The Lana Del Rey Discography Rate

The next eliminations before the top 10 are bound to leave some voters gagged AND gooped, so get ready!!1

I hope this means 'Chemtrails' and 'White Dress' are top 10.

I'm ready to be responsible eliminating one of the remaining songs a lot of people would consider top 5.

All of the remaining songs are different levels of overrated for me so I'd struggle to say many good things about them, it is what it is.
But let's start with the worst one of the bunch. I was sure "Ride" was going to end up as her most overrated song however "Norman fucking Rockwell" proved me wrong and likely claims that title. Reaching top 15, receiving 23 perfect scores, a 9+ average score, the relentless praise - it's like... are we even listening to the same song? The way this could apply to 90% of what's left nn. What I can't fathom is how some refuse to acknowledge and supposedly can't understand how some may find the song boring. Sure, it's a pleasant songs so I can't really tank it but the melodies are just bland, there's no flow to them which would captivate me, the instrumental is unmemorable too, the overall feel is lethargic. And another thing that irks me is how that one and in particular "Blue Banisters" are basically Lana doing a Joni Mitchell cosplay and I find Joni's music the exact opposite of interesting (her album "Blue" was extremely overrated in another rate) so I'm not here for that. To sum it up, sonically, some of her most boring and uninteresting songs. Both of these are among my bottom 10 Lana songs so I hope it makes sense why I was so impatient with finally getting rid of them.