The Lana Del Rey Discography Rate

Let me join the lashings because Cinnamon Girl, while pretty great, is indeed one of the weaker NFR tracks and it's getting even more out of its depth now that it's outliving actual career highlights. Tunnel's title track is one of Lana's most important songs, but I guess it will take a couple more years for y'all to realize it. A queenmaker of a track.
This has been my least fave song in the rate for the last hundred (it’s only like an 8 for me) so I’m glad it’s finally gone.

Haha well everytime one of my tens left I would look at my list and curse the greatest. I like the end of the song but the chorus sounds annoying to me.



You talk to the walls when the party gets bored of you
But I don't get bored, I just see you through
Why wait for the best when I could have you?



Norman fucking Rockwell

Score: 9.07

Highest score: 10 x 23 (@1991, @Applause, @Babylon, @boom bazooka joe, @Consideration, @drewsky, @dylanaber, @eatyourself, @estfer, @Euphoria, @Glitterizer, @godspeed, @happiestgirl, @Lately, @-M-, @nikkysan, @R27, @Remyky22, @RUNAWAY, @SlowGinFizzzz, @Soygirl, @speedyboi, @theincredibleflipper)
Lowest score: 6 x 2 (@Aester, @Mistress of All Evil)

End of the line for this Grammy nominee for Song Of The Year™ that has caused so much discord in the past few weeks. Produced with Jack Antonoff, the song was selected as the opener for the short lived tour of the same name, and stayed on the setlists of her most recent shows. A music video shot by her sister, Chuck Grant, was released at the end of 2019 and shows Lana pretending to play a piano and lounging around in a backyard.

I remember listening to this for the first time alongside the album and instantly being swept away. It’s another LDR song about being hopelessly infatuated with an emotionally distant man, yes, but this time around there’s more humour and layers to the storytelling, and from the very first lyric it feels like you’re right there with her. Soundwise, the piano and a gentle touch of strings bring an intimate feel to the proceedings, allowing the listener to focus on the words and that seemingly simplistic but instantly affecting chorus. That mix of beautiful, airy melodies with “did she really say that?” lyrics all contribute to make this a Lana classic.


@Cutlery (9.5): She ended a man with a soothing piano intro, and for what? It's such a strong lyrical moment and takedown of flaws at Lana's most clinical.

@New Flame (8): Solid opening of a new era. She got me hooked with 'Goddamn... '.

@Sally_Harper (8): I’m going to make a bold claim: I don’t think anyone else would open an album with “Goddamn man child, you fucked me so good I almost said I love you”. “Your poetry’s bad and you blame the news” is a brilliant line. Demolish him, queen. The high-pitched “You make me bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue” near the end is gorgeous.

The next eliminations before the top 10 are bound to leave some voters gagged AND gooped, so get ready!!1
Big love for Norman fucking Rockwell. Highly quotable. Such a warm, quietly assured song, it sounds like the tide rolling in. And the you make me blue adlibs are really some of her very best vocals... ever.

You know she's just that legend when a song this great has deservedly finished top fifteen.
When you listen to the NFR album, the title track really sets the tone (right from the start) that you’ve entered a new chapter in her songwriting.

The piano has arrived - and it’s here to stay!

And what a stunningly beautiful piano melody it opens with. Classic-sounding, to be honest. It could be Joni or Nina. It was my favourite on the album for a long time.
This might be the Lana track that has grown on me the most since its initial release. It's one of her best written songs and perhaps the funniest, most cutting track in her discography. I mean, if someone ever told me "You talk to the walls when the party gets bored of you" I don't think I'd ever be able to go out in public again.

Like any truly great kiss off, she also manages to take her own agency back in between the casually ruthless take downs. Considering the criticisms lobbied at Lana in the first five or so years following her mainstream breakthrough, the line "as you colour me blue" feels especially poignant. Not only does it imply that her lover (and perhaps the critics who once disparaged her) is misrepresenting her, but that they are projecting their own sadness onto her. Indeed, the only time she refers to herself as "blue" is in the closing lines when she claims "you make me blue." Yet this song proves that Lana has way more colours and tones in her palette than she was initially given credit for.

The next eliminations before the top 10 are bound to leave some voters gagged AND gooped, so get ready!!1

I think any song getting eliminated at this point would have that effect dd. Though it makes me fear Cinnamon Girl might be safe as surely that'd be the most obvious/least controversial cut at this point...