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The Late '90s Flop Girlband's Debut Album Rate - #60: "Give me shade any day, hun."

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Aug 16, 2019.


Which iconic album will come out on top?

  1. Comin' Atcha

  2. All Day Every Day

  3. Precious

  4. Girl Thing

  5. Solid HarmoniE

  6. Wonder No. 8

  1. How is everybody getting on with their scores?

    I now have received three ballots so far and the leaderboard is a fucking mess. When I’ve received five ballots I’ll spill some tea for y’all.

    I really don’t think it is. The climate has changed so much that you can’t really compare it to back then...
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  2. I’m still listening but haven’t started scoring yet. I’ll start scores next week.
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  3. The scoring is hard, guy! Comparing Cleopatra to N-Tyce is a task, Cleopatra were right, Life Ain’t Easy
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  4. Fantastic.

    Ain’t it fantastic when we suffer through it though?
  5. I present to you...

    Our third artist spotlight!



    In 1998 the Spice Girls were huge and inescapable from the media, making their stamp on pop culture. Simon Cowell had previously turned them down and therefor decided to form a new girl group called Girl Thing. Consisting of Jodi Albert, Michelle Barber, Anika Bostelaar, Linzi Martin and Nikki Stuart, the group was to rival the Spice Girls unlike other groups had done before. Immediately the media did its thang and started to hype them up majorly.

    Their first single Last One Standing, to be released in July, was sure to be the hit of the summer, much like Wannabe had been in 1996. RCA, their record company, spent shitloads of money to give them exposure, which included a performance on the top of the Eiffel Tower, front row seats at the MTV Awards and a promotional campaign that saw the girls travelling all around Europe in only a couple of weeks.

    The video featured them all in their own “individual” style, much like another group had done before them, and saw them crashing a wedding, throwing shit around and dancing on tables. The girls even pre-recorded their Radio 1 interview where they thanked everybody to get to number one…

    Alas, karma set in big time.
    On the 1st of June the single only landed at #8 in the UK charts and while it was still a top 10 hit for a new group it most definitely wasn’t enough. Record executives had spent millions of pounds to get them to #1, without any revenue. The girls themselves have said in interviews that when they entered the building the next day it was like arriving at a funeral. Everybody involved in their team considered the whole thing a complete failure and didn’t have a real backup plan for what was to follow next. Because of that the girls were absolutely gutted and remember feeling horrible, because the focus was not on them but this new group getting to #1…

    The second single was released four and a half months later in the form of the disco-tastic Girls On Top.

    The girls were eager to promote the hell out of the song, but the rest of their team just wasn’t in it anymore. The huge losses they had suffered had definitely left their mark, so the promotional campaign for Girls On Top was a lot smaller and that meant less exposure. The hype had all but disappeared and the single stalled at #25 in November of 1998.

    A third single release was planned for the coming months and was to be a track taken from their soon-to-be-released album Girl Thing, called Pure and Simple.

    Meanwhile a little show called Popstars was one of the biggest things going on in television in the UK, where RCA was putting five hopefuls together to form what? Yes, the next big thing in music. The winning group was called Hear’Say and the record company decided Pure and Simple was to be their debut single. The girls were gutted, because they claimed they had a hand in writing the song (their credits were mysteriously missing from the Hear’Say version) and they still say their backing vocals are still present on the song. It went to #1, becoming one of the all-time fastest selling songs ever, so Girl Thing were experiencing a severe case of “Oh, what could have been.”.

    Personal relationships within the band had also started to deteriorate with some of the girls fighting over boys, which ultimately led to physical altercations between Nikki Stuart and Linzi Martin and Anika Bostelaar. Nikki also found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby.

    The camp and fun with which the band got pushed was nowhere to be found as the girls felt they weren't a unit anymore and that bond they had felt was missing...

    A third single release was originally scheduled in as the girls were going to release Young, Free and Happy, but that was ultimately cancelled, as was the UK album release. It was eventually released in Australia and parts of Asia, but without any commercial success.

    See ya next time for an episode of “What happened next?”.​
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  6. You don’t think its more cut throat these days? I agree things have changed but there’s definitely less record labels willing to invest in building artists up without guarantee of a hit.
  7. Talk about cocky. How embarrassing. Surely they’d have seen the midweeks and realised and if they recorded their thank you before the midweeks that’s just idiotic.

    The song was catchy but the video was such a Spice ripoff I think people felt like it was piss take more than anything.

    I actually quite like Girls on Top more.

    I can see Young Free and Happy as a potential single. It was a bit of a weak album though.
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  8. What happened next?

    Girl Thing were dropped from their record company due to having made no money for them, suffering huge losses for RCA and the girls all went their own way.

    Jodi Albert


    Probably the most famous out of the five of them, Jodi went on to appear on the UK soap Hollyoaks in 2002 and departed in 2005, making occasional appearances on the show in 2006 and 2007. After her departure from Hollyoaks she appeared on the reality television show California Dreaming, in a bid to make it in Hollywood. She eventually left the show before it ended, yet kept acting, making appearances on several UK shows.

    In 2008, she became a member of Irish girl group Wonderland, which was formed by Louis Walsh and her husband Kian Egan, a member of Westlife, who was also to manage the girls. They got to tour with Westlife, getting a lot of exposure that way and got to release two singles and an album, before disbanding in 2011, because one of the members, Sharon Condon, wanted to leave the band. Which is a fucking shame, because I loved Wonderland and the singles taken from it.

    Michelle Barber
    (now hyphen Hughes)


    After her time in Girl Thing Michelle landed a presenting contract with Nickelodeon. After that she focussed on family life, raising her three children and retrained as a dance teacher, eventually opening up a dance school in Blackpool.

    Nikki Stuart (now Harrington)


    Nikki left the music business behind after her time in the band and left for America with her then-boyfriend, now-husband (yes, the one she was fighting about with Anika and Linzi.) and started a family there.

    She now resides in California, working as a fitness instructor, with Nikki regularly appearing on Lorraine, talking about how it’s necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out.

    Anika Bostelaar


    Anika returned to The Netherlands with her mum and kept quiet for a good few years after her time in the group, before releasing her debut single under the pseudonym Kiana, called King of the Dancefloor.

    It didn’t really do anything in the Dutch charts, which resulted in her blocking everything involving the music industry. She eventually went on to work in marketing in Etten-Leur, raising her children and focussing on family life.

    In 2017 she created a Dutch girl group called Hello August, consisting of Laura Hussein and Rachel Traets. They released their first single Wrong Chick in January 2018, with a second single following in April, called Drunk Again and featured Travie McCoy. Not much has been heard since though.

    Linzi Martin


    After Girl Thing ended, Linzi shopped herself around to get a record deal, but didn’t have any luck though. She moved back to the council estate where she originally lived and got addicted to drugs, hitting rock bottom and even contemplating suicide.

    She eventually got sober, trying to focus on family life and in 2014 she auditioned for the X Factor, but the whole thing was incredibly awkward with Simon acting like a dick, calling her “bitter” and although the whole thing did seem kinda desperate to me, it could have been handled entirely different.

    A year before Linzi's audition though, the girls reunited for the second series of The Big Reunion.​

  9. [​IMG]

    The Big Reunion was a British reality documentary series, that featured former chart-topping groups from the late '90s and early '00s getting together again and giving it another go on the road during The Big Reunion Tour.

    Both of the episodes (the first one telling their story and the second one documenting their reunion) were actually more interesting than I thought initially. These girls literally were the victim of the music industry and these episodes make it quite clear...

    Due to ratings being quite low, the Big Reunion Tour was cancelled and the bands from series 2 performed their gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on 21 February 2014.

    The Girl Thing performances are actually quite fun and it's a shame the reunion didn't pan out due to their personal differences...

  10. Jodi Albert must have been relieved to finally not have to wear a hat anymore when Girl Thing ended.

    Girl Thing was such a complete Spice Girls rip-off it’s embarrassing, I do feel for the members though, they must have been promised so much but their team really messed them up.
  11. That’s exactly what’s so fucked up about the whole situation. These poor girls were literally put aside to fend for themselves after the whole #1 ordeal...
  12. I remember reviewing the Girl Thing debut album for a local newspaper when it came out and heavily dragging the fact that everything down to the album liner notes was a direct rip-off of the Spice Girls.

    I haven’t listened to the album since, so I’m looking forward to rediscovering it now!
  13. I relistened to the album just yesterday and although there’s a few duds and the whole thing is incredibly faceless, it’s actually quite listenable.
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  14. I can’t seem to play the video but I don’t remember him calling her “bitter” unless that happened outside of the audition room? My memory of it was that she came in, gave details of her desperate circumstances and then did a painful rendition of I’ll be there.

    Mel B threw her a bone, Cheryl was SHOOK at the sight of a woman that could have easily been her and Simon told her that it wasn’t going to work out because she didn’t have a good enough voice and that he couldn’t give her false hope. Linzi then tearfully hugged them and left. So while it was all very awkward and depressing, I don’t remember Simon or the show being particularly dickish to her? I may have totally misremembered this, however!
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  15. You’re absolutely right. I thought he called her bitter when she was auditioning, but I looked it up and he actually called all of them « bitter » when they wanted to reunite for the Big Reunion. My bad.
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  16. She didn't really have an amazing voice to be fair.
  17. As far as blind rates go, 90s Girl Groups are a pretty safe bet, you know what you're in for; so I'll give this rate a shot. Hope to come across some nice finds, or at least some nostalgic entertainment.
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  18. I am starting this today. Forgot that there were a few bangers tucked away on the Cleopatra album. This and N-Tyce are the two I play the least but fun to revisit.
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  19. Also, I am fairly certain the Pure & Simple thing was revisionism. Young Free and Happy was lined up to be the third single (and was in AUS I think?), then after the album was scrapped they were planning to release a song called So You Wanna Have Sex (which I desperately would love to hear, I remember the snippet sounding amazing). There doesn't seem to be any indication Pure and Simple was being geared up as a single.
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  20. Just realised the deadline is two weeks away! Better get cracking!
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