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also @Andrew.L what the fuck???

Now I should prepare for some of my faves leaving, because every time I'm satisfied with a few eliminations, something of great value is lost.
And here we are.
Surprised at @Subwaykid being surprised at it staying 'so long' (although those allergic to electric guitars resulted in a reasonable subtraction).
Like @Petit nain des Îles said, I always thought it was a fan favorite from "Born This Way". The trinity of her underrated non-singles from that album ("Americano", "Electric Chapel" and "Bloody Mary") is unfortunately becoming a reality...

The production of "Electric Chapel" is incredible, as well as the melody, the verses take my breath away every time and overall it's just an amazing and genius song. I absolutely adore the use of guitar, too.
One of her best non singles, I gave it a 9,75. Should've been in the top 25 at the very least.

Oh, and amazing 11 pick, @31entrance!
ARTPOP - 10. This is completely different to anything she's ever done. The lyrics are enigmatic and poetic containing some great imagery. The synths seem to come rumbling in from space then disappear at the end in a heartbeat.

Hair - 9. Some of the verse lyrics bring it down but the chorus is incredibly catchy and I enjoy singing along at the top of my voice. The production keeps you interested in the song even though it's five minutes long.

Electric Chapel - 10. This is in my Top 5. Sad to see it go. It gives me definite Blondie vibes, both in the production and in GAGA's incredible vocals. The last verse is particularly amazing. I love the lyrics because they speak of finding spiritual fulfilment and connection in a sordid nightclub. Exhilarating.


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33. 1.


I Like It Rough

average 7.95
Highest: 10 x 12 (@Alenko @madgemad @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion @Petit nain des Îles @soratami @sfmartin @MilesAngel @Sanctuary @Untouchable Ace @Aidan @Remorque @Music Is Life)
Lowest: 4 x 1 (@2014 sis)

Well I suppose it had to come to an end eventually. Thanks for voting y'all we've crowned the top song in Gaga's discography! That prechorus, that chorus! The ad libs! The shiny and I know it middle 8! "Won't sleep with a man who dims my shine", some of y'all just can't relate! The best song from her debut that didn't get the single status, as voted by our forum, a hook riddled bop from start to finish, bows out.

The edge in her vocals! The synth line! The hook! The relatability! This has to be my favorite The Fame deep cut. @Petit nain des Îles

We sure do Gagsy, we sure do. @Phonetics Boy

This should’ve been a single, cause it should be considered a fucking classic. I love the production, especially the LOUD drums, and the electronic flourishes and that chorus is so damn catchy, all I need is to see the title before it pops into my head. This is one of the best songs on this album and that’s that. I think it needs to be longer too @Music Is Life

A fan favorite out of the bonus tracks? Possibly. And I can totally understand why - this really is a great and catchy song. The chorus is a proper earworm. The production is excellent And those backing vocals in the second and final chorus are amazing. The 'double' middle-8 deserves a mention, too. Definitely should've appeared on all standard editions. @Maki

I love this track since the start when I heard it. It's just special and goes so well. I can't get ever get enough of playing this, it has been in my go-to playlists for ages. One of my friends also loves it so much that we often play it when we hang out that much, just to pre-party a bit before we go out or something. @Laurence

this fucking Tin Pan Alley production yet still, I bop @Laura Vanderbooben

One of the highlights of the album tracks. @jtm

it's a little on the basic side, but from anyone else it'd be a fave @daninternational

I'd almost give this my 11, a career highlight and a hit that got away. I am so mad she never performed this live. @Alenko

Without a shadow of doubt my favourite song on the album. The chorus is just fire. The melody is exquisite. It's a powertop of a chorus that never once let's it's foot off your neck. Definitely in contention for my 11. @sfmartin

A 10 during release, but time got to this one. @Sprockrooster

The original pass around party bottom anthem whose only real problem is a fairly underwhelming chorus. @Stradiwhovius

Loved this from the moment I heard it and forever. I was a taste of her potential. @Untouchable Ace

But did she ever find out why she likes/liked it rough? @R27

My mother once pointed out that rubbing pearls against your tooth was a way to determine their authenticity; a fake pearl is smooth, while a real pearl feels rough against the enamel. The “chewing on pearls” line has always slapped in my mind for that reason. @collxtion

“Loving me is like chewing on pearls”. UGH HER MIND. I can’t believe this track has never been performed live. @Seventeen Days

I love every element of this. For almost a year it was my favourite GaGa song until something even more amazing came along...



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average 7.99
Highest: 10 x 25 (@Aidan @aux @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Phonetics Boy @Alenko @UncleDeSeanAli @RMK @elektroxx @FresherThanYou @roborovsky @Sprockrooster @tylerc904 @Lindsay Lohan @Andrew.L @Slice of Life @Lila @soratami @BelievixStar @Seventeen Days @Ashling92 @aaronhansome @Sleepycat @Music Is Life @Maki @Laurence)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@Cutlery)

I wonder how the most awarded song will do in this rate! I like it a lot and the similarities with Judas make me love it even more (put that mash up somewhere). But it all really comes after that bridge, innit? Well, I like it a lot. @Laurence

This is absolutely a 10, and you’re insane for thinking otherwise. It deserved to be her first #1 in years, and I won’t hear otherwise. The acoustic guitar and Brad’s voice opening the song capture my attention immediately, and I stay on the edge of my seat the entire time. “I’m off the deep end…” on is a fucking moment that kills me. And the way that it builds with her vocalizing, that moment brings me back to life. This is going to get kicked out too early (i.e. before top 10) and I will be pissed about it. @Music Is Life

This seemed pretty divisive in the comment section, but I love this song. Admittedly, part of it might be due to getting caught in the cultural zeitgeist around this song during awards season, but screw it; it was exhilarating to see Gags have a genuine second imperial phase (especially when my contrarian tendencies lead to missing out on enjoying most of the first one ddd). Even more importantly though, this is a blast to belt out in the car, with or without friends. @r27

Oh, fine. I'll say something. "Shallow" is what it is: a stadium-ready crown jewel for a major studio blockbuster's soundtrack. It does its job, and it does it well. I just think there's actually a lot of untapped potential in it. Another minute of play time would give it far more space to really build and earn that crescendo. As it is, we get two fairly drab verses with our protagonists trading off on vocals before it feels like it's over before it began. Justice for the parking lot demo. Also, the fact that this is probably going to cross a billion streams on Spotify is absolute madness. Power, I guess, because talent... well, it showed up, but it was maybe a little hungover. @RJF

So this was my 11 in the last BPG rate and no, I'm not sorry, nothing can make me sorry about that I may be a local yes so what? @Phonetics Boy

I think after listening to it for the 8934289389323874th time, I got used to it? @Ana Raquel
Sometimes talent really does win, and there is a reason this song topped charts for weeks and weeks. It’s a brilliant duet, great songwriting, and at the risk of sounding like a 55 year old dad, it does sound different to the vast majority of pop music at the moment. It’s a real MOMENT in the movie, I loved it when I was watching it. The ‘I’’ part is great, Gaga makes the ‘ahhh ahhhhhhhhh’ bit work and the final chorus is just phenomenal. @Ashling92

it’s kind of her new classic if you will, as much as I initially would of hated to admit it, this song is fantastic! @FresherThanYou

I was in GAY once and was lipsyncing this with an enthusiastic friend and a far right conspiracy blog staffer tried to join us. It's kind of soured me on it. @Stradiwhovius

Nice enough, but the song structure is very annoying with two verses followed by the chorus. I also don't care for the sha-la-la-la-low part of the chorus @jtm

One of Lady Gaga’s best vocals ever. The moment in the movie when she hits the high note… it just gives me chills. @Seventeen Days

aaahhhhHAHAHHAHAHHAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHH @Laura Vanderbooben
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