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The Late '90s Flop Girlband's Debut Album Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Aug 16, 2019.


Which iconic album will come out on top?

  1. Comin' Atcha

  2. All Day Every Day

  3. Precious

  4. Girl Thing

  5. Solid HarmoniE

  6. Wonder No. 8

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  8. ooooh its boom boom
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  9. I know which N-Tycer is my friends ex's sister! It's Donna.
  10. Do not lemme forget to do this.
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  11. Iconique.
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  12. It's a lot more cut-throat these days. If you don't chart well you are pretty much dropped right out the gate. Back in the day, labels tended to give artists a bit more of a chance to try and build up a fanbase. It wasn't uncommon for albums to still get released even if the singles beforehand hadn't really done a lot.
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