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The Lady Gaga Rate (Haus Labs now available)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Subwaykid, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. After the amazing live version the album version of ARTPOP is just too

    It's still an 8 but I rarely have the desire to listen to it even though it could have been a 10.
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  2. Hair can be painfully corny, but that breakdown is it. I had to score it decently off the production alone.

    I've never really cared for ARTPOP, sorry. There are more interesting songs on the album and plenty that are worse. It just exists. Love You Like A Love Song still low key slaps a bit.

    Gypsy's corpse getting dragged into the upper end of the rate, yeesh. It's a perfectly fine song that people do way too much over. Let me put these eliminations into the universe: Venus, Gypsy, Sexxx Dreams, GUY.
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  3. I Like It Rough, Electric Chapel, Diamond Heart and Gypsy can go next.
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  4. Still the first things that comes to my mind when I think about Americano

    And true story, when ASIB soundtrack was out, while searching on YouTube for Hair Body Face, Hair came on the search results and I realized that I hadn't heard in years and it was still amazing.
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  5. I'm getting a haircut today.
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  6. Things like "Gypsy" outlasting "Americano"....... brain worms. Watch some random A Star is Born track outlast "Scheiße."
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  7. The sentiment of 'Hair' is what makes it. It's sung basically from a child's POV, so of course the lyrics are juvenile and sappy, but Gags vocals make it genuinely touching and powerful.
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  8. welp i'm out.

    shoutout to my 11 sisters who just lost somebody
  9. Gypsy is my favorite song on Artpop, but it is an inferior version of hair so it shouldn't have outlasted the original

    shallow should have already gone as well
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  10. I will be seething if that's the case...


    Can you tell which one is my 11?
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  11. "ARTPOP" and "Hair" are eliminations I can get behind.

    Actually, "ARTPOP" was my lowest remaining score with a 6,75.
    I have a weird feeling about this one - perhaps the only Gaga song I can't really say much about. It's a very chilled and appropriate titled track, although there's something missing and sounds too 'airy' for me to enjoy it more. At the same time it's very pleasant, but I almost never return to it since it's very inessential compared to the rest of her discography.
    There's just nothing about it to be excessively loved nor hated, so it ends up with both middling placement and average.
    But what surprised me, apart from seeing 1/5 of the total voters giving it full marks, is that three voters awarded it with an 11. It's literally one of the last songs I thought would receive any, let alone multiple 11's and never saw it among the fan-favorites.

    "Hair" is another song with multiple 11's. I can hear why the fans love this one, but it's always been among the middle pack of the (very strong) album and the 'hair, ha-a-a-a-air...' post-chorus irks me a bit and is unnecessary. However, the chorus and middle-8 (which some of you picked up, too) are lovely.
    That's why I gave it a respectable 7,5.
    The comparison I made with "The Edge of Glory" in the commentary is mostly due to the saxophone inclusion, which is a really nice detail.
    At this point, it was my lowest remaining score from "Born This Way", so it's a completely fitting cut.

    Now I should prepare for some of my faves leaving, because every time I'm satisfied with a few elimination, something of great value is lost.
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  12. Yeah Shallow has outstayed it's welcome a bit. The songs falling out now are getting a bit iconic.

    I've had Americano on repeat since it's elimination.
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  13. I Like it Rough is killing this game and it was done dirty in the last rate because people still thought of it as some throwaway Fame track. Now it's getting it's popjustice.

    I might be wrong but I Like it Rough was a late addition to the Fame which makes sense because it is the blueprint for Dance in the Dark. It's also her first foray into heavier production and is a representative sound of the first three albums.

    It's also her best vocal performance on the Fame.
  14. You know the success stans have lobbed 10s at Shallow, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s not going anywhere until Top 20.
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  15. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member


    Electric Chapel

    average 7.89
    Highest: 11 x 1 (@31entrance) 10 x 15 (@heavymetalGAGA @Music Is Life @Remorque @aux @MilesAngel @Petit nain des Îles @Seventeen Days @Dangerous Maknae @soratami @ohnostalgia @Ana Raquel @abael @elektroxx @Reboot @lehnw01)
    Lowest: 2.5 x 1 (@Andrew.L)

    Personally, I never thought this would make it this far. Considering the guitar aversion that runs through this forum and her discography this was one of the pleasant surprises of this rate

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  16. RMK


    That hurts. But I guess it was time.

    What an amazing song.
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  17. Electric Chapel very nearly got my 11 so I'm sad now.
  18. i have nothing but gay slurs for everyone who let summerboy and americano drop out.
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  19. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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