest version upon release, it still managed to be a fan favorite from a divisive album. A genuinely weird track, both in lyrics and production, the soothing, hypnotic nature of her cooing throughout the chorus helps it to standout among the more chaotic ventures on the album. Though the chorus could probably stand to be slowed down a tad tbh Appearing on Jimmy Fallon at the tail end of the tumultuous album launch, it was probably her finest televised performance from that era (God I forgot the Muppet Holiday special what an odd pop star she is). In conjuction with the GUY music video released a few weeks later, instead of giving the era the proper kickoff, it was a nice little bow on a chaotic few months before she went on tour and refocused her efforts with a jazz era.

    throwing the glass off the sculpture sjkf iconic

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  8. An-Y-thing can go now.
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  9. Nn I figured it’d be done dirty and it’s lowkey The Gaga Thesis, so I thought I’d throw it an 11.
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  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member



    average 7.84
    Highest: 11 x 3 (@collxtion @dancingwithmyself @Ana Raquel) 10 x 9 (@Petty Mayonnaise @Aidan @aux @Sanctuary @Robsolete @soratami @Andrew.L @tylerc904 @Reboot)
    Lowest: 3 x 2 (@VeryPSB @push the button)

    Bit sad to see this one go but I’m happy it made it this far. I know it’s about as cheesy as they come but she puts her whole foot into the vocals til she’s full on growling at the end and selling the hell out of the cutesy message she’s portraying. C’mon Pat BenataGa! This was her acoustic piano song of choice this era, seemingly performing it ad nauseum wherever she went, which sort of sucked the urgency out of the song but eh that's what the album's for.

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  12. Artpop is her best title track hands down (after Born This Way) and it seems some of you are not ready to accept that.

    Hair is a cute song with a nice message that makes me appreciate it but still I don't find myself returning to it much from it's parent album, a cute 8 if you must say.
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  13. Shallow can go anytime now please.
  14. Hair is a song that I was convinced would go top 20, so I'm sad now. I love the sentiment of that song.

    The production on Artpop (the song) is great, but I feel like it's lacking something.
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  15. OUCH. There goes my 11.
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  16. The nerve of her calling the song Hair when it leaves me bald every single time.
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  17. Yikes, Artpop AND Hair?! I need to lie down a bit. Artpop was a strong contender for my 11.
  18. Hair is iconically awful/amazing.
  19. I love Hair but always hated how it derailed the momentum on Born This Way. It belonged somewhere else on the tracklist
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  20. Hair has some iconically cringe lyrics that both sink it and elevate it. But the breakdown is amazing and my fav part.

    Artpop has always been the best track of its parent album for me, it's so out of place with most of it but I just adore the sound, the lyrics work super well, her voice is incredible and so is the layering. Well at least it is top 40!
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